If you’re looking at giving your windows some curb appeal, window sill planter boxes are an effective way to do exactly that. From fresh herbs to succulents, to a flower box, there are a bunch of different styles and varieties of window box planter ideas that can work indoors as houseplants, or at your kitchen window for mini gardening.

Window Sill Planter with red and pink flowers

Window sill planters are a very straightforward and basic way of changing the look and feel of the exterior of your home. The nice thing about them is that you can change them up throughout the year, so if you ever grow tired of your current window sill planters, all you have to do is switch up the plants in them. Depending on the time of year it is, you can adjust your plants accordingly – it’s like having a mini garden on your window.

Another nice thing about window sill planters is that they aren’t only for your outdoor space. If you have an indoor plant pot, anyone walking past your home will be able to see the window planter, and this can instantly give anyone a sense of who you are as a person.


What Types Of Plants Can I Use For My Window Sill Planters?

When it comes to window sill planters, the options are endless. If you’ve got a creative imagination, you can really use it to explore a lot of customization with window sill planters.

Some options to consider putting in your planters are:

  • Succulents that don’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance
  • Different types of herbs
  • Flowers
  • Different varieties of ferns that hang over the planters
  • Different types of plants
  • Faux types of plants and flowers
  • Berries, pumpkins, and other seasonal plants



Things To Think About For Your Window Sill Planters



Vines are a great way to have your home looking increasingly natural. Depending on how many you have in your home, they sometimes make you forget that you’re even inside of a home.


DIY Window Sill Planter

Some people like to exercise their creativity and make their own window sill planter boxes. If you have a knack for creativity, consider making your own to match the style of your home. After you’re done constructing it, you can paint it certain colors that will reflect your personality and tastes.


Picket Fence Window Sill Planter Box

Picket Fence Window Sill Planter Box

Window sill planter boxes that look like a picket fence type of style are perfect for any home. You’ll want to consider painting them the same color as your trim, but you can also think about mixing and matching colors to create more of a focal appearance. If you have a picket fence outlining your yard, then your picket fence window sill planter box will look even better.


Planter Box With Corbels

Another nice addition to a window sill planter box is making use of corbels to surround the bottom portion of them. They are a great way to accent any flowers and plants that you put inside of them. Sometimes people like to get very fancy and creative with their planter boxes, while others just like to use basic ones as a way to have their plants sticking out more and more.

Other people that don’t have the time and patience can even use faux ones in a great way. With faux flowers in a planter box, no one will know that they aren’t real. You won’t have to worry about watering them on a daily basis, and the elements of nature won’t damage them throughout the year.


Standing Window Sill Planter Boxes

If you’re the type of person that really likes window sill planters boxes but doesn’t want to start drilling holes anywhere in your home, consider thinking about creating some standing window sill planter boxes. There are many different DIY guides all over the internet on how to make your own.

With a standing window sill planter box, you’ll want to ensure that it has four legs, is sturdy, and is completely level. Once you’re done, you can easily just place them right underneath your window and start filling them with your favorite plants or flowers.


Wire Window Sill Planter Boxes

Sometimes a little wire can go a long way in creating a perfect place to store plants and flowers. With wire window sill planter boxes, adding moss or vines into them can accent your home in a natural way. In many cases, people won’t even be able to see the wire from a distance. All they will see is the luscious, green vines or moss that you have lines in your planter boxes.


Tub Window Sill Planter Boxes

Tub Window Sill Planter Boxes

If you have an old galvanized tub laying around that you’re not going to be using anymore, you can easily turn it into a window sill planter box. All you really have to do is poke a few holes into the bottom of it with your drill. Once that’s done, put some of your plants and herbs into it.


Dark-Colored Window Sill Planter Box

Using a dark color to paint your window planter box is a very wise way of having the exterior of your home stand out, and especially more so if you have white trim around your home. Many people will do this when they are installing siding on their homes. The main color will be darker, and the corner trim pieces will be white.


Black Window Sill Planter Boxes

Some people like to get as basic as possible with their window sill planter boxes, and choosing black can be a good way to combine with vines of your favorite annuals. Certain breeds of grasses also work very well with black window sill planter boxes.



Lattice is commonly used in a number of landscaping designs around the home. Some people like to use it underneath their decks, and others like to use it for their window sill planter boxes. A lattice window sill planter box is a great way to have your home standing out.


Large Window Sill Planter Box

If you’re really wanting to create a bold statement with your window sill planter box, consider making it as big as you can. Situating it on the front of your house will have everyone making comments about it as they walk past.




When it comes to window sill planter boxes, one of the best things to keep in mind is how they are arranged. You’ll want to choose the right plants and flowers to place inside the box. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • The color of the plants/flowers
  • The sizes of each plant or flower you’re putting into the box
  • The height of each plant or flower
  • The texture



You’ll also want to think about repetition when you’re designing and customizing your planters. Try to stay away from too much of the same plant, but also don’t get carried away with too many differences. Also, try to stay away from using too many different colors. By going with a wide variety of different colors, it can make things feel a little too busy.

The human eye likes to have a focal point to rest at. You need to figure out the perfect balance of different breeds of plants and flowers to add to your planter boxes so things will be easy to look at.


Same Colors

For those that are fixed on going with only the same colors for their window sill planter boxes, consider at least aiming for the same breed of flower in a couple of different colors. If you’re wanting a variety of different plants or flowers, consider choosing ones that are similar in color.



When you’re arranging your plants and flowers into your window sill planter box, keep in mind how important the shape it is. A nicely shaped group of plants in a planter box will instantly make your home stand out. It will have people realizing how well you take care of your home, and might even have them dropping by to ask how you went about compiling your planter box.


Different Sizes Of Plants

Green wall with window sill box

It’s also important to have a variety of different sizes of plants in your planter boxes. Doing this will have your planter boxes making a bold statement for themselves.



Making use of greenery is the best thing you can do for your planter boxes. If you’re wanting the focal point of your planter boxes to be on your flowers, consider adding more leafy foliage so that the flowers have a bit of a background to fall back on. Coleus plants are a good variety to think about if you’re wanting to create a background for your flowers.



The contrast of different colors in your planter box is another very important thing to keep in mind. Some varieties of plants and flowers simply don’t work well with each other. By mixing things up in the right way, your planter box will stand out that much more.



Compatibility is a huge thing to consider when you’re choosing the plants for your planter boxes. Some plants simply need more sun than others, and if you get a type of plant that requires no sun at all, then mixing and matching them in the same planter box would result in them not surviving very well.

On the flip side, if you get plants that require tons of water and also include plants that don’t require any water inside the same planter box, then that could cause problems down the road.

Window sill planters are something that you can get very creative with. If you want to go your own path and forget about all of the advice that you see online for planter boxes, you can do exactly that and still potentially have yours looking appealing to the eye. Use your creativity and get started on your new planter box today!



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