People will definitely laugh when you say you are renovating the kitchen under the budget and for less money. The renovation of a kitchen usually comes with some additional or unexpected emergency costs. It is not impossible to upgrade your kitchen as per your wish and requirements while also being under a fixed budget. It’s even possible to finish your entire kitchen for under $5000. If you follow the right tips and ideas, then you can finish the kitchen with an under $5000 kitchen remodel. So, let’s see how to start a modern kitchen with just $5000 in your hand.


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$5000 Kitchen Remodel


Replace the cabinets

When we talk about kitchen renovation, the first thing people will do is spend the money on updating the cabinets and cabinet lighting, paint, hardware, flooring, storage, appliances, and countertops. Yes, these are the essential parts of the kitchen, but before you spend all your money on these things for renovation, plan for some other options.

If the cabinets are damaged or outdated then replace them. You can buy new ones in trending colors such as white, gray, and black. This may cost around $1500 and also buying hardware like handles, faucet sinks, pendant lights, and others may cost a few hundred dollars.


Refresh flooring

Flooring costs are not a fixed amount. Costs may vary depending on the size of the floor and the flooring material you choose to use. If you are considering low-cost flooring materials, the most popular options are linoleum and vinyl. For an average-sized kitchen the cost of the flooring may come to around $1000 or so.

Never choose any hardwood as it costs a lot of money. Instead you can consider DIY stick-on vinyl flooring which will look more like a floorboard. Ceramic tiles are the current trend and are getting even more popular, but ceramic tiles cost a fortune.


Upgrade to a smarter kitchen

The whole concept of the modernized and renovated kitchen means exactly what it says. That your kitchen should get updated and be smarter. But replacing all the kitchen appliances will cost a lot of money, so either buy the appliances for a bargain or you can look for any kitchen appliances that will revitalize the appearance of aged appliances.

If you can’t afford money for all smarter appliances, then you can follow simple DIY ideas which will bring a new look to your appliances. It only costs a few dollars, but your entire kitchen will get a newer and unique look that you’ll love.


Adding more space

This is one of the great ideas to implement with a $5000 kitchen remodel. To make the kitchen spacious and look large, you don’t have to remove anything. You can get some additional space from an adjacent room.

Here, you can push the unwanted appliances which you don’t use frequently, to the adjacent room which will create a good amount of space. Or even you can push the cabinets through a wall. You can create a wall of 12-inch deep cabinets and push them into the dining room. Make sure to push the cabinet that you don’t use after that for a clean look.


Update the lighting

Updating the lighting plays the main role to renovate the kitchen for under $5000 kitchen remodel. If you go for cocktails lightings, décor lights, or separate lights for the kitchen island, then it will cost a ton of money. So, even giving space to natural lighting, is one of the best ideas to improve the lighting system in your older kitchen

If any appliances or equipment block a window, then remove them from there and allow natural light to flow into the kitchen. If you have any old light fittings in the kitchen, then remove all of them and replace them with down lights. This may cost $6 to $10, and you can replace the entire kitchen with the downlights.


Panel alternatives

In an older kitchen, you may have experienced panels coming down from the kitchen ceiling. If you go for replacing all the panels on the ceiling then it may cost around $1,500 to $2,000 or more depending on the size.

We have a simple and effective DIY idea that will come under the $5000 kitchen remodel, which is using Styrofoam ceiling panels. You need to cut the panels and glue them to the existing panel material. This will give an elegant look to the kitchen and even looks expensive.


Need more storage

Kitchen storage is one of the biggest concerns and if you go for custom-seating storage then it will cost around $1000. There are other ways available to add storage to the kitchen space. If you have a kitchen island you can add shelves on one side of the island or you can even get a rolling island which starts at $400 to $500 or less.

Under your upper cabinets, you can add small shelves and store smaller items on that shelf. At the end of your cabinets or refrigerator, you can add a narrow broom closet which expands the space in the kitchen.


Pick some special things

You will have some remaining money if you have implemented a few DIY ideas in this $5000 kitchen remodel. This should have saved you a few dollars. You can buy things for your kitchen like a copper sink that will cost around $500 and it’ll give a warm look to your kitchen.

You can even buy countertops that come in under your budget. This would be materials like recycled glass, butcher block and tile will cost around $150 per square foot.  This renovation is not all about buying expensive products, but making your kitchen brighter and modern while coming in under your budget.


Bottom Line:

Some people may feel $5000 is a huge budget, but when you start spending it on a kitchen renovation it’ll will get spent in a short amount of time. Also, the entire $5000 can be spent on purchasing a single piece of equipment. So, if you want to make a budget-friendly kitchen for under $5000 kitchen remodel, then follow our recommended ideas.



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