Want to change the ambiance in your living room? Getting a makeover for this particular area can be quite challenging. The living room is no simple space. Usually it is the family’s go-to spot when entertaining guests or simply spending time having fun together talking about anything under the sun. It does not only reflect your personality, but also of all family members– cohesively woven together to present a harmonious home-y charm where everyone tends to gravitate to. From paint color to furnishing, fabrics and accessories, these living room color ideas will surely give your home a much needed lift for the new year.



Timeless and Enchanting

If you are one who doesn’t get easily influenced with the Color of the Year, then using timeless hues can add more enchantment to a living room. Colors that never grow “old” can also save you a lot of time and effort. They are ones that you’ll never get sick of. Think of layering various sandy whites on walls and ceilings, to create a softened yet comfy look. You can then complement these with neutral accessories. Matte or dover white is another great option and so does alabaster, like the one below. If you want something darker, navy blue can give off a cozy vibe, too. For a more traditional take, olive green is also a great choice for timeless enchantment.

White living room with grey accents and framed mirrors

Source: hips.hearstapps.com


Cool and Relaxing

Want a place that takes all the stress off your back once you set one foot at home? Painting your walls with cool, relaxing colors and complementing these with decorative accessories, will give that ultimate cool vibe to reignite everyone’s personal energy hub. Paring aqua blue with sandy white, for instance, can deliver a breathe of fresh air reminiscent of living in a beach-like atmosphere. Combining the colors of corn silk and chestnut for accents and trim, will lift that vibe. Jade green can help transform a living room into some sort of a Caribbean oasis, particularly when accentuated with real potted plants (see below). This is a great example of one of the living room color ideas that can really improve the look of a room.

Light green living room with coffee table, plants and framed artwork

If it’s the feel of the ocean you like, jewel-toned blue will make your place feel like a vacation home. Think about amethyst walls with a burst of purple on sofas and other decorative elements, like a floor lamp. Different shades of blue, like the ocean blue one below, lend a bouncy, bright, openness to a space, even when in the middle of a bustling city.

Royal blue living room with grey couch and coffee table plus other decor

Source: hips.hearstapps.com


Warm and Inviting

Living in a cold, winter-all-year-long area, should not be an excuse to also have a dreary home. Coming home to a warm and welcoming living area, can give everyone a jolt of happiness in a rather depressing atmosphere. Think about warm colors and soft fabrics carefully laid out on shades of mango-yellow walls. A peach paint color also gives a warming and welcoming vibe. To make it not feel too overwhelming, painting a section of your living room wall with peach (or if you want a lighter shade, go for a cantaloupe-y one) can be done, like this cozy home featured in Old Brand New, below.

White shelves with colorful decor and wooden cabinet

Source: oldbrandnew.com

Red is also a warm and inviting color, but ditch the fire engine hue and go for crimson instead. A rich shade of crimson helps to warm up any space. To add more drama and charm, mix and match contrasting furniture, accents and accessories, in pinks and blues. If you prefer something daintier, dover white, red, and various shades of pink or coral, can also help dissipate the boldness, commonly drowning this rich shade.

Green living room with wicker furniture, artwork and chandelier

Source: castlesunlimited.com


Bold and Exciting

To the young and carefree, bold and exciting living room color ideas abound. Think wake-me-up yellow, as an accent wall or sofa instead. Pink is another color that’s mostly referred to as “girly” or “feminine” — which should not be the case. Simply whisk in funky and bohemian elements on textiles, furniture, patterns and decor, to make it balanced and vibrant, like this New Orleans home below.

Pink dining room with artwork, plants and fancy lights

Source: oldbrandnew.com

Of course, if you want to make visitors gasp from excitement and surprise, choosing black as a major theme in your living room color motif, is also a great idea. This modern living room below, for instance, gives out that bold fashionable vibe. The gold, gray and matte white accents make the room less choppy, and more cozy to stay on with. When it comes to living room color ideas, black can look great if worked into a space correctly.

Living room colors in a darker shade with artwork and furniture

Source: home-designing.com


These are just some of the living room color ideas to take into mind when thinking of a revamp your home this year. Other colors to consider are ebony, gray, dark and cobalt. Regardless if you want something bold and bright, totally serene and calming, timeless or modern, the idea should be to find that perfect color motif to adorn your living room and make it truly breathe life.



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