You’ve got a swimming pool with a concrete interior, now you need to give a color to the pool’s interior. The paint for a swimming pool will differ a lot from normal painting, and the painting of your pool is one of the most difficult jobs and can take some time. This is one of the most daunting tasks, as you need to choose the right paint and also the right tools. Here are the things that will let you know clearly what you need to do if you have planned on painting the pool.


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The finishing of the pool is one of the most important works and also requires a lot of work and patience. You need to make sure the pool has a complete finish so that it will look fresh and clean. In finishing work, the paint for a swimming pool plays a huge role, as there are different types of painting techniques employed for the pool, to make it safer for your families to swim.

You can’t choose normal paint for the pool, as regular paint is not designed for constant contact and abrasion. If you choose the regular exterior paint, then it will withstand extreme weather conditions, but it will not withstand a surface that will be immersed in water 24/7. The paint for a swimming pool will come with a waterproof formula. It also will be resistant to chemicals, scraping, and damage.



Here are the three main types of pool painting used for a swimming pool



Acrylic paint is environmental-friendly paint and is mainly used for the unpainted surfaces of the pool. Even though it has a short life span, it will still dry quickly and this is suitable for fiberglass and granite surfaces.



Epoxy is a solvent-based paint and it will last for a long time, usually more than 8 years. The paint should be applied on the surface where no condensation takes place and it will take a long time to dry.



The rubberized painting will turn a rough surface into a smooth surface, and even it is not popular still it comes with many benefits.




3 best paints for a swimming pool



INSL-X Semi-gloss Acrylic Pool Paint

INSL-X Semi-gloss Acrylic Pool Paint

This acrylic pool paint can be used with a fresh or saltwater swimming pool, and it will dry quickly. When it comes to pool paint, INSL-X is one of the more preferred choices in terms of price and quality. You can get the paint in different colors such as ocean blue, aquamarine, black, royal blue, and white.

The paint colors will offer greater durability and it lasts for many more years. The best thing is that the paint is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about the chemicals. The paint looks good on surfaces like concrete, marcite, gunite, and other masonry surfaces.

The paint can be pretty well maintained and you can even apply it to the existing paint. Before painting, prepare the surface, repair if there is any crack or leaks, and then paint your surface.


Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE Epoxy Paint

Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE Epoxy Paint

The Pond Armor comes with a waterproof formula, so it is suitable for all kinds of climate environments from hot to cold. It offers a durable shield of epoxy, so it will stay tough in any kind of climate. The paint is also non-toxic, so it is even suitable for a pond, a pool with fish or plants or pets.

This paint is made with a self-primer formula, so you can apply the paint on any surfaces without much preparation. The paint will dry quickly and it’s doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The paint is specifically designed for underwater use and you can apply this on a constructed surface, which is made of wood, metal, stone, plastic, or other types of coatings.

All you need to do is prepare the surface of the pool or pond, apply the paint, and enjoy the pool.


Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint

Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint

The Rust-Oleum paint is ideal for the surfaces like metal, fiberglass, and wood which should be above the waterline. The paint is made of oil-based formula so it can be applied with excellent leveling, and it will also be very flexible. The paint will take a short time to dry, which will be approximately 1 to 2 hours.

The paint has excellent durability, so it will show higher resistance to abrasion and extreme weather conditions. It will even protect your pool from UV rays, so you can choose this paint for any type of pool.

The paint offers excellent gloss retention and this is specially formulated for brush and spray applications.




Which is considered the best paint for a swimming pool?


When it comes to the paint for a swimming pool, most people prefer epoxy paint, as it is considered the toughest paint on the market. The epoxy paint will be more resistant to stain and it will also protect your pool from wear and tear from any type of chemicals. The only problem with epoxy paint, is that it will take a longer time to dry and also requires the most preparation work.

Next to epoxy, acrylic paint holds a special place, and is also the most popular. The main advantages of acrylic paint are that it’s non-toxic and fast drying. But remember you have to paint the pool often. This is a rubberized paint so you can paint the rough surfaces easily and it doesn’t require a lot of preparation work.

You can even consider other types of paint, but before choosing any paints, you need to check the brands and the ingredients.


Bottom Line:

Once you are done choosing the paint for a swimming pool, then the process of painting your pool is one of the easiest tasks. Even you can paint the pool, as you need to drain the water well and prepare the surface first, to give a clean slate.



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