A winning hall greets your guests when they first walk through the door. It can set the tone for your home with its welcoming décor. Whether one lives in a city apartment or a spacious home, it is possible to spruce up the hallway. No matter whether the hall is big or small, it has almost limitless design potential. All these interior design for hall ideas can help you in your endeavor to give it a facelift.



Expand with a mirror

interior design for hall with mirror

Maybe you have a small size hall. Including a mirror in the space is a nice design trick. It helps to create the illusion of a large space. It will reflect light from the light sources in the hall and brighten up the hall. Skip the traditional rectangular mirrors and use a circular or oval-shaped mirror that complements the overall decor. You can also use a decorative mirror to make a statement.


Create a gallery wall

interior design for hall with gallery wall

No house is ever complete without a gallery wall. Getting a gallery wall in the hall is one of the most game-changing interior design for hall ideas. You can create it with family photos, a replica of famous paintings, abstract art, or whatever you like. It will offer a homey ambiance that you would be proud to share with your guests.


Dazzle with a mural

wall mural in hall

Murals are a great way to improve the hall.  It is eye-catching and energizes the space. Moreover, being more efficient than painting, it saves costs. Simplicity dominates many modern décor themes, and a mural lets you go simple without being minimal. It can completely transform the hall and make a bold statement.


Utilize the space under the stairs

interior design for hall under the stairs

Never keep the under-stair space unutilized. You can make the most of this space by creating a reading nook with a mini library. Creating a dog house or a kid’s play house is also a great interior design idea for the hall. Or, you can create shelves there to display your wine collection. It will make a nice statement.


Update with light

lighting interior design for hall

Lighting elevates a space and could be a great interior design for hall. Always try to incorporate maximum natural light. It will show off everything in the hall. Just install artificial lighting to highlight the hall. Use both ambient and accent lighting in the hall to set the mood. The ambient lighting will illuminate the entire space and accent lighting will highlight the focal points. They will take the hall to the next level.


Incorporate cozy furniture

Cozy furniture in hallway

Your hall is not a pass-through space in the home. Create a sitting zone in the hall. It will prepare it for spending quality time there. You can have a narrow long bench or L-shaped sofa in the corner. They can lift the halls decoration. Add in some throw pillows to make it cozy and cute. If you have more space you can have an antique wall unit with matching chairs or lounge couches. However, you must consider the size of the furniture and its placement, to create a unique balance in the hall.


Round up rugs

round rug in hallway

Area rugs under the furniture are great for decorating halls when you have enough space. If you have a narrow and long hallway, you can use a runner to add a punch. You can include rugs in the hall if you do not have any furniture. Using carpets in bigger halls is also a good idea. They spruce up the hall and also help to keep the home clean and cozy.


Use inspiring color schemes

color scheme in hall with decor

One of the smarter interior design for hall ideas is to use reflective color tones, as most halls do not enjoy much natural light.  Light and reflective colors brighten things up and deliver an illusion of more space. Since a hall happens to be a high-traffic area, it is better to use durable and washable paint in the hall. One can use the all-white everything or can choose calming lavender, cream, or green to soothe the soul. Paint the door in a geometric pattern. It will create a nice focal point.


Add some greenery

greenery in hall

Nothing can be better than greenery to amplify the interior of the hall. When people have a glimpse of houseplants in the hall, it creates a great first impression. Including live greens has some associated problems. They need sunlight and regular watering, trimming, etc. Alternatively, one can decorate with artificial plants. They mimic their natural cousins and deliver the same aesthetic view. Moreover, they do not need any care and will not wilt or decay. As such, they are much easier to maintain.


Embrace an accent wall

accent wall as hallway idea

An accent wall features a different color, shade, or design from the other walls in the hall. Adding an accent wall improves the interior design for hall. It is also one of the more inexpensive ways to improve a hall interior. An accent wall draws visual attention and makes the place more inviting.


Display your collection

display collection in hallway

The hall happens to be the ideal place to display your favorite collection. Since the hall is the connecting point between different rooms, putting your favorite art pieces there demonstrates your unique lifestyle and takes the place to the next level. Your collection can include anything from candles, sculptural elements, and vases. They will captivate the senses of the guests.


Consider the floor

flooring in hallway options

Improving the flooring offers a unique interior design for hall. It can instill some great conversions. You can use vinyl for a cost-effective floor, replacing wood. If your budget permits, you can opt for luxury vinyl tiles to create an impression of marble in the hall.


Interior design for hall final words


No one should neglect the hall just because it is not a traditional room. Remember that balance, harmony, proportion, and contrast are the basic principle of a successful interior design. Now that you have gone through many options, apply them and let the hall speak for the home.



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