Once a deck has started to be exposed to the weather for some time, colors will start fading. This is a very common phenomenon. The grain gradually gets washed out and the original timber will not look as good as it did originally. When such a situation arises, then you’ll need to know how to re-stain a deck. For any kind of stains, it is ideal to follow this practice once a year or for two years. To re-stain the deck, you’ll need to make sure you clean your deck very well, before the start of any maintenance activities.



Steps To Re-Stain Your Deck

So, finally, you are ready to exercise the re-stain activities on your deck. With a retouch, it will look like a brand new one and your mind will be refreshed seeing the newly done deck. A very good cleaning on the surface and a fresh coat of deck oil will increase the life of your deck timber. Here are the steps regarding how to re-stain a deck.


Primary Requirements:

  • Deck oil
  • Deck cleaner
  • Exterior paint, preferably black


Additional Requirements:

  • Plastic sheet
  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Stiff broom
  • Paintbrush
  • Squeegee
  • Cloth
  • Lambswool applicator



Step 1

You need to cover all the plants near the deck with plastic. This is done to protect the plants while you start the cleaning activities. Also, you need to protect any sort of paintwork from the deck cleaner, or else it might be damaged. You also have to hose off the deck to remove any dirt from the surface.


Step 2

Using deck cleaner

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You have to mix deck cleaner and water in a ratio of 4:1 in a bucket. The next process is to scrub the timbers of the deck by using a stiff broom. It will help you to remove all the stains from your deck. Now, leave the deck cleaner on the deck for 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of stain you already have. Keep it wet. In the meantime, you must also scrub the handrail by wearing a glove. You should take all preventive measures while applying deck cleaning solutions like wearing gloves to avoid any contact directly with your skin.


Step 3

Pressure washer cleaning

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You can use a pressure washer for cleaning the deck and handrail. With the force applied, dirt can be removed from each board present on your deck, but you have to be patient and need to apply the same to every corner of your deck. Only then will the entire deck look like a new one. Make sure you get off any extra water and give the deck enough time to dry completely.


Step 4

Applying deck oil

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Use a paintbrush for the surface and a lambswool applicator for applying deck oil. It’s better to work with a few boards at a time when applying deck oil. Gradually, the entire deck will be covered. It’s better to apply two coats of deck oil to make the deck look better. Just be sure to give adequate time in between coats to dry.


Step 5

Painting a post black

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Black paint can be applied to deck posts. You can paint the same using a regular paintbrush. As a preventive measure, you can keep a piece of cloth with you to wipe any extra paint outside the deck posts. Let it dry for a good amount of time.


Step 6

Applying oil to rail

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Apply a coat of deck oil to the handrails also. It will shine like never before. Let it dry also.



Tips and tricks on how to re-stain a deck

To re-stain a deck, there are lots of things that you can do for the betterment of your deck. No matter what type of deck you are using, these tips will help you to keep them looking great for years into the future.


Bare Timber

If the timber of the deck is in better condition and it has just become grey in some areas, then you can use a good quality deck cleaning product to clean it. This will help you to remove the weathered wood fibers, tans, or any oils. Your deck will shine with its natural color. One piece of information, if you have such badly weathered timber, then it should be sanded back to a solid surface before you start the cleaning activities.


Earlier Stained or Oiled Timber

If you already have an old coating, then you need to remove that also, to apply newer coats. To do it, you can use the trusted method of water bed test. Just sprinkle some water on the deck and wait for a couple minutes. If the water still beads, then you can be sure that this timber will not be able to accept any kind of new coating under any circumstances. So, you have to sand it off before starting the entire cleaning process of the deck.


Painted Timber

Painted Timber

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If you already have a painted timber deck, then the re-coating of paint should be followed as per standard instructions. You need to remove any loose paint or the loose areas. You can apply light sandpaper to clean it before repainting. If you need to change the entire color, then you need to remove the paint either by sanding or by stripping it, before you apply the new stain or oil.



How to choose Deck Finish

Well, this is another important aspect of how to re-stain a deck. There are three main options available to decide on when choosing which type of finish you want to apply to your deck.



If you intend to preserve the present timber color, then natural oil is the best thing to use. Its semi-transparent finish will give your deck a completely new look.



Stain is particularly useful if you plan to change the color of the deck. You can apply any color of your choice and it will look nice if applied properly and evenly all over the deck



You can use paint in case you already have a painted surface. There are special deck paints available to help your deck look like a vibrant one.

With all these features, options, tips, and tricks, you can get an answer on how to re-stain a deck. Start it now.



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