When thinking of a great kitchen decor by theme, using an apple as a focal element would make any kitchen appealing and bursting with color. The red hue of apples makes it an attractive concept which can easily blend to any kitchen design style. This is even more appealing during Christmas when most kitchens come to life with red and green and all things bright.


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Kitchen decor by theme with apples

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You may want to simply paint your kitchen walls and cabinets white or put wallpaper and borders with apples in them. Paint the furniture, cabinets and shelves in deep red. Place apple paintings and decals on the wall. Or simply display your collection of framed apple pictures. Or display a huge bowl or basket with apples in it. In short, the ideas of creating an apple themed kitchen can be truly overwhelming.

When thinking of an apple kitchen decor by theme, however, it is the small details that make a huge impact. To complete the look, adding the following accents would definitely make a kitchen that stands out.

Let’s start off with..


1. Apple Kitchen 7 Piece Towel, Oven Mitt and Pot Holders



When thinking of creating a consistent kitchen decor by theme, integrating the smallest details into dish towels, dish cloth, pot holders, and oven mitt will definitely add more drama to the overall feel. This 7 piece kitchen essential will help add a splash of color and appeal to your apple themed decor.

Kitchen towels can be used to dry hands and utensils in the kitchen while the dish cloth can help dry your dinner ware and glasses as well as cutlery set. The potholders and oven mitt will help aid you in your cooking, broiling, baking, and other kitchen toils that require protection for the hands. Functionally creative, they can also bring some magical touch to holidays and special events.

Reviews from actual users are coming in great. Though, there may be varieties that can be brought in brick and mortar stores, ordering from Amazon will definitely be more convenient and efficient for you. So, why spare gas when you can simply have it delivered to your home? Order now!

Now, here’s one for the floor..


2. iHappy Freshly Picked Apples Fabric Non slip Kitchen Mat Rug

yazi Fabric Kitchen Mat Area Rug Fresh Picked Apples,47x18 Inches


Kitchen floor mats are a must have in every home. Mats do not just make a kitchen floor aesthetically appealing, they also help collect dust and grit from busy feet going to and fro over the area where food is prepared. This Freshly Picked Apples Non slip Kitchen Mat from Amazon makes a good complement to an apple kitchen decor by theme.

Stain proof and fade resistant, this kitchen mat is so easy to clean. Made from polyester fiber artistically designed with apple pattern on a rectangular shape makes it an excellent and welcoming floor decorative element. Aside from the kitchen, this also makes a good mat for the foyer area and the porch door. This is the reason why, many homeowners chirped in great reviews for this kitchen mat.

Affordable and functional, you can order one or two from Amazon to make your interior design consistent and colorful.

As for the table or the cupboard..


3. Tuscany Red Apple with Bamboo Trim Hand Painted, 16pcs Dinnerware Set, 84316 by ACK

A.C.K trading company Tuscany Apple 16 Piece Dinnerware Set


Add bushels of charm to your cupboard or dining table with this apple themed dinnerware. Made from high quality ceramic, each set includes a 10 inch dinner plate, an 8 inch salad plate, an 8 inch bowl and a 4 inch coffee or tea cup. Hand painted with appealing Tuscany red apple and unique bamboo trim, this makes a great complement to an apple kitchen decor by theme.

Many actual users of the Tuscany Apple Dinnerware Set are all praises for its unique and appealing design. This set can be used as a decor on a glass encased cupboard or to make a statement and set the tone for a meal. This set also makes a good wedding gift or housewarming gift. Buy this from Amazon along with the towel set and other apple themed accents to truly imbibe the apple element to your kitchen.

For the love of canisters..


4. 4 Pc Country Apple Canister Set Country

ACK 4 Pc Country Apple Canister Set Country


A perfect accent for an apple kitchen decor by theme, this 4 piece canister set delivers a vibrant and classy touch to the whole arrangement. Stylish and functional, these canisters come in an airtight design that can hold various ingredients in your kitchen like sugar, flour, salt, cumin, baking soda, corn starch, cookies and Oreos, beans, and much more.

Made from pure ceramic, it is durable and proven dishwasher and microwave safe. Each of the 7.5 inch, 6.25 inch, 5.5 inch and 4 inch canister comes with a glossy finish and hand painted vibrant red apple design that makes it a great addition to a rustic kitchen. No wonder, many Amazon verified buyers have nothing but praises to this canister set! This set, by the way, makes a great Christmas or housewarming gift. So, order one now before the seasonal Amazon shopping outbreak comes!

To complete the whole apple kitchen decor by theme set..


5. Tuscany Red Apple with Bamboo Trim Hand Painted, Stove Top Set of 4pcs, 84325/28 by ACK

Tuscany Red Apple with Bamboo Trim Hand Painted, Stove Top Set of 4pcs by ACK


When decorating a kitchen with a central theme in mind, never forget to add sass to your countertop. This hand painted Tuscany Red Apple 4 Piece Stove Top Set will definitely make the whole decorative elements come full circle. Made from ceramic with hand painted ultra vibrant apple design, this will surely brighten your countertop or stove top.

The set comes with salt and pepper shakers, a napkin holder and spoon rest which can also double as a holder for sauces. Stylish and attractive, this set is also ultra functional and affordable making it earn rave reviews from verified users.

You can give this as a Christmas gift or perhaps, as a housewarming gift. Buy from Amazon before the seasonal hoarding starts.



Apple kitchen decor ideas

Photo Credit : homeselegant.com

Don’t you just love apples as kitchen decor by theme? If you love the idea of putting this concept to work in your cooking slash dining area, pack it up with these fantastic accents. Aside from their aesthetically appealing design and affordability, these accents are also functional and easy to clean and store. Instead of buying just one piece, why don’t you buy all to create a consistent look while enjoying discount and/or free shipping with an accumulated purchase? With Amazon, you can finally put your rustic apple inspired kitchen to life.


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