Children love to spend much of their time in their own bedrooms. They do not just sleep there, they also play, do their homework, and make all things fun in this pretty exclusive place. It is their own wonderland where their young minds can freely manifest their creativity and sense of adventurism—and without undermining the idea that these little cutiepatooties grow up at such astounding speed. Kids room furniture ideas, therefore, should be done with a lot of factors to consider in mind. Way beyond the usual aesthetical appeal, it must also be fun, practical and comfortable. Here is some of the top furniture that delivers all you need in a kids room.


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Kids room furniture ideas


Practical Kids Room Furniture Ideas



1. Adjustable Toddler Beds

Trundle adjustable toddler beds in pink

From birth to toddler to teenage years, kids growth spurts can be truly amazing. One day, you see them in their diapers and the next, you already see them in their prom dresses and tuxedos. When choosing beds for your kids room furniture ideas, it is wise to go for adjustable toddler beds—with trundle, if possible. Choose white for a neutral design as it is so bright and easily matches the current paint or wallpaper of the room. A trundle can serve its purpose later on for those sleepovers or when you feel like being with your child when he or she is sick.


2. Bunk Beds

Wooden Bunk beds in kids room with steps

Shoehorning two or three children into a cramped bedroom is no mean feat. To make it even stylish and functional can be more challenging. One of the oldest kids room furniture ideas, bunk beds, allows maximizing available floor space for storage and other activities. Select the most appropriate for your child’s room. Even with a single kid, the extra room down there can be used as a study or play area. Smart space savers as these beds are called, they are also trendy as they allow you to decorate in accordance to your child’s likes and dislikes.


3. Personal Desk

Personal desk in white kids room

Kids these days are so into their cyber element. With this, a good desk is a must for school age kids. This will definitely be a centerpoint of their life. From homework for studying to a makeshift dressing table, find a desk that also allows storage for most anything—books, trinkets, beauty essentials, and so on.


4. Colorful Dresser

colorful dresser

Kids rooms are all about fun and color. So why not refurbish an old dresser. All you need to do is a water-based primer, chalkboard paint, a sanding pad, paintbrush, some newspaper to hold-off the paint splatter, and a few minutes of your precious time. To add to the excitement and drama, it would be best to let your child choose the paint color and allow him or her to join in the painting of the white primer.


5. Activity Table and Chairs

Step2 Build And Store Block And Activity Table

When it comes to functional kids room furniture ideas, an activity table with chairs is another must-have. Choose one which offers not just a work area for kids to draw, build or create but also where they can eat. Of course, storage must also be incorporated within. Take note that having little kids is akin to cleaning up after a party you’ve never attended. Make sure to go for activity tables with extra storage for crayons, papers, LEGOs and other toys.


6. Bean Bag

blue bean bag for kids room

No kids room should go finished without a bean bag. From little tot to teenage ones, this Pokemon Snorlax (more like Snore-lax) bean bag is to sleep for, literally. This massive Pokemon Go character is famous for its overall lethargic attitude thus, adding a touch of fun and functionality to your child’s bedroom. You, too, can prop up your legs and grab a favorite book while the children play.


7. Storage Haven

Storage ideas for kids room furniture ideas

Of course, the most important element in kids room furniture ideas, is clever storage. It must be both practical and accessible. At the same time, kids should not have a hard time knowing what to do with such storage. Consider engaging your child when choosing the type of storage for his or her bedroom. Let him choose what color scheme, for instance. By letting them have a hand on the planning stage, they can organize and tidy their space with gusto and ease.


Wise Options

wise options for kids room furniture ideas

When thinking of kids room furniture ideas, non-themed functional and space-savvy fixtures are definitely the way to go. Children easily outgrow beds, chairs, desks, and dressers so, always go for practicality when choosing size, function and design. Look for furniture with a multi-purpose scheme. Most importantly, choose timeless designs that will cater to the ever-changing needs and temperament of your kids. With these, you can finally create a more personalized space swelling with character and charm that will mark your child’s unique element in your home.


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