Are you looking for kitchen counter corner decorating tips? Decorating a kitchen counter corner can be quite challenging. Not only will you be thinking of adding more personality and style to a narrow counter space, but also making it work while clearing visual clutter. If you are one who has to make each square inch count for a rather limited kitchen counter space, these decorating ideas and tips are for you.


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Corner Sink

Have a sink customized, if you have a rather narrow kitchen counter space. You can place a single kitchen sink or a double one angled perfectly, to maximize corner space. This is a perfect idea for kitchens, wherein space is a big issue. With a corner sink, you can finally add a new perspective to a kitchen’s design aesthetics.

Split kitchen sink in metal with a black countertop with plants and apples




Breathe new life into a seemingly dreary kitchen with a pitcher full of flowery blooms, potted plants or succulents. If you are blessed with a garden, fresh blooms can be handpicked daily to give your kitchen a natural glow and also creating a positive flow from the outdoors to the indoors. This is one of the kitchen counter corner decorating tips that is good, due to all the natural light that usually comes into a kitchen.

Plants and blooms in white vases on a white Kitchen Counter Corner



Corner Herb/Veggie Garden

Another more efficient decorating option, is to add a kitchen herb garden. You can upcycle plants or mason jars and plant your own basil, rosemary, mint, tomatoes, onions, and so on. A boon for households who love to cook fresh and organic vegan food, being able to simply snip and cut these tasty ingredients straight from your kitchen’s counter to everyone’s plate, is simply divine!

AeroGarden Bounty Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Platinum


Cookbook Holder

Make a statement in your kitchen by showcasing the family’s heirloom– a cookbook. Simply buy a cookbook holder like this adjustable bamboo number from mDesign below and tuck the cookbook handed down from one generation to the next, with it. This will help create a more unique personality to your cooking space. This is one of the more unique kitchen counter corner decorating tips. If you don’t have an antique cookbook to use, a newer one works just as well.

mDesign Bamboo Adjustable Cookbook Holder Stand for Kitchen Countertops Natural Light Wood


Corner Shelf

Arrange mugs, cups, saucers, plates, and what-have-you by injecting a practical decor piece– a corner shelf! You can even throw a bouquet of fresh blooms to add more drama. This 3-tier number from DecoBros, for instance, is a smart storage solution that allows more functionality and space maximization for your kitchen counter.

DecoBros 3-Tier Counter and Cabinet Corner Shelf Organizer, Chrome


Corner Cafe

For someone who can’t live without coffee, setting up a coffee station on your kitchen’s corner space, is pure heaven. You can set up a lovely coffee pot, complete with a glass canister for coffee grounds, sugar and creamer. Add another canister for cookies and biscuits, and you have one efficient kitchen counter corner idea that’s very efficient and practical.

Kitchen Counter Corner Keurig coffee machine



Cooking Utensils Storage

Say goodbye to tedious digging in drawers. By setting up a caddy or organizer, you can make a space exude your own prowess in the cooking arena. You can choose to revive old mason jars or prettify some empty canisters, or perhaps, go for this bamboo utensil holder from Personalized Kitchen. This one can even be custom engraved for free!

Personalized Kitchen Utensil Tool Holder Caddy Orgnaizer Storage - Custom Monogrammed for Free


Spice Rack

Showcase your love of spices and everything nice, by setting up a rack to hold these cooking gems. This space-efficient solution can help organize your vast array of spices and create not just a stylish counter top, but a clutter-free one as well. There are many spice racks here that come highly recommended.

InterDesign Twillo Spice Rack, Corner Organizer for Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet, Countertops in Bronze/Sand



Squeeze artwork into your design to add beauty and sass to your kitchen counter corner space. You can buy framed artwork or create one on your own. Paintings are not the only artwork which you can add to your kitchen. You can also go for mini-sculptures or personalized art pieces to truly imbibe a fun and exciting kitchen adventure.


Corner Mini-Cabinet

Like a corner kitchen sink, you can also maximize storage space in the kitchen via a custom-built corner cabinet. This cabinet can hold many things, including plates, cups, saucers, spoons, forks and so on. Some simply prefer to keep some stuff hidden to create a clutter free environment.


White kitchen with subway tile, artwork and pendant lighting, with plants


Knowing these kitchen counter corner decorating tips can be truly fun and exciting. Albeit challenging, there are hundreds of ideas for you to mix and match. With any of these practical decorative solutions, your kitchen counter corner will definitely deliver a unique personality for the whole space.



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