The kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where family members gather to prepare food and eat together, while also discussing the little things that made their day. This is also the very place where nourishment of each and every member of the household comes. At some point, however, the need to update an outdated kitchen is deemed essential and necessary. However, for cash-strapped families, the idea can be overwhelming. When you are thinking of upgrading your home’s kitchen space, but are short on money, you can use these cool budget friendly kitchen makeover ideas.



1. Fresh Coat of Paint

Kitchen makeover ideas


There is nothing that a fresh coat of paint won’t do to a certain space. According to expert home interior designers, painting is the most budget friendly method for all types of home makeover. Not only does a new coat of paint change the kitchen space’s style, it also improves the entire aura of the room. If you want a kitchen that’s bright and cherry, consider wake-me-up yellow or minty greens. Bold monochromatic colors like the picture above transforms a kitchen to exude a contemporary vibe. This is one of the kitchen makeover ideas that can be done over a weekend.


2. Treat Windows Right

Window treatment kitchen makeover ideas


Strip down those blinds by putting in new curtains. Do choose a color that will compliment your fresh coat of paint. White curtains can compliment blue, yellow or green walls or virtually any type of wall color. White painted walls, however, will look better with printed, plaid or patterned curtains. Many modern kitchens, however, prefer keeping windows bare to encourage natural lighting to seep into the space.


3. Eye on the Table

Curtain and cloth kitchen makeover ideas


New cloth for tables and chairs will make a great impact to your overall makeover, too. If possible, look for designs that compliment both your choice of curtains and paint. This helps to bring about a carefully put out kitchen design that does not break the bank.


4. Portable Island

Portable island kitchen makeover ideas


Short on space? Why not choose a movable island? A kitchen island can help add character to your space as well as added work counter, storage and seating. This makes it a perfect solution to most small kitchens.


5. Swap Out Your Sink

Stainless steel kitchen makeover ideas


Another kitchen makeover for less lies right in your sink. Ditch the overly scratched stain wrapped horror. Swap it out with a sleek stainless steel variety complete with a sleek and stylish swiveling faucet and pull down spray. Stainless steel are known for their durability and ease of clean-up or maintenance, too.


6. Light It Up

Track lighting kitchen makeover ideas


If you haven’t discovered track lighting, this is the best time to shift your kitchen’s light fixtures. Let go of bulky chandeliers and install recessed lighting and other modernized lighting fixtures that are not only proven money savers, but space savers too. Choose LED lights for long term cost efficiency. Kitchen makeover ideas that involve lighting are a great way to shine things up.


7. Redo Cabinets

Repainting cabinets kitchen makeover ideas


Consider redoing your cabinetry and cupboards. Get rid of grease, dust and other contaminants by washing them thoroughly using soap and warm water. Remove hinges, drawers and door pulls. Sand and paint or varnish and when completely dry, install new handles or pulls. Though not without effort, it is one way to add new drama to your kitchen space without spending a lot of money. Do make sure the paint color compliments the wall color. Kitchen makeover ideas like this one can make a huge difference.


8. Dress Up Those Cabinets

New Hardware in kitchen on white cupboards


If you can’t afford the whole cabinet makeover, try something smaller. Changing out hardware on cupboards and drawers will do. Replace knobs, moldings and handles to add more character to your kitchen furniture and storage sets.


9. Easy-to-Install Tiles

Smart tiles as kitchen backsplash


Tired of your kitchen’s bare, boring counter wall? Why not make good use of smart tiles? These self adhesive faux, tin tiles are awesome, yet an inexpensive alternative while adding a sense of flair to your kitchen space. Say goodbye to tedious gluing and grouting and simply, cut-scratch and paste over your counter and enjoy a fully vamped kitchen.


10. Stylish Storage For Less

Custom built trays pullouts in kitchen


One of the biggest problems in most kitchens is storage. To boost your own space’s capacity, use custom built trays and pullouts. This will help de clutter and create a spacious and relaxing vibe to a kitchen space.

You don’t really need deep pockets to recreate your eating area with these kitchen makeover ideas. If you are in a bind for a makeover, but don’t have the budget to replace countertops and cupboards, the aforementioned ideas definitely represents a good compromise. Though some of these may require some creativity and DIY skills, with a little patience you can finally transform your current kitchen space with a fresh new look for less.



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