There are many nature lovers who wish to have a nice home garden. A major problem for residents of towns and cities in the United States is space constraint. If you are a resident of urban areas in the country and do not have enough space to set up your garden, then you can consider setting up a balcony garden. Setting up a garden could be a great solution for the people who do not have ground level space for it. Here we are providing 7 amazing garden ideas for balcony showing you how to convert your balcony into an inviting garden.



Vertical Balcony Garden

garden ideas for balcony

This is one of the most amazing garden ideas for balcony. This type of balcony garden is ideal for those starting from scratch. It will add greeneries to your balcony and make it the best outdoor space for your home. The best part of it is that the design utilizes space available without making the balcony cluttered. The image above displays one of the best ways of creating a vertical balcony garden. There are other ways to create such a garden on your balcony and you can check and choose from such ideas. The design is easy to create and you do not have to invest a fortune for the purpose.


Small Urban Garden

small individual pots

If you are the owner of a small home with a small balcony, then setting up a small urban garden on it could be the best choice. It is one of the most popular garden ideas for balcony. The design is best fit for a small balcony. You will be amazed how this design can enable you to convert your small balcony into a garden, making the optimum utilization of the available space. It does not make your balcony congested and gives you room to sit back relaxed enjoying the eco-friendly environment created on your small balcony. The expenses involved are not exorbitant and you won’t need expert services to set up the balcony garden.


Japanese Balcony Garden

Japanese Balcony Garden

If you are looking to create a space to enjoy nature in solace, then setting up a garden at your home is an ideal solution. Unfortunately, many urban residents do not have the required space to set up one. If you are one such homeowner having space constraints, you can consider converting your balcony into a garden. Creating a Japanese balcony garden could be one of the best garden ideas for balcony. It will not only provide you a space at home to relax in solace but will also add substantially to the hygienic features of your home.


Vertical Succulent Tower

Vertical Succulent Tower

You may be interested in setting up a balcony garden that will not only be an ideal abode for enjoying flowers and greeneries; but it can also add to the décor of the house considerably. In such a case, a vertical succulent tower could easily prove to be one of the best garden ideas for balcony. The design is not complex and you can easily arrange nice looking flower pots or vases, as shown in the image above. This way your balcony can become the best outdoor location in your home. This would also highly impress any visitors as well. The design is both space saving and cost-economic.


Apartment Balcony Garden

Apartment Balcony garden

Most apartment dwellers have little scope to set up a standard garden. In multi-storied modern apartment buildings, they do not have any space on the ground or the roof. The only place they can convert into a nice looking garden is the balcony. One of the best garden ideas for balcony is to create a flower wall. Your balcony offers huge possibilities to set up the flower wall with intervening greeneries, even on a small balcony. At the same time, you can continue to use it for your pets. The result will be a home garden with the best of appearances, as well as functionality.


Green Balcony Garden

Green Balcony Garden

Some people are more interested in creating a green environment. Creating a green balcony garden could be a great idea for such people. Your balcony is an ideal place to create a green zone at your home. It is also one of the more unique garden ideas for balcony, as the focus is on green plants and not on the flowers. Even without many flowers, the balcony can look attractive with a green base. Add to this the health benefits of a green environment and a green balcony garden will emerge as one of the best ideas.


Best Plants for Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden with sitting pillows

One of the requirements in the process of setting up a balcony garden is the selection of the right plants. However beautiful and attractive a plant might be, it may not be an ideal choice for a balcony garden. Plants to be used in the garden should be the ones that can survive in low light and locations with moderate moisture. Moreover; due to the space shortage, using larger plants for the purpose is out of question. You have to select the right plants to get you the best ideas for balcony. You will also have to select the right containers to hold the flowers or green plants in your balcony.


Some Useful Tips on Garden Ideas for Balcony

Plant in planter


garden ideas for balcony with different pots



Following are some useful tips on garden ideas for balcony


  1. Plan your layout perfectly.
  2. Planters and plants should not sit on the ground.
  3. Before using the plants check how much sun and wind they need to survive.
  4. Start with a few plants initially and add as your experience grows.
  5. Ensure space economy while setting up the plants.
  6. It is better to start with an herb garden, as they need less space.
  7. Keep a watering can to water the plants, as you cannot use a hose in the balcony.


By setting up a balcony garden you will not only benefit your family, but also contribute to the improvement of the environment in the locality.  The above garden ideas for balcony will help you to set up a balcony garden the right way.



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