Does your current kitchen decor design look bland and downright boring? The kitchen is the heart of a home. Family members usually gather here to prepare meals, do homework and school projects, and basically talking about everything under the sun. So why not look for cute kitchen decoration themes that will make each corner of this area, awe-inspiring and appealing for everyone?

To give you an idea, here are some funky themes worth trying.


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Trendy Cafe

Run a cafe right off of your own kitchen by adding decor elements representing a coffee theme. Don’t you just love having everyone seated on a bistro-style dining set? Add vintage coffee advertisements, coffee mugs and other decorative stuffs on shelves, cupboards and even on the kitchen countertop. Add a wall-mounted chalkboard sign like the one below and list down a menu for the day. Or you may refurbish an old cabinet, transforming its door via a chalkboard paint. The color motif could be muted brown and black, with a splash of burgundy or wake-me-up yellow.

Vintage Wall Mounted Brown Wood Framed Chalkboard Sign for cafe

Wall Mounted Chalkboard Sign


French Bistro

Ever been to whimsical Paris or perhaps, visited a whimsical abode in the South of France? Think about industrial lighting and route signs. Set up modern bistro chairs or go for vintage seating with marble accents. Set a “fat chef” decor on a corner and have the same design for canisters. Tuck a breakfast nook in a corner, then use a movable kitchen island for preparations and a roller cart to serve each meal, or to hold market finds for cooking.

French bistro decoration theme for kitchen in red

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Barnyard Friends

Get the feel of a modern country kitchen by using decorative elements with all-white with blue, red or brown accents. Set up farm animals, horseshoes, bandana prints, and other decorative elements delivering that warm rustic charm. Barnyard carts can create a homey feel with any kitchen island. This is also the case with covering kitchen lighting tubes with ropes. Light finish wood slabs jutting out of the ceiling, also add that certain country feel. Kitchen decoration themes featuring the country, are always a fine choice.

Barnyard style kitchen decor theme in white

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Rainbow Connection

Most kitchens mainly use white for its sense of cleanliness. This allows you to easily spot dirt, grime and mildew which can infect food items causing ailments to anyone exposed to them. If you want to lift up its mood but don’t want to spend so much on repainting and adding of colorful back-splash tiles, then simply add colorful decor like the Apple Kitchen Decor set from Bonita Home or showcase collectible multi-colored dishes on open shelves. Make a statement with your funky kitchen by using decor that pops out from its white background.

Colorful kitchen decoration themes with brick wall

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Old School Diner

Another cute kitchen decoration theme to use is the retro diner style. Bright and theatrical, it adds a sense of whimsy reminiscent of the 50s and 60s. Start with a checkered linoleum floor and extend up, using stainless decor items. Add a splash of maraschino red and white wall art, movie posters, road signs, old vinyl records, and travel mementos–and you got that nostalgic all-American kitchen diner vibe all over again. This is one of the more popular kitchen decoration themes, due to pure nostalgia.

Diner decoration kitchen theme

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Pop Art

Plaster all things Andy Warhol-ish to add more fun personality to your kitchen. Add a Marilyn or an Elvis canvas wall art, as focal point in the area. A poster and framed Campbell Soup wall art may also be great. Paint a mural ala Banksy or buy a custom wall decal from Amazon, to showcase an area in the kitchen.

Marilyn Canvas Wall Art

Marilyn Canvas Wall Art


Hobby Inspired Kitchen

Integrate your favorite hobby into your kitchen. If you or the whole family loves to surf or skate, then showcase a surfboard as the focal point in your kitchen decor. No longer used skateboards can be refurbished with their back covers painted with colorful prints. Love to play guitar, violin or cello? Paint unusable music instruments with bold prints and voila! You have awe-inspiring decorative elements that do not only inject fun, but also personality into a kitchen.

Kitchen decoration themes with a surfboard in white

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Cute kitchen decoration themes are endless! Let yours, as well as those of your family members inspire you in planning. Overall, a good kitchen revamp doesn’t really have to be expensive or over-the-top. Finding the right accessories may be all you need to set your way to creating a fun, unique and visually-appealing kitchen.



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