Space is a common dilemma among urban dwellers these days. With so many plans for socializing and so little per square inch to squeeze, organizing a small living room can truly be a headache. The complicated task at hand, however, is not impossible. All it takes is a keen eye for detail, a passion for organization and, most importantly, a practical solution on what furniture to place in your floor plan. Check out these furniture picking tips for a small living room.


Furniture picking tips for a small living room with coffee table and shelves

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7 Practical Furniture Picking Tips For A Small Living Room


1. De clutter and Paint

De clutter and paint tips for a small living room in white

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Before you go hunting for furniture, it is highly advisable that you start with a clean slate to have a clearer view of the area you’ll be working on. Remove everything in your small living room. Sell that bulky furniture and stash toys, reusable decor, books and sentimental knick-knacks away. If your walls have dark colors, time for a repaint. Choose pastels or any lighter hues to make the room have an allusion of a bigger space.


2. Corner Filler

Corner furniture picking tips for a small living room with furniture and decor

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Got a small corner space in your living room? Then go for a generously sized sectional or long couch. Sometimes, going for a sizeable piece of furniture can actually give an illusion of a bigger space. Also, it will be able to seat more people, as it is just a single piece and can also make the room feel uncluttered. When choosing, go for an ultra hip sectional brandishing clean, straight lines to make a small living room seem larger and more comfortable.


3. Go Down, Backless or Totally Bare

Sofa furniture picking tips for a small living room

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Choose your sofa or settee or couch accordingly. In some small living room spaces, a full size sofa just won’t do. Consider downsizing by picking a petite or a slimmed down sofa with clean lines as well as exposed legs to create an airy feel. If you have an open floor plan though, a backless sofa will make a whole lot of difference. Position it right at the middle and you got a chic yet multi functional seating option. Or you may skip the whole sofa seating arrangement altogether. Try two or three slim armchairs around a coffee table or a multi functional ottoman complete with storage option. Choosing furniture picking tips for a small living room that include a sofa are one of the most important you can make.


4. Concealed Storage

Built in storage furniture picking tips for a small living room with chest

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When furniture shopping, do choose pieces with built in storage. This will help curve clutter and create a sense of spaciousness. A vintage trunk or a tray top ottoman with hidden storage will make great coffee table. Take a good look along your small living room’s perimeter. Give it a boost by putting a small credenza as extra storage. Recessed walls with concealed doors help boost your limited space.


5. Minimalist Look

Minimalist furniture picking tips for a small living room

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Keep it simple and straight while enjoying a sense of spaciousness amid some limitations in space. Minimalist furniture works best in living rooms which may also double as a bedroom or dining area. Studio type apartments and condominiums nowadays almost always have limited open floor plans, leaving not that much to the imagination. Minimalist chairs, tables and entertainment centers that can be concealed or can provide multiple functions, are great options for furniture picking tips for a small living room, too.


6. DIY Built In Storage

Built in storage shelves in white living room

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Sometimes, small pieces of furniture can eat up a restricted space. DIY may sound difficult but can really help save up money. So, instead of buying a separate media center, desk or credenza, choose instead to craft your own built in floor to ceiling storage wall complete with a media center or a pull down desk.


7. Accessorize Appropriately

Decorative accessory in modern well lit living room

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Decorative accessories go hand in hand when buying furniture. Mirrors, for instance, can help create a focal point while boosting light and creating an allusion of more space. Instead of floor lamps, stick with a ceiling lamp or track lighting. This is even more if you have high ceilings. Draw the eye upward by filling the vertical space with eclectic artistry. Adding plants on corners will also make a seemingly miniscule space alive and airy.

Light colored furniture in small room

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Truly, organizing a small living room to make it more livable and spacious can be challenging. Knowing furniture picking tips for a small living room and what key pieces you need, along some degree of creativity, is all it takes to make it truly effective. Try to check out free apps intended for interior design. Once you know what you need, unleash your shopping practicality by picking furniture pieces online.


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