In this case the kitchen stands for that area of the house where everyone cooks and eats together. This means the area needs to be well lit. Considering that it is a space often used to entertain dining guests, the lighting needs to be artful, in addition to being functional. So we have brought you a few kitchen lighting ideas to consider:



Luxury kitchen lighting ideas using pendants

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#1: Often in kitchens, especially in the region over the dining table, setting pendant lights add a certain magic and feel. In most cases, the shades of these lamps add style. They also tone down the harsh light and allow only enough light to create a nice cozy atmosphere. As you can see here, 2 different kinds of pendant lights – varying in height and in size have been used. The effect is pretty nice. Pendant lights are a popular choice for kitchen lighting ideas.


Recessed lights as kitchen lighting ideas

#2: Another kind of lighting that looks really good in kitchen, and isn’t all that subdued, are recessed lights. These are built right into the ceiling, and are usually covered by a small round panel of glass. As you can see here, these are quite capable of lighting up your kitchen, especially the dining area. This is especially true as long as they are used together with some strategically placed pendant lamps.


Track lighting spotlights used in kitchen with island

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#3: Another pretty new idea that has been making inroads into kitchen lighting schematics is the use of spotlight like set ups with lights that can actually be rotated, so as to alter the feel of the room. Here’s a classic example of the same.


Cove lighting ideas used in white kitchen with island

#4: Cove lighting is another thing that looks elegant and even adds an element of mystery to your kitchen. This is because here no light fixtures visible. The lights are actually concealed into the architectural detailing of the ceiling – providing good reflected light. This provides an aura of mystique! In this case, as you can see, some chimney lights, and a few recessed lights, have been used together with the cove ones. This is one of the options for kitchen lighting ideas that provide a clean look.


Cabinet lighting ideas used in white kitchen

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#5: Now here’s another great idea. As you know, your kitchen cabinets need to be well lit, so that you can find the stuff inside and under them. So why not use the same light for lighting up the kitchen? This can be achieved through cabinet lighting in the kitchen!


Chandelier lighting ideas with island for white kitchen

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#6: Now we’ll take a look at some old fashioned elegance. Yes, these are usually a little more high maintenance than the rest – but the look is probably going to be worth it! Consider getting chandeliers for your kitchen. The area just over your dining table can provide just the highlight a chandelier deserves! Kitchen lighting ideas can be elegant too.


White kitchen with pot rack and island

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#7: Many people also like to combine utility and looks. This can be done perfectly by building the lighting into a functional piece of furniture in the kitchen. In this case, it is the Island pot rack suspended over the dining area or cooking area. It holds the pots and pans and also provides a nice recess for your lights.


Backlit modern white kitchen with island

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#8: Now depending on the style of the rest of the kitchen decor, you can easily alter the kinds of light fixtures you use, as well as how you arrange them. Certain design schematics seem to look good with certain kinds of lighting. For instance, here, the modern theme of the kitchen is actually carried forward by the lights. Always keep in mind kitchen lighting ideas when thinking of a theme for your kitchen.


Backlit kitchen cooking area with wooden floor with pendant light over table

#9: As you can see here, an elegant combination of more than one of these kinds of lighting can also be used to create the right feel. In this case, just as you have plain cabinet lights illuminating the cooking area, the distinctive pendant light over the table only adds to the pristine white walled and wooden floor look!


The point being made here is that, kitchen lighting is quite a versatile concept. While there are distinct styles and schematics – they can all be mixed and matched. And ultimately, it is your kitchen and what you think will work in it that matters. As a result, use these 9 kitchen lighting ideas only as inspiration, and build up your kitchen lighting around them!



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