One of the most difficult parts of decorating your home is filling the empty walls of your house and transforming it into a space of grandeur. Never get worried if you see empty spaces in your house, treat them like an empty canvas. hall wall decoration. An empty wall in your house is full of possibilities, as you can add any kind of change to it. The hallways will be in different sizes and shapes, some may be long and narrow; some may wind around the house. Here we have recommended little hall wall decoration that can suit any type of living space.



The very first thing you need to do for a boring hallway is to avoid the blank space on the wall. One of the common hall wall decoration ideas is a gallery wall. This space is usually filled with portraits of famous people or even family pictures. There are also other ideas to incorporate depending on if the hallway is either long or narrow.

Here is the list of best hall wall decoration ideas that can fit into any type of hall. You can try out any of these ideas in your hallway space.


Add a corner shelf for a display wall

hall wall decoration corner shelf

If you have a smaller hallway and it’s difficult to find décor for it, then one of the best ideas is to incorporate a corner shelf. This will avoid the boring look of empty walls and you will also get a space to keep your things.

On a corner shelf, you can even showcase your family pictures, small vases, paintings or any kind of décor items. With your creative level, you can fill the shelf with your favorite things and it will enhance the look of the space. During any occasion, you can decorate it the way you want.


Natural wooden frames

Sometimes natural wooden frames are the best hall wall decoration. These also go well with hardwood flooring. This is one of the great ideas if you are planning to go with a gallery wall, as you can choose a frame that echoes the hardwood floors. It will make the hallway airy and also give it a cohesive kind of feel.

Even if you don’t have a hardwood floor, you can still recreate the look as per the floor and try a black and white photo, as it goes great with these frames. So, to try this idea, all you need to do is use the floor as a focal point, choose everything in white, and match the frames that reflect the hardwood floor.


Graffiti grunge

hall wall decoration with graffiti

You can sometimes become Picasso by trying to add some color paints on your empty hallway wall. Graffiti is a kind of art, and it will give your room a cool industrial look. This art can be done by you, so it is cost-effective as well. You can go checkout some tutorial videos on the internet.

You can create this look as per the way you want. You can also try this graffiti art in a plain white wall. You can plan for adding some layers on it, as it will look even better.



hall wall decoration pattern

To get even more creative, you can try to use a little masking tape with some paint. This is one of the better hall wall decoration ideas. This is also one of the more budget-friendly options, and for this, you need to stick the masking tape wherever it needs to go, before painting the wall.  Using the tape, you can create a criss-cross pattern and then paint the wall with the roller.

The area under the tape won’t get any paint and after the paint dries completely, you can peel off the tape. You will get an interesting intersecting line, which will make your wall look better. This is a perfect example of big style, while having a low budget.


Something shiny and sparkley

hall wall decoration with couch

A pop of something metallic can also do magic in a hall wall.  You can try for hero pieces like a solid-toned wall, bouncing lights, and some kind of backdrop. You will find a wide range of designs available online and worldwide.

You can go for a large geometric design in the center, which will almost cover your wall and give it a sophisticated look. There are also many kinds of mirrors in metal that you can try for your living space. Even the ancient pieces can be hung on the wall, which will give a beautiful look.


Large mirrors

hall wall decoration with mirrors

A large panel mirror in the hallway space, will also work better and it will make an illusion of a large space in the hallway. Choose a mirror that comes with a chic black frame and it should also have a symmetrical grid pattern, which will bring a perfect look.

Make sure that the mirror you choose has a standard mirror finish or smoked gray finish. It should also look simple so it blends in with any kind of décor. If you want to create an illusion of an even larger space, then hang one or two mirrors.


Wooden signs

Wooden signs on wall

The final best hall wall decoration idea is trying to use wooden signs. This will be something unique and different to try. You can use sign boards that will work in bringing all the family pictures together. It’s good to choose high-quality wood and make sure it has perfect laser cutting.

It will give a sophisticated feel to a hallway space, and depending on your interests you can choose a sign to match. The best part of having the wooden sign, is that it can be used in many ways and is also compatible with many themes.


Bottom Line:

Sometimes decorating the hallway seems like a daunting task and it will be fun to experiment with new ideas and techniques. You can fill the wall with a few photo frames as well. Sometimes you need to be unique and specific. It’s also not a bad idea to play with a few DIY items for your hall wall. Try our recommended hall wall decoration ideas and look at the way their style is improved.



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