The living room is the central area where everyone congregates in a home. Whether inhabitants or visitors, this is where household members usually gather to cap off a long day either to entertain guests or to simply lounge and entertain themselves. A living room should be designed with stylish functionality in mind giving emphasis on color and space as well as ambiance. Living room decor accessories must also reflect the home’s personal style and tastes.

Living Room Decor Accessories with bookshelves and furniture

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When thinking of revamping your current living room without putting a huge impact on your hard earned savings, here are some cool decorative accessories which can be easily added to your current design. These will not only add flair and funkiness, they are also meant to simply blend well to various interior feel to prevent drastic and costly overhaul.

To start off, let’s begin with art in mind.


1. Phoenix Decor Abstract Canvas Oil Painting

Phoenix Decor PC018 Elegant Modern Canvas Art for Wall Decor

No living room is complete without an excellent piece or pieces of art. This Amazon exclusive Phoenix Decor is 100 percent hand painted by a professional artist. Coming at 4 separate pieces, the paintings are stretched and framed with painted edges making it ready to be immediately hanged on the wall.

Designed with gorgeous hues that easily blend with any type of furniture and living room design, this is one living room decor accessories that truly lend an artistic feel. No wonder it has been earning great reviews from Amazon. This Amazon exclusive oil painting also comes with free shipping incentive thus, making it an excellent purchase as a gift or as your own home’s addition. For a more dramatic effect, put this at the center of the living room and away from dimly lit areas.

Now, for some time telling functional chicness..


2. Vintage Wooden Rose Clock

KI Store Decorative Wall Clocks Large Round Vintage Clock for Living Room

Why not go for a vintage feel? Add some whimsy to your home with one of the must have living room decor accessories. This rose and butterfly printed wall clock will make an excellent addition to a shabby chic living area. What makes this vintage wall clock unique is its super quiet Taiwan Sangtai Scanning Quartz movement and a body that’s made of thick wood covered by special paper and metal hands. It also lent a sense of funkiness with the absence of a frame and face cover. Much of reviews written were centered on its super quiet element and unique design. This one makes a good housewarming gift, too. Buy one now!

Take note: A wall clock in a living room is also advisable in Feng Shui so long as they are hanged in the west, northwest and north corners of the living area. Also, make sure it is not placed close to the front door or simply viewed from the front door.

Let’s move on to the light..


3. Remote Controlled LED Flameless Candles (Set of 3)

EVK Planet LED Flameless Candles with Remote Control and Timer Set of 3


Add some spice to a room’s atmosphere with these unique remote-controlled LED flameless candles. Made of real wax, these candles however, do not melt like regular ones do. They have become quite the rage these days because of their stylish design, convenience and safety as evidenced in various reviews from actual users in Amazon. Flameless candles are safe and leave zero mess. They do not catch fire and can be safe around children and pets. This variety comes in a set of three vibrant colors which fade in and out smoothly using a remote control. Definitely, they are great in adding mood to the whole living room area.

Best of all, they do not melt! So, why not buy a set for your own living room decor accessories or as a housewarming gift to a family friend. Simply buy 9 AAA rechargeable batteries to make it work as the remote control already comes with its own battery.

Let’s add some life to your living space..


4. Light Green Phalaenopsis Faux Orchid

Light Green Phalaenopsis Faux Orchid for living room


Breathe new life to a home space with living room decor accessories like this light green faux phalaenopsis orchid. Commonly called “Phals” among garden enthusiasts, this type of orchid is long been highly recommended as a first house plant. Plants, however, require time to maintain. So, why not opt for an artificial variety that is displayed in a charming and elegant smooth white ceramic pot?

Coming from Amazon’s hot new releases, this ersatz orchid lends a seemingly natural touch that adds a sense of personality and allure to a living room. Aside from the living room, this also makes a good accent to a bathroom.

Now, for some excellent air quality..


5. Essential Oil Diffuser and Waterless Humidifier

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Whisper-Quiet Humidifier with Color LED Lights


Amplify the serenity and air quality in your home by adding an essential oil diffuser which also doubles as a humidifier. Day in and day out, you and your household will be exposed to the toxicity of the outside world. Coming home to a living area with the soothing effect of essential oils diffused into the air will definitely bring stress and anxiety relief, boost self esteem and memory, manage fatigue, and unleash a sense of vivaciousness in you.

This 300mL aromatherapy diffuser is convenient and easy to use. Simply put water within the max line, drop essential oil, hit on “mist” button and enjoy the relaxing scent of your choice of essential oil. It can also be set in 4 timer settings and has 7 color choices to fit other living room decor accessories and overall appeal of the space. With these advantages, no wonder reviews on Amazon come with nothing but awesomeness. So, why not add some serenity into your living space by buying one for your home. Simply choose the right color that mixes with your current design.

Gray living room decoration with artwork and storage

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Indeed, it is the small touches of a living room that define the family living there. Every living room decor accessories then, must be carefully selected to showcase the personality of those living in it. Decorating your own living room need not be expensive nor should it require expertise in decorating. With these 5 accessories mixed to your own likes and dislikes as well as that of your family members, creating an eclectic yet cohesive living room will definitely be yours to enjoy. Shop in Amazon for more design pieces at an affordable price.


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