You will find a lot of ideas for outfitting an outdoor space, but the first thing that strikes many peoples minds is hot tubs. This will make a backyard more perfect and a hot tub on a deck can come in under your needs and budget. If you are planning on installing a hot tub then you need to be careful with planning, along with determining the optimal location by understanding any electrical requirements. So, we have pulled some ideas for a hot tub, by changing a normal backyard into a dreamy place.

A hot tub on a deck is entirely possible and for this, you need to design a deck that holds at least 100 pounds per square foot. This kind of deck will support any type of hot tub, so while building the new deck, it is important to calculate the load-bearing capacity of the deck.

There are different types of hot tubs available in the market, so if you are planning to add one to your deck, then you know should what type of hot tub you need.



Portable hot tubs can be moved as individual units and they are not very portable because of their size and weight. It is portable because all the equipment needed for the tub is contained within the hot tub unit itself.

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An inflated hot tub will come in a large box and can weigh 60 to 100 pounds making them a truly portable hot tub. They don’t come with a pump, filtration, or any other equipment.

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An acrylic hot tub has an inner shell that is made of acrylic and an outer shell that is made of other materials. You will find this tub in many different styles and looks, so this is the most popular.




A molded or polyethylene hot tub is a one-unit molded plastic tub. When compared to the acrylic version, it is far lighter. Among all the hot tubs, this is considered the best option for the deck.




How to determine if your deck can support a hot tub?

If you are planning for a hot tub on a deck then you should learn how much weight your deck can hold. A standard deck beam will hold a weight of 50 pounds per square foot.

Using a simple calculation, you can find the load-bearing capacity of your deck and for that, you need to know the tributary area of the deck posts. For example, if you have a 10*10 deck that is supported by 3 deck posts, a beam at one end, and a ledger board on the other end. You need to multiply half the length of the joist by half the distance of the beam on both sides. You will get the tributary area and for 10*10 decks it is 25 square feet. Then multiply it by 50 pounds per square foot, and you will get 1,250 pounds.

So, you need to place a hot tub whose weight will come under 1,250 pounds. If the weight goes higher then it will result in structural failure and injury. If you have a low tributary area then you can add more beams and posts, which is the most effective to reinforce your deck.



7 More Ideas To Consider



Carved Out Space

If you have an old deck, then this idea will add some additional space to your deck. Here, there will be a beautifully designed round hot tub that gets matched with a similar toned wood deck. This will give a pleasing touch to your outdoor space.

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Privacy Area

This privacy hot tub deck will work if you need a full spa effect hot tub. Go for a traditional fence or for more modern options like contrasting slatted screens. Both will work for any type of hot tub.

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Small Space Deck

If you have an outdoor area with less room, then go for this small space deck. Here, a simple deck that is surrounded by the hot tub will look good and also create more space. If you want you can add unique items such as potted plants, which will give a unique look.

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Hot Tub Deck With Bar Seating

A deck with a bar setup will feel like heaven at home, so you can arrange some bar seats around the hot tub. This will indulge everyone both in and out of the hot tub. This comfortable space will ensure everyone lounges together.

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The Sunken Hot Tub Deck

If you are tired of the same old hot tub bathing ideas and are looking for some newer ones, then this works really well. Try the full dunk or build a bench around the edge, so that everyone will get a place to sit and they can even dip their toes in the water for a relaxed feeling.

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Hot Tub Deck With Fireplace

This hot tub is mostly designed to keep your bottom half nice and toasty, but what if we add a warm feel around the deck? You can add a fire pit or a luxe fireplace, which will guarantee both a warm and fun hot tub.

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Pergola Hot Tub Deck

A pergola is one of the best options to set a hot tub, apart from the rest. It not only offers enough shading, but also you can string some lights for any nighttime bathing. This type of hot tub may feel secluded but will still be tied to the space.

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Bottom Line:

A hot tub on a deck is an excellent addition to your outdoor space or backyard and it will be the best place to host guest parties. You always need an expert opinion before you install a hot tub and you need to follow certain guidelines, which will help estimate what your deck can handle. So, spending money on the hot tub is always a good decision to make in the end.



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