The kitchen is the heart of a home; it fuels the family. Adept storage makes it more functional and also improving the aesthetics. You may be overflowing with kitchen design inspirations, but one needs to make some difficult decisions to get a reward. Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is one of them. It could backfire if you do not understand your kitchen space. This post aims to grease your kitchen remodeling wheels with 10 handpicked kitchen cabinet ideas. Keep reading!


Importance of kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet ideas with wood and white tiled floor

Kitchen Cabinets serve a broad array of purposes. They hold baking & cooking ingredients, cooking utensils, cookbooks, etc. in an organized way. As you can access them easily, it improves the functionality of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets also happen to be the cornerstone of your kitchen style. They increase the vertical storage space and make a kitchen look spacious.  Kitchen cabinets make a good first impression and further increase the property value.



Install corner cabinets

Most modern kitchens suffer from space crunch. So, why not use the corners? Building corner cabinets can optimize the storage space. They create a seamless transition between adjacent walls and improve the overall kitchen aesthetics.


Glass-front kitchen cabinets

Dazzling the kitchen with glass-front cabinets is one of the best kitchen cabinet ideas. They add to the style and function and exude a sense of sophistication.  You can use frosted or transparent glass for cabinets. Alternatively, you can use digital printed glass. They are great to show your collection of crockery and other visual interests. Illuminate these cabinets with concealed LED lights to create a glowing ambiance. Check Instagram and you are sure to find unique glass-front kitchen cabinets. However, it is not suitable for those who do not stack things properly.


Open-shelves kitchen cabinets

Open shelves and floating shelves are gaining popularity in many kitchen cabinet designs. These are perfect for displaying colorful mugs, kettles, and impressive crockery collections. But one should be careful about the display. You can combine open shelves with closed kitchen cabinets for an improved look. They infuse character and accentuate the kitchen ambiance. Open shelves are flexible, super convenient, and offer a budget-friendly solution. They also make cleaning a breeze. You can have them in different geometric shapes to spruce up the kitchen.


Handle-less kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet ideas in wood with white room

Gone are the days of ornate and gorgeous cabinet handles. The handle-less kitchen cabinets have recently gained popularity because of their smooth, sleek, and minimalistic modern look. These cabinets shine in both small and large kitchen spaces. They also create a clean backdrop for further adornment.


L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinets

L-shaped kitchen cabinets are one of the staple kitchen cabinet ideas followed by most homeowners. They involve two walls and utilize the corner space.  They ensure increased storage capacity and give a striking look to the kitchen.


Shaker-style kitchen cabinets

With their clean, classic lines, and complementing both traditional and modern aesthetics, they are one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. Their timeless appeal also contributed to this. These cabinets feature a flat central panel with square edges. The cabinet doors are the epitome of cabinet design. They generally have a natural wood finish or darker wood hues. These offer the ideal solution for simple modern kitchens.


Kitchen wall cabinets

These allow one to utilize the vertical storage space in the kitchen. These are perfect for small kitchens that suffer from a lack of floor space. Alternatively, you can extend your floor-level kitchen cabinet to the ceiling. It further increases the available storage.


Embrace wood

Wooden kitchen cabinets stand for longevity and solidity with an organic feel. You can use oak, walnut, or opt for painted finishes.  Although wood is a costlier option than other materials, it goes well with all kitchen décor.


Use plywood

Marine grade plywood is the best to use for kitchen cabinet ideas. Plywood is made by gluing several layers of wood under pressure. Marine grade plywood is a sturdy material and can resist moisture, termites, and pests. It is also suitable for making floor-level kitchen cabinets. It is also one of the more expensive options.


Steel can mesmerize

kitchen cabinet ideas with grey kitchen and backsplash

Stainless steel is another great option for kitchen cabinet designs. It gives an attractive new look to any kitchen and is gaining popularity every day. Steel is very durable and easy to clean. It also resist germs due to it’s non-porous structure and helps keep the kids safe. These cabinets take a kitchen to the next level.


Adding a special touch to the kitchen

Always think of how something inspires you while considering kitchen cabinet ideas. It is because the materials you choose, the colors, patterns, and textures you use; all impact the kitchen ambiance. So, one must pick a theme for kitchen cabinet designs. You can use ornate cabinet doors for a rustic kitchen look. And clean lines distinguish a modern minimalist kitchen style. Moreover, one also has to decide on the cabinet materials.

Also, choose kitchen cabinet colors that go well with the overall interior décor. To do this, one should compare cabinet color with the kitchen walls first. For example, light colors go well with small kitchens. They make the kitchen look spacious. If you have an open plan kitchen that blends with your dining or living area, then the color of the cabinets should complement the surrounding color scheme.

You may combine dark brown or natural wooden shades with light blue, light green, and yellow walls. You can also stimulate the kitchen cabinet design by using bold colors like magenta, navy blue, orange, red, etc. Or, you can also go for contrasting colors with bold and light color schemes for a stimulating texture.


Wrapping up

Whatever kitchen cabinet design you may follow, it must be like a blissful song. No human knots should be there in the kitchen. Essentials should also be within your arm’s reach. Now that you have gone through different kitchen cabinet ideas, implement one that suits your kitchen and your lifestyle.



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