A home’s decor is supposed to be a reflection of its owner’s personality. This is where your knowledge about art and sensibility blends into an astounding stage that draws out ohs and ahs from everyone basking on its glory. So, here is a compilation of the common home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, from top decorators.


1. Too Small or Too Big

Buying furniture that is too small or too big

Buying furniture pieces that are way out of proportion is a common blunder shared by many homeowners. When it comes to choosing furniture, see to it that these are in scale in comparison to the rest of the room. What could look astounding in a retail store’s wide open space and high ceiling, might look out of place in your own space. So, before you shop, consider writing down height, width or depth, and the rest of the room dimensions. You may even take a picture of the whole space and show it to the sales person for guidance.


2. Too Dim Where It Should Be Too Bright

Too much lighting in bathroom as home decorating blunders

Lighting is another crucial point in home decor. Bear in mind that natural lighting changes throughout the day and the seasons. Hallways, bathrooms and passageways can do away with glaring lights. The dining area and kitchen also require ample amount of brightness for practical reasons. The bedroom and living area, however, may be adjusted according to the desired mood. Hence, the use of dimmers would be a great option on this one. Be reminded that lighting can also make a room look larger and more welcoming. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, are as simple as saying, let there be light.


3. Perfect Match Is Not Always Perfect

Matching home decor and window treatments

You do not have to go all matched up. Some rooms like the living room for instance, may look good with matched up window treatment. But having the same design all throughout—from carpet to ceiling can be too much. Add some complimentary hues and patterns. Add a dash of texture here and there. Mix-and-match couches and throw pillows, rugs and blankets. Create an atmosphere that doesn’t give out a boring feel.


4. Must Love Paint

Deciding on paint color before other home decor

Homeowners often decide on the paint color first before anything else. This somehow makes it harder to find complementary fabrics to go with it. Try to shop for furniture and other decor stuffs—and base your wall or ceiling paint color from there. When buying paint, make sure to test out the colors, too. Do not just rely on labels as it may look totally different when coated on walls.


5. When Less Is More

Too many pillows create clutter as home decorating blunders

Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing. This however, can add clutter in a room. Throw pillows for instance, can’t be on too many couches, as this deprives its purpose. Too many picture frames on the shelves can also be an eyesore when not done accordingly. If you simply have too many, pack others away and rotate them. That will make a good makeover like say every quarter of the year.


6. Hoarding Quality Bargains

hoarding furniture and other home decor

There is nothing wrong in shopping for sales and bargains. However, being swayed by discounts even when it does not fit your current interior design or space, will only spell disaster. Even more so, it would be futile to buy a cheap couch only to end up using it for a few months or so. When it comes to home decor, always buy quality which you can afford and items that suit your design in mind. This is one of the home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, by understanding that sometimes too much of a good thing, isn’t as good.


7. Breathing Space

Placing furniture against walls

Placing furniture up against walls is one common mistake in decorating homes. To avoid this, try to create a breathing yet intimate space for people to easily talk while enjoying some legroom. Bring couches and chairs a little closer to add a feeling of intimacy and inclusion. The key is to invest in key pieces that fit the size of the room.


8. Treat Those Windows Right

Hanging window treatments too low as home decorating blunders

Window treatments add charm to a room. While this may be the case, hanging them too low make them look short and stubby. To avoid this, hang the window treatment at least a foot above the trim, as this will create an illusion of height. Putting a valance above the window will take in more natural light. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, consists of reasonable solutions.


9. Eye Candy

Wall art too high in living room as home decorating blunders

Do not hang your wall art too high. Not everyone is born six feet tall. It also makes the room feel standoffish. Art work must be hung at eye level or between 5-6 feet. The eye should rest on the center of the artwork. When hung over furniture, place it closer rather than above it.


10. Own It Up

Copy idea out of home decor catalog

Copying a home decor idea straight from a magazine is a good idea. But when it comes to channeling your own interests, passion and style, it is important to create a space that speaks volume about it. No matter how eclectic or boring, monochromatic or bursting with color, chaotic or structured—it is a representation of you and your desire. Dress your home the same way you dress yourself. Your family and friends will get it anyway. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, can really make sure you stand out and not blend in.

Indeed, there is more to creating a homey feel than what meets the eye. Homeowners often go to great lengths just to create a space that exudes charm and intimacy. Learn from these ten home decor mistakes and how to avoid them in your own home.


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