Kitchen remodeling ideas within budget are considered one of the top-notch projects in this period and with country properties. The reason behind this is a generous kitchen is now becoming the epi-center of modern home life, not to mention the hub of cooking, entertaining, working, and more. If you are wondering if this the best time for remodeling the kitchen, you have a lot of potential choices. You can choose from conservatories and basement designs to side and rear extensions, there are plenty of options available. Therefore, you might ask your kitchen designer for ideas to help you decide on the most suitable extensions for your requirements. They can recommend you a good builder or architect for your kitchen remodel under $2000. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Now, in this article, we’ll take you through 8 top-notch options for your budget kitchen remodel that you will fall in love with!

So, let’s get started, shall we?



It’s time to give your woodwork a refresh


kitchen remodel under $2000 painting ideas

Architects or interior designers usually point out that “steel-framed windows are a wonderful way to let light into a small kitchen,” Well, it’s true! While you are thinking of a budget-friendly kitchen remodel, using steel-framed doors and windows externally, also internally can unify an existing period property with a contemporary extension. Doing this will also allow you to have a space filled with more light.

But if you think investing in new doors or windows is out of the question, then opting for a kitchen remodel under $2000 will be best suited if you consider creating your own by painting your door frames. You can find many types  of paint in the market that allow you to paint on both plastic and woodwork.


Your Shimmery Tiles deserve a backsplash


kitchen remodel under $2000 with backsplash in white kitchen

While you are planning to involve any kitchen layout project, a backsplash becomes an integral part of that time. They are generally vertical surfaces, therefore carrying a significant design weight and daring you to experiment with unusual finishes and materials while designing a kitchen.

Other than any kitchen countertops, backsplash ideas are probably the first element that’s considered among your notion of kitchen remodel under $2000, or so to say budget-friendly kitchen remodel ideas.


Give your cabinets a new shade of paint


kitchen remodel under $2000 with painted cabinets

Painting the kitchen is probably the simplest, yet effective way to upgrade your kitchen within budget. And do you know which part would look more elegant if freshly painted? It’s the kitchen cabinets for sure. Painting the cabinets reflects both the classic looks of a traditional kitchen and lends itself to more crisply modern linear designs.

You can paint all sorts of kitchen cabinets, including laminate. You only need to apply a diluted coat first and ensure the paint grips to the surface. Don’t worry! The result will be more unique and charming than you think is possible.


Putting up some open shelving – not a bad idea


kitchen remodel under $2000 with open shelving options

Well, indeed, shelving is one of the greater and easier updates to bring a little bit of a different personality to your kitchen remodel under $2000 idea. It offers both form and function while opening up the space. However, the key concept is to keep it simple by not overcrowding the space. A minimalistic approach is always the best way to keep your open shelving layout organized.

Here’s a piece of advice- you can curate your favorite everyday items on some open shelves, rather than displaying all the glassware and crockery in one place. That can add to the charm, not to mention bringing some color and depth there.


A breakfast bar would be great!


kitchen remodel under $2000 with breakfast bar ideas

Adding a breakfast bar is probably the best solution for a family kitchen. It takes up a little more space than a table or a chair, but it can double as another place to prepare and present the food. And it can be done with a smaller budget as well!

Most interior designers generally advise if you are handy with DIY projects, you can take three pieces of wood and make it yourself, or you may ask a joiner to make you a custom design that would fit your existing island. However, there is no need to make it very deep, just enough for bar stools to fit under and free up the top space for coffee and a plate or a bowl.


Change the flooring of your kitchen


kitchen with dark vinyl flooring

The floor is probably the largest surface area in your home. Therefore, kitchen flooring ideas always require careful thought and attention, while planning to play with the concept of a kitchen remodel under $2000.

So, if you are going through a pocket-pinching situation, why not give vinyl kitchen flooring a chance? Laid in a sheet, it is an inexpensive way to add a pattern, color and personality to a room without compromising quality or safety.

It’s an excellent choice for busy families with children as well!


Your Cabinetry requires new hardware


kitchen with new hardware on cabinets

Adding new hardware to the cabinetry can completely transform your kitchen and allow you to change the metal finishes thoroughly. But the trickiest part is to find the right size. If you find hardware with exact center-to-center measurement, then people, you are good to go!


It’s time for new pendants!


New pendant light ideas used in kitchen

Kitchen lighting Ideas are an essential part of any successful kitchen remodel within budget. Any lighting with functional and aesthetic illumination is an essential part of a space that is often used for socializing and cooking. Therefore, you can add oversized clear glass pendant lights to illuminate the key parts of the kitchen.


Bottom line

Kitchen remodeling is probably the most overwhelming decision one could ever make because playing with the idea of kitchen remodel under $2000 takes everything creative. So, if you have finally decided to upgrade your kitchen and give it a new look, consider the above-mentioned tips and make your space gorgeous enough to adore forever!



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