For most people, the living room is where they spend most of their leisure time. Whether it is to watch TV or sit down to read a good book, or just simply lounge around for unwinding , the living room can be used for just about anything. Not only is it the space where you would spend your time, but it is also the space where your house guests would spend time in as well. This is one of the reasons it is really important to design your living room well. Not only do the types of things you have in your living room make a difference on the atmosphere and uses, but the arrangement of everything in the room also matters. However, spacing and arrangement isn’t the only way to change the way your living room looks and feels. So here are some stylish living room lighting ideas to get you started.

Lighting may seem not so important in comparison the other things, but it can actually accentuate the decor and also make a world of a difference on the mood and atmosphere of your living room. There is a lot to consider when it comes to suitable lighting, which is why you might want to take a look at the several lighting tips below from experts, to change your living room lighting ideas to suit the need and occasion!

Let’s take a look at few such ‘brightening’ ideas….



1. Living Room Lighting Tips

Living room lighting ideas with artwork, plants and fireplaces

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With lighting fixtures these days, one can see that they have four main uses, which you should consider when choosing what to place in your living room. There is accent lighting that plays on brightness in order to accentuate and highlight certain aspects or items in the room. There is also the very common ambient lighting that is capable of casting a warm atmosphere into the room for more comfort and ease. The third type of lighting is the decorative, which is not used as much for the light it provides, but allows a space to be given more character instead. The last main type of lighting is the task lighting which helps illuminate certain focal areas where tasks in the room are generally completed. Knowing which type of lighting fixture you are looking at is will help significantly in properly placing them inside your room. Lighting fixtures should always be a thought of when living room lighting ideas are considered.


2. Tips for Lovely Traditional Living Room Lighting

Tips for Lovely Traditional Living Room Lighting in white with furniture

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When you own a traditionally styled living room, it can be tricky to figure out how to configure the lighting properly, however there are several key tips you can keep in mind in order to not only provide convenience, but also be ordered with the style of your living room.

  • One important feature every traditional living room needs is a center light that has a dimmer. This way it can be adjusted to fit any sort of occasion and instantly turn on the intimacy with low light.
  • Another key tip is to ensure you have enough task lighting, like lamps, in the room to ensure you have the light you need when you are working. However, to keep it in the traditional style, be sure to maintain the symmetry, especially with matching lamps.
  • In addition to these two tips, you should also use the lighting to accent certain areas of the room, especially if you have pieces you want focused on, like a sculpture or painting.
  • Lastly, be careful with the types of ceiling light fixtures you use, especially if they serve as the center light. Don’t go too big or too small, and always keep in mind that even the fixtures’ designs have an impact on the room’s aesthetic.


3. How to Properly Light a Living Room

Lamp in corner of living room with book shelves and other decor in black

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The most important thing that needs to be considered when looking into living room lighting ideas, is the room’s usage. If your room has a general use, then general lighting will do. You can just use simple overhead lighting for this. If your use for the living room is to do work and other tasks, then it is important to keep your working spots most brightly lit with lamps and to keep the natural light a bit low so that your designated spots become more focused on. Lastly, don’t forget about lighting as accents to the room. You can add a few small fixtures to provide warm lighting, especially to create a nice atmosphere during the night.



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