Of all the rooms in a home, the living has always been the most overwhelming area to decorate. It needs to channel the household’s “personality” and, at the same time, it must carefully infuse creativity and functionality for everyone to enjoy. The living room is where most of the household members gather to share common joys like watching a favorite television show, a movie on DVD or perhaps, just to gather and update each other on their activities. It also serves as an area where guests are welcomed into a home. For these reasons, adequate effort must given in thinking about interior decor ideas for living room spaces.


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Interior decor ideas for living room in white with stereo system and tv

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To jumpstart your living room makeover, here are 10 must have interior decor ideas for you to get your groove on:


Living room interior decor ideas with wood floor and area rug

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1. Wall and Ceiling

Paint your ceiling and walls with relaxing hues. Living room often gets a new look with just a fresh coat of paint. The moment you set foot in your home, this area opens up for you and the rest. See to it that your choice of paint color is welcoming without being too kitschy. If your paint is a little bit new, upgrade the whole look by adding a wall decal or sticker.


2. Entertainment System

Many modern homes settle on equally modern entertainment system as a focal point in their living room. This innovative interior decor idea for living room spaces is often embraced by families who love to watch television or movies together as their past time. Some also love listening to music together or simply hang out for the fun of it.


3. Artwork or Aquarium

If yours is a home that does not indulge in television or music, a good artwork hung at the center of the living room area would make a good focal point. See to it that you go for paintings that imbibe the whole feel of your interior design. Some homes also make use of aquariums as focal point in their living rooms. Choose whichever works for you and the whole family. Artwork is always a good choice for interior decor ideas for living room.

Book case decor storage ideas for living room

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4. Book Case

For the ultimate bookworm, a book case is a must have interior decor idea for living room spaces. Maximize every square inch of space in your living room by placing a book case to hold either your entertainment system or artwork along with your beloved book collections. This allows it to channel the home’s personality in a lux and functional manner.


5. Furniture

A living room is not complete without a sofa set. You can go all leather or choose soft cotton sofa sets. Whisk in an ottoman and a coffee table to complete your living room furniture. Hardwood furniture makes a good choice for their durability and elegance. Many households today, however, choose sofa sets that also double as recliners or massage chairs for that completely relaxing feel.

Brown livingroom with plants and lots of sunlight

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6.  Plant Life

Add some life into your living room by putting a potted plant in its midst. Plants often lend a sense of relaxation and vigor into a room. Plants like bamboo palm, philodendron, dracaena, and many more help take the stress away and purify the air inside your home. Do remember that plants also help brighten up any space. Make sure ample sunlight is afforded to your plants though to prevent it from yellowing.


7. Lighting and Fixtures

To add mood and functionality to the whole living room space, consider using a balance between natural lighting and artificial ones. Track lighting will help create a spotlight for your prized artwork while floorlamps add ambience to a room. Reading lamps might also be necessary should you use the space as a reading area. If there’s a window, make use of window treatments that allow natural light in. As for artificial lighting, do consider installing dimmer switches for a more dramatic feel.


8. Curtains

For living rooms that have windows, adding window treatments like curtains will help create a cozy feel for the space. Choose colors or prints that match harmoniously with your fixtures. You may want a set customized for the whole living room space or simply buy a set straight from the rack. This is one of the more economical interior decor ideas for living room.


9. Fireplace

Areas where the dead cold of winter seeps into the bones, having a fireplace can truly come handy. There are still home improvement specialists who can customize a fireplace for homes. Or simply add an electric fireplace to take its place.


10. Decorative Pieces

Vintage ceramics, trophies, memorabilia, figurines, and all sorts of creative pieces also make good interior decor ideas for living room spaces. You can showcase antique hardwood collections that you have gathered from years of traveling to exotic places or from weekend flea markets. These decorative pieces will definitely add more personality and drama to the whole space.

Brown living room with storage shelves and area rug

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Truly, there are many ways to make interior decor ideas for living room spaces work. You can go for consistent designs and color palettes or, go for a more eclectic feel. Be reminded though that your living room is still a part of your home. Keep decor consistent with the rest of the interiors to achieve a harmonious and relaxing feel.



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