A renovation of the house continues to play a major role and most people as of now are planning to renovate their house in one way or another. Whether it could be updating the kitchen, changing the floor plan, rewiring electrical and plumbing work, or any other thing; a renovation will always increase the value of the home. In the same way, gut renovation steps also have a huge scope, as they involve a layer of costs, design, timing, and permits.

These kinds of renovations will be mysterious and full of uncertainties in the initial period, but if you have the right gut renovations steps and a good contractor, then it will lead to a successful renovation.


Understanding the gut renovation:


Gut Renovation Steps in action

Gutting the house is nothing but taking it down to the original floor plan. You will strip away everything from any ceiling fixtures, drywall, and insulation. There will be nothing except the beams and unfinished flooring. In short term, you are demolishing the interior of the home and you will be rebuilding it from scratch.

The gut renovation cost depends on various factors and it also differs from home to home. It depends on the gut renovation steps, location, quality of the materials, and house size. The homeowner will spend an average of $44,850 and if you get the help of the contractor, then you will be paying an additional $4,600 to $9,200.

If you are looking for the best way to reduce the price of a gut renovation, then demolishing the building is the best way. So, here we have recommended 5 simple steps, which make the gut renovation steps simple and easy.



What are the gut renovation steps?


Make a plan

Tools for Gut Renovation Steps

The demolition of the interior is one of the major things in the gut renovation steps, and it can’t be done without proper planning, as it involves technical and dangerous issues. So, before you start the gut renovation make sure to have a proper plan, and you should also be equipped with the necessary instruments and tools.

Inside the walls, there will always be a plumbing line, an electrical line and a lot of other wires will be running through it, so you should know where to use the hammer. You should do the remodeling room by room, and using the proper tools you can do the gutting renovation of the house.


Prepare the room for demolition

removing drywall in Gut Renovation

You can’t start the demolition process easily, as before the demolition process you need to prep your home. The gut renovation process is messy and dangerous, so it is recommended to cover all things like plastic items, lamps, and other furniture that will break easily.

If you are planning for new flooring then you don’t have to cover it, or else cover the entire floor with a tarp. Proper planning is needed before the demolition as debris like firewall, and dust pile up really fast.

And the major thing to do before the demolition process is to take care of utility lines. There will be cables running behind the walls, so shut them down before you begin the interior demolition process. This tip will not only protect your house, but will also save you from getting shocked or zapped by a stray wire.


Remove interior walls

removing drywall with hammer

Before you start removing the walls, you need to make sure whether they are load-bearing or not. This means you need to check that the wall is not vital to the home’s foundation, and if it keeps your home intact, then you need to get help from a professional. Even though the DIY idea is considered cheap, it would be a bad idea to ruin a structural wall and damage your house.

While making the gut renovation steps in the interior wall, the best idea to follow is if you don’t know whether the inside of the walls has utility cables or not, then make a hole in the drywall and peer inside. If you see any cables or wires, then you need to immediately call a professional. If you didn’t see any cables and it is wire-free, then you can do the work using home remodeling tools.



Here are a few steps to follow if you don’t know how to remove the interior walls

  • Make sure the power of your house is turned off
  • If there are any decorative items on the walls or pictures, then remove everything
  • Tap the wall with a hammer until you make a hole
  • Remove the drywall with your hands or you can even use a crowbar
  • Pull out if there are any remaining screws and studs
  • You need to repeat all the steps until you will remove all the obstructions


Install the required essentials

wires in Gut Renovation Steps


After removing the walls, then there will be more renovation work and less gutting work. You need to make a list of the installation you will be making in your home.

  • Check whether the electrical and plumbing lines are intact
  • Unscrew your older electrical fixture and replace it with the new one
  • If you accidentally damage the wall which you want to keep, then patch it up with insulation, drywall, and caulk
  • Install the cabinets, floor, and drywall, and plan for the required makeover
  • If you feel like your flooring is getting old, then go for some new flooring
  • Once you are done with the entire installation, then choose paint colors, and freshen up the interior


Go for the cleanup

Removing flooring

The gut renovation steps always make the place messy, so you need to clean up once you are done with the renovation. Remove all the debris and have a dumpster rental so that the cleaning can be done in a few minutes.


Bottom Line:

After completing all the gut renovation steps to your house, finally, you need to add any finishing touches to the house remodel. These steps will help you to know how to gut a house without breaking the budget, and also without hurting the home’s value.



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