The living room is hailed as one of the most important spaces in a home. This is where family members bond and talk about their lives. Guests also bask in its warmth during visits and special occasions. Today’s homes however, have to contend with a cramped and claustrophobic living room due to limited square footage. To maximize light and space without spending so much, it is only fitting to pay attention to details to make a difference. With this, here are 10 budget friendly small living room decorating ideas to kickstart a much-needed makeover.



White room with artwork and two large mirrors


1. Choose Cool Paint Colors

blue room and light furniture with large ottoman

Such a simple feat with a lot of benefits, repainting has always been considered one of the most budget-friendly small living room decorating ideas ever conceptualized. When choosing a paint color however, choose cool tones of grays, greens, or blues. Paint the ceiling a shade lighter than your wall and compliment your wall with light colored furniture to create a feeling of added space. Also, it is easier to accessorize.


2. Window Pampering

Window treatment on elegant window

Adding window treatment can easily turn a living room space into something new. For limited space, choose ones that stretch all the way down to the floor. Do hang curtains 4 to 6 inches higher than the window top. This helps to create an illusion of space and height.


3. Condo-Style Seating

Condo sized living room decorating ideas with lighting and artwork

Small living room ideas cannot forego the need for a seat. Choose condo-sized sofas or apartment couches to save on space. There are so many to choose from nowadays of combination-furniture where a couch, chair and recliner are built in one package. Armless couches or chairs also help open space. To prevent clutter, consider buying a single or double piece instead of too many pieces.


4. Go Multifunctional

Multifunctional living room decorating ideas with brown coffee table with storage

Storage can be such a bummer in a limited space. To maximize storage, choose multifunctional furniture. Choose ottomans, sofas, coffee tables and other furniture which have hidden storage bins. Entertainment centers equipped with bookshelves can also make a good addition.


5. Change Position

Rearrange furniture living room decorating ideas with storage shelves

Can’t afford to repaint or buy new furniture? Then, re-arrange the furniture. One of the wisest small living room ideas is to simply reshuffle what you currently have. Make good use of walls and windows when reorganizing furniture. Re-arrange decorative elements like books, candles, vases, artwork, and so on for that entirely new look.


6. Art Be Mine

Art living room decorating ideas

Add a splash of color by hanging an artwork as focal point to a living room. Small decorating ideas from experts continue to suggest that by using a single large artistic item as focal point do not make the space feel crowded. In fact, it is much better and less messy than having several small pieces.


7. Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

Floor mirror with black frame living room decorating ideas

Mirrors create an allusion of extra dimension to a space. Because it reflects light, a mirror can make a room look larger than it truly is. Instead of the usual mirror on the wall, go funky and simply place it incline from the floor near a sofa or an area where it can reflect natural light.


8. Add Some Life

Plant living room decorating ideas in white with coffee table

Put life back into a seemingly dreary living room by adding some greenery. Choose plants that purify air and require less maintenance. Choose from Areca palm tree, snake plant, bamboo palm, peace lily, philodendron, red-edged dracaena, and golden pothos are great choices. These plants are known to minimize stress levels as well as add organic beauty to any space.


9. Smart Lights

Smart lighting living room decorating ideas with artwork

When it comes to small living room decorating ideas on a budget, smart lighting plans and accessories will definitely create an entirely new look without even trying hard. Revamp old lamps by repainting or change lighting solutions with energy-efficient ones. Choose accent lightings and hanging pendants that draw the eye up to the ceiling. Ambient lighting also lends a sense of warmth to a room while lamps create an impression of relaxation and spaciousness.


10. Recreate, Refurbish, Recycle

Repurposed furniture living room decorating ideas in blue and white

Do you know that your home is a treasure trove? So, instead of buying things from a nearby depot, consider doing an inventory of your home. Use items like decorative pillows or ottomans left to stagnate somewhere else. Refurbish mason jars and glass bottles using your arts-and-crafts talent. Some of these things can look their best when placed in a living room’s entirely new light.


Indeed, it is interesting and exciting to try new things in your living room. Amid its limitations, you can still create a functional space oozing with relaxation and entertainment without creating a dent to your piggybank. With these small living room decorating ideas, you can finally make great improvements using small cheap tweaks.



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