Are you desperately in need of a makeover in your garage? Do you need to revamp it? Then garage floor coatings are ideal for you to give a new look that can last for several years, without any issue. You can convert your garage into a home office or gym with stunning garage floor coatings solutions.


Why do you need garage floor coatings?

If you want to revamp your garage floor, then you have to use high-quality epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea coatings, which are used commercially. Only these solutions can give your garage a completely new look. Your garage floor will be moisture-resistant and will be durable enough to do any sort of activity. It will help you to protect the ground from scratching, chipping, and stains. With such types of floors in your garage; oil, chemicals, dust, and brake fluid can be wiped out very easily.

With modern features coming out almost every day, one can now choose a floor design from an unlimited options of colors, textures and patterns.



Concrete Coating and Resin Flooring

Concrete coatings are difficult to implement and they need some expertise to get it done right. Some people prefer a resinous flooring concept for easy handling. You can enhance safety and efficiency with resinous floor coating systems, apart from the fact that they look aesthetically beautiful.



Comparison of Various Coating Systems


Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Coating

Methyl Methacrylate Garage Floor Coatings

These types of floors are resistant to acid, alkali, and other types of solvents. Once done, you can use an MMA-coated floor within two hours. As garage floor coatings, it is extremely helpful if anyone wants to complete the job within only a couple hours. MMA coating is scratch proof and can be applied at low temperatures also. MMA coatings are costlier than other options, as it requires a minimum of four coats on any floor.


Polyaspartic Coating

Polyaspartic Coating

This is a hybrid coating with a combination of epoxy and urethane systems. One coating of this layer is enough, so it is also costly. It does however offer a good amount of flexibility and makes your floor ready in a very short time. It is one of the new technologies being adopted by the market, but due to its high cost, people prefer to use this coating very selectively.


Epoxy and Urethane

Epoxy and Urethane Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy coatings are popular in the market due to their low cost. And in addition, it gives your floor a completely new look, shining like others can’t, in the same price range. Its hardness and chemical-resisting nature are the best ones to mention. Normally, three coats are enough for your floor to look shiny. But it takes at least 24 hours to set. If you aren’t in any hurry, you can use this coating and wait for 2 days to get brand new flooring. But, if you are in a hurry, then it is advisable to avoid this coating, as it will not give you an instant result.


100% Solid Epoxy

100% Solid Epoxy

From its name, it is clear that this type of coating is 100% solid. It means no thickness is lost due to any sort of evaporation. It is not harmful to your health and that is why this coating is safer to use. This is the cheapest option to implement. But like an epoxy coating, it demands 24 hours to be ready for use.



Different Varieties of Popular Epoxy Coating System

Garage floor coatings can be of any type depending on requirement and budget. There is a list of options available under epoxy coating that will not only change the look of any garage, but also it will add value to it. Here are the systems under epoxy coating that will not only change the look of any garage, but also it will add value to it. Here are some examples:


Seamless System

Seamless System Garage Floor Coatings

If you want a simple floor but with sophistication, then seamless system epoxy flooring is ideal for you. There will not be any ornament, trim, motif, or superfluous pattern on the floor. It will be a simple, yet solid floor that will make you happy whenever you see it. Seamless flooring options are available in multiple colors and these have an aesthetically stunning look.


Chip System

Chip System

Chip system flooring concepts normally come in deluxe, premium, and ultra categories. With various levels, it gives your garage a different look based on the designs you prefer to choose. Chip system flooring gives the customer the required quality, reliability, performance, service, and durability, apart from its aesthetic beauty. One should check the product quality, whether they are eco-friendly and industrial grade. These types of floors are very easy to maintain and you don’t need to do any kind of touch up work for several years.


Mica Media System

Mica Media System

Any garage floor coatings without a mica finish look dull. With its natural shining ability, mica is preferred almost everywhere. Mica floors are available in various colors, patterns, textures, and designs. Mica floors with polyurea coating are ideal for any sort of UV resistance. It is eco-friendly with very low maintenance costs.


Metallic System

Metallic System

Metallic coating system flooring will give your garage a completely new look. This is also called liquid art where floors used to have a 3D gloss finish. It is also available in various colors and effects. Ideal for garage floors where you want a treat for your eyes, these types of garage floor coatings are one of the most popular in the market. It is of very low maintenance and its products are eco-friendly. Due to molecular bonding, it lasts for a long without any noticeable depreciation.



How to Choose the Best Garage Floor Coatings?

Your garage floor coatings should be the best and last for a long time. For that, you need to check several aspects before jumping into the work. You must check the below-mentioned features if available:

  • Industrial grade product
  • Molecular bonding
  • Chemical resistant items
  • Ultra Violet ray stability
  • Salt resistance

These are the garage floor coatings options available to start working. One needs to check every aspect before starting such an activity. But one thing is guaranteed, the quality of finishing using these coating techniques is brilliant. You are bound to get an aesthetic floor with firmness, robustness, and durability.



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