The planning of building your dream pool may seem easy, but it will take a lot of time and effort when it comes to a swimming pool to build. A pool is considered one of the greater additions to your home, as it will turn your boring home space into an attractive space. If you have the proper plan, then you can build a pool as per your wish. If you have a swimming pool in your house during the summer, then you don’t have to go out in search of a fun-filled vacation. You can finish the entire vacation at the back of your house. If you are planning to build a swimming pool, then here is certain information that will help to make your dream come true.



How do you build a swimming pool?



Select the right place

Select the right place in your yard for your swimming pool to build


When it comes to the swimming pool to build, the location and design of the pool are essential. You need to choose a design that is suitable for your land and the design should accommodate your place. If you choose flat terrain, then it will reduce the cost of the excavation and the filtering process. If you construct the pool facing the sun, then it will look good.


Get the necessary permits

Even though you are building the pool in your area and on your property, you still need to finish the permit work properly. If your area has a local department of building and safety, then you can get permission from them. Along with the permission, you will also get the outline of the exact requirements and specifications, of how your pool should be.

The time for the permitting work may vary but it usually takes 2 to 6 weeks. Certain municipalities will approve the work immediately.


Come up with a basic design

Pool design


The design of the swimming pool mainly involves the depth, shape, area, filtration system, and overall size of the pool. You can select the shape to be whatever you want it to be, like a rectangle, square, or round. But before choosing any design you need to consult your contractor.

The standard size of the pool will be 10 feet by 20 feet, also remember if you are choosing a complex design, then the cost of the pool will get higher. The cost of the pool may vary depending on the simplicity or complexity of the pool.


Excavation of pool

Once you are done with the permit and designing work, then it’s time to dig the pool. Before digging, certain contractors will do a soil test. They will check the soil composition and make sure that the soil is stable and uniform, so that it will support the pool.

The digging process is done by heavy-duty machinery, so it will produce a lot of dirt. To haul it away, you can hire a professional dirt removal company.


Construct the pool base

Construct the pool base for the swimming pool to build


The construction of the swimming pool base is one of the most important steps, when it comes to a swimming pool to build. The pool base will influence the life of the swimming pool and the excavation work is mainly conducted to make the soil base uniform and flat.

If your land has loose soil, then it should be filled with firm and compact soil. The pool base should be compacted perfectly and if you want you can add a concrete base of the thickness of 5cm or about 2 inches.


Reinforcement of steel cage

The next step is to provide steel reinforcement. This is done for the pool wall and the bottom. Here, steel reinforcement is provided for the interior surface of the pool, and the concrete structure is built without any gap between the wall and floor.


Add plumbing and electrical work

Now, it’s time to install the power and plumbing lines that will make the pool function. The plumbing should sit below the concrete and the electrical installation process will take a long time if your pool has features like lights and a spa.


Install the pool liners

Install the pool liner


The next process is installing the pool liners, which may be vinyl or fiberglass. Both can be installed quickly and directly into your pool system. If you are going for granite, then it will take a long time.


Add finish touches

The finishing of the pool is completed by building a surface-level deck around the pool and if you want you can do the decorative finishes. If you are going for extra features like a waterfall, hot tube, or stone, then it cost quite a bit.


Fill the pool with water

Finally, fill the pool with water and add certain chemicals to keep the water clean and swimmable. The pH level of the water should be 7.2.


Construct the coping

Construct the coping


The coping is walking room constructed around the pool’s edge and it can be built of concrete, marble, or tile.



Tips to choose a pool that suits you:

  • Before starting the design of the pool, you need to note the depth, shape, and landscaping of the pool, as they all play a pivotal role in the safety of the pool
  • Also, you need to mention the usage of the pool, so that the space for the pool can be decided
  • Consider non-slip materials around the parameter of the pool, so that it will minimize any accidents. Also, if you have kids or pets you can add the fencing around the pool to enhance safety
  • If you are planning on using pool covers, then always go for a rectangular shape, as it is a default shape and also comes with a multitude of options
  • Depending on the liner materials, the cost of the pool may vary and also, if the size of the pool is large then the price will be high


Bottom Line:

When it comes to the swimming pool to build, it is not only digging a hole and filling it with water, rather it requires a lot of processes. Even though it is considered an expensive process, it is still worth investing in a swimming pool. After finishing building the pool, you need to maintain it properly, to enhance the life of the pool.



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