If you are looking for economic and easy ways to add shelter to your home, then pole barns are the right choice for you. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to build a permanent or solid shelter, and the pole barn is mainly used to store equipment and house livestock and it even can function as a garage or workshop facility. No worries, the building of a pole barn is not a complicated process and it can be done in simple ways. Here, we have listed the process of how to build a pole barn garage.


Why do people use a pole barn garage?

Pole barn garages are getting hugely popular, as they don’t cost much. You even have various choices to reduce the cost of the building. You can also choose from low-cost materials to make construction easier. Also, the pole barn garage is the most eco-friendly option when compared to most other construction types.

If you want to implement this simple, effective, and affordable pole barn garage setup in your place, then here are the steps on how to build a pole barn garage.



How to build one

When compared to the other shed designs, the pole barn is the simplest construction. In the construction process, there will be a pole fixed in the ground and a secured top will above which will support the roof. Here is the process of building the pole barn garage


  • Measure the space

Before you start the construction process, it is important that you get an accurate measurement of the space. If you have the right measurement, then the number of supplies and unnecessary stress will be reduced.

If you are planning for a garage or storage, then you need a minimum of 8 feet. Try to choose an area that has good drainage, to avoid flooding in the rainy season.


  • Check the water and electric supply

Once you decided on the place and take the right measurements, then you need to check whether there is proper light and an electric supply. Also, make sure the place is free of shrubs and trees, so that it will be easy to build the pole barn.


  • Level the ground

The area you are working on should be on the same level so that it will be easy for you to work further. If you need any base rock for the construction, then you can add decomposed granite or a similar kind of gravel material.


  • Create the string line

Measuring out the Pole Barn Garage

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In this step, you will mark the outline of the building which you are making. This step will make the pole construction process easier and will also keep the structure in perspective, during the beginning stage of the construction. Put a small stake in each corner and then wrap a long piece of string between the stakes.


  • Dig holes

Holes for supports

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The process of digging the holes may differ depending on the height of the pole you want. But the minimum height of the pole will be 3 to 5 feet deep, and if you are looking for an open-sided pole barn then you should have ½ length of the ground.

You don’t need any foundation for the pole barn, but make sure the posts you have are stable and strong.


  • Mix the concrete

Depending on the size of each pole, you need to add 12 to 14 inches to the bottom of each hole. Make sure to tamp inside of each hole so that you will get a flat and sturdy surface, and in each hole drop the concrete for good stability.


  • Even the height of the poles

The height of the poles should be the same, if it is not then you have made a mistake in the size of the hole. To avoid this mistake, you can use a laser level to make sure the height of the poles are the same. Before you install the roof support beam, the height of the poles should be the same.


  • Add roof support beams

Support beams

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Adding the roof support beams is the first and most difficult step, as you need to cut notches to fit boards in each of the holes. The boards should be parallel to the ground and for stability, you can secure them with screw or lag bolts.


  • Build trusses

Trusses for garage

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The trusses are triangle-shaped roof beams and they should be placed width across the roof-supported beams. There will be a board that will run parallel to the ground and two added boards that will meet in the center.  You can choose at what angle to make your cuts.


  • Additional beam for support

To attach the siding with each other, you need to nail boards across the roof and between the poles. The number of boards you use will depend on the structure of the building, but make sure to add one additional board at each end of the section.


  • Add siding

The addition of a wall is not a difficult process, and you can even leave the side of the pole barn open. Take plywood and nail it to support boards along the outside edges of the building. If you want you can add wood siding, as it will look better.


  • Install roof

If you are adding a metal roof, then make sure to cut it into pieces so that it can easily fit. If you are planning for shingles, then you have to nail the plywood over the entire roof.


  • Add door or windows

Pole Barn Garage

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For extra support and framing, you can add doors, windows, and  can choose open-air or a window; which is the most common thing for a pole barn garage.


Bottom Line:

The pole barn garage is not only used for keeping your vehicles, but you can use the garage for various other purposes. If you are looking for a small and affordable place, then a pole barn will be the right choice to start. When compared to the other building barns, this pole barn is very useful for your property.



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