Albeit its small space, the living room can be quite challenging to design. There are so many factors to consider and each factor must complement various elements in the whole interior design. While there may be 101 ways to spruce it up, let’s begin with these top 10 living room design tips and tricks to jumpstart your interest in creating a lively and vivacious space.


Living Room Design Tips and Tricks

1. Add Color

Living room design tips

Set the mood of the whole living room space with color. Be reminded that the colors you pick will create an overall feel or ambiance to the space. Colors can either relax or energize according to their warmth or coolness. Many households use muted hues to deliver a serene ambiance while harmoniously keeping things in a balance.


2. Floor Power

wooden living room floor with modern furniture

Go for stylish yet comfortable flowing. Consider the amount of foot traffic when choosing living room flooring. From tiles to marble, wall-to-wall carpet or not, this lays one of the most important foundations of a living room design. To make furniture stand out, choose neutral flooring. Hardwood floors, ceramic and stone tiles, and full carpeting are popular choices these days. Marble, though expensive, is also a great option. Flooring is one of the living room design tips that really enhance the look of a room.


3. Antique TV to Bookcase

Antique TV to white Bookcase storage ideas

Got an old television set or any battered furniture that only needs a few tweeks and paint to look like new? This antiquated television, for instance, can be turned into a book case or a coffee table or a side table. Some people even use these finds as a pet bed. Do remember to be careful when using old TV sets as inner wires can cause electrocution.


4. Seating + Storage

Ottoman with storage in leafy print

For small living room areas, making good use of your seats to double as storage is the wisest thing to do. Find an ottoman with hidden storage or perhaps, turn an inexpensive bookshelf from Ikea into a bench. This Kallax shelving unit can be easily assembled and then, stuffed with storage boxes, steel feet for support, and of course, a cushion for comfort.

Shelving unit and storage with seating and pillows for living room


5. Mirrors Never Go Wrong

Large round mirror in living room design

You will need a focal point in your living room design. This will help draw anyone into the space. While others go for a fireplace or an ostentatious work of art, many homes go for a mirror. Square or rectangular ones lend the illusion of ample space in a small living room while a round one will help wrap-up a seemingly large room.


6. Leggy Furniture

Furniture leg ideas for living room

Many use the excuse of using leggy furniture to add an illusion of space. To stylish homeowners, however, these living room design tips and tricks, deliver a unique artistry and elegance. Scandinavian homes are very much into colorful and artsy furniture legs—and for good reasons!


7. The Piano Bookshelf

Piano bookshelf ideas in living room

Perhaps one of the most ingenious ways of creating a focal point in your living room design is this piano turned bookshelf. If you’re a music lover with an old piano lying in the attic with no chance of giving it up due to its sentimental value, turning it into this will definitely add more sass to your living room design. It’s a simple DIY project which will definitely make the whole thing more memorable.


8. Zero Curtains and Spotlights

No curtain living room design ideas in white

To dress or not to dress—the million dollar window treatment question. Enhancing natural lighting elements in a living room can be done in more ways than one. Some choose light curtains in pastel hues or without any curtains at all. This is one way to invite natural light in during the day. At night, a perfectly ensconced spotlight allows a spacious and airy feel, too.


9. Hidden Entertainment

TV in sliding cabinet with storage

Due to lack of square footage, many living rooms today also double as a family room where family members watch TV or play games together. So, why not incorporate it into the living design and then, tuck it away via a sliding cabinet. Set up a piece of artwork on the sliding door to add more charm to the whole set-up.


10. Accessorize

Living room accessories and design white furniture

Wrap-up your overall living room design by using perfectly balanced and well-coordinated accessories. From plants to lamps, rugs, framed photos or artwork, coffee table, drapes or curtains, candle and tray or bowl, throw pillows and blanket, sculptures and so on—these items keep the room alive.

Do you have other living room design tips and tricks up your sleeve? The sky is the limit when it comes to concocting ideas for a spiffy and functional, yet elegant and budget-friendly living room space. Decide by considering a theme in mind and start your search from there. There are so many items you can find in both online and actual flea markets, to make your living room dream come true.


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