The garage door opener is one of the best investments to make, but you should know how to program a garage door opener. If you have a faulty garage door opener, then it will leave your entire house vulnerable. So, if you really want to learn, then you should have your garage door remote control and your car’s manual instructions to program the remote control of the door. So, in this article, you will learn a step-by-step guide on how to program a garage door opener in simple ways.


What is a garage door opener and how does it work?

The garage door is the largest moving part of the house and the most important thing is that it needs to work properly. If the garage door is not working properly, then you can’t enter or exit the home. If you are keeping your vehicle inside the garage and opening it often, then you must make sure that the garage door works properly.

Most times, the garage door gets some issues and you should know how to program garage door opener. The programming of the garage door is not a big deal; all you just do is follow the process in the right and proper way.


So, here are the steps given on how to program garage door opener in simple and easy ways.


Most electric garage door work by the remote, and you can find different types of garage door openers. But the programming of the door opener follows the same concept, and here we have provided the instructions on how to program garage door opener pretty clearly.

Before we talk about how to program the garage door opener, there are two basic concepts that need to be followed for all kinds of garage door openers.


  • Cancel all old codes

how to program garage door opener

This step is for those who have lost the remote and wanted to delete all the detail stored in the garage door openers memory. If anyone takes your door opener, it will prevent them from opening it. This step will also make sure to cancel all the remotes which were used by the previous owners of the house.

You will find a panel behind the mission that comes with a button and in most cases, the button is called a “learn button”. Just hold this button for a few minutes and the information stored in the garage memory will automatically get deleted.

The time to hold the button usually varies but it will mostly range from 15 to 30 seconds. This will clear all the memories stored and also cancel the connection which is associated with the remote. In some models, you will find the LED button and once the memories got deleted, the LED light goes to off.


  • Connect a new remote

garage door opener remote

Once you are done with deleting the codes and canceling the connection of the old remote, now it’s time to make a new connection. Even if you don’t disconnect the old remote, but still want to add an additional remote, then you can follow the below-mentioned process on how to program garage door opener.



3 simple steps of programming garage door opener:


  1. Press the learn button

The “learn” button will be found at the back of the garage door opener which is mounted on the ceiling. Depending on the brand, the color and shape of the button will vary.

You need to single press the button, but the pressing should be firm and brief. If you hold the button in down, then it will erase all the stored details in the garage door opener. And again you have to re-program it, so it would be better if you press the button in the right place.

learn button

  1. Press and hold the remote’s button

The next step is to quickly press the button and hold it for a moment. If you have a built-in button then you need the help of someone in pressing it.

  1. Wait until it is done

The programming of the remote to the machine will take a few seconds, and if the machine accepts the code, then the light will flash for a brief moment. Also, you will hear an audible click.

That is all you are done with the programming of the garage door opener.



Reasons why your opener is not working:

Even after programming the garage door opener, still, if your garage door doesn’t open properly, then here are the common reasons to know why and tips to fix it.

  • The photo-eye is blocked

Most garage doors will have a photo eye that will make sure if a person or an object is blocking the way, that it won’t lower. You need to check if the cord attached to the eye is damaged and sometimes even dirt and dust can clog the eye and block the laser beam.



  • Powers source is disrupted

Before you start programming the garage door, make sure your power source is turned on. The garage door opener should be plugged into a working outlet, and you can even check the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI.



  • Cables have snapped or popped off

In certain cases, your cables may have disengaged. This will occur when a torsion spring breaks and the garage door cable gets snapped. This is the most serious problem as it will cause damage to your vehicle and wall, so you need to get the help of a professional immediately.



  • Adjust the limit setting

If the door closes, but pops up immediately then you need to adjust the settings. If the settings are off, then the door will hit the ground, so check the button on the motor to adjust the limit.



  • The door is off the track

Off track garage door

The door should smoothly run along the track and if it does not, then check if the track has any bends, obstacles, or bumps.



  • The remote control is malfunctioning

how to program garage door opener

Sometimes, your remote could also be one of the problems, as it could be in out of range, the antenna might get damaged and the signal gets blocked.



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