When it comes to your living room, it is after all the main room in the house for entertaining guests. And that just means that you will need to pay particular attention to appearance here. And one of the integral parts of the decor of any room is the color scheme. In fact, we have for you here some living room paint ideas that you can consider for your living room!


10 Living Room Paint Ideas


#1:  A nice subdued aquamarine

Aquamarine living room paint ideas and decor to match

Photo Credit : houzz.com

Blues and aquamarines add a very serene feel to any room. The color by itself has a calming effect, and it is best teamed with furniture in muted shades, as seen here. You could try a pop of color, though with shades of blue, azure, aquamarine and the like, darker shades of the same colors work best.


#2:  Beige and moss green

Beige and moss green

Photo Credit : waspsummer.com

The color green is said to have a relaxing effect on the mind. So doing up your living room in green can be a great idea. However, it is also true that too much green could tend to look lurid. One great way to break the monotony is to use green on maybe 1 or 2 walls, and use a beige or grey shade for the other walls. This makes the green color stand out, without being over powering. In fact, you can then also further accent the shade by incorporating it in other pieces of furniture. Green is always a good option when looking for living room paint ideas.


#3:  Pink and a dark print

Pink with a darker color ideas with black furniture

Photo Credit : mycanonblog.blogspot.in

Pink is a pleasant color to have in a living room. The right shade gives a warm and cozy feel to the room. But some may think it is a somewhat feminine color – and it may be if you choose to paint all the walls pink. Instead, try this trick of keeping it on 2 or 3 walls, while using a dark pattern on the other walls. The dark pattern gives substance, while the pink adds warmth.


#4:  Brown and orange

Brown and orange modern living room paint ideas with plants and furniture

Photo Credit : danielguillan.net

Even if you were using a not so bright shade of orange, too much of it could give a lurid look to your living room. Instead go for an accented wall in brown or dark wood finish. This not only looks elegant, but it also throws the orange into sharp focus, without looking too lurid. Remember to keep the furniture subdued, though.


#5:  Stylish Red

Red ideas with furniture and warm tones

Photo Credit : slodive.com

Some people love red and would like to use it quite extensively. But remember that red is a tricky color to work with if you are using it extensively. It can easily look tacky. Instead try to mix and match a few different, but all warm shades, of red. Try to work some red wood instead of red paint into the theme too. And keep the rest of the furniture in neutral but warm shades like beige. This is a great thing to consider when deciding on living room paint ideas.


#6:  A more subdued Red

Subdued red paint ideas and furniture arrangement

Photo Credit : gujingshiluo.com

If you like red, but are also aware that too much of it can be overkill for the eyes and senses, then go with a subdued red. You can try painting just one wall in red, while keeping the rest of the walls in an understated shade. Another thing one can try is to just use red on one wall, with white for the rest of the walls as well as the furniture. And then, just to bring out the red of the wall, get some matching red runners to place on your white furniture!


#7:  Black and white

Black and white room paint ideas with decal and matching furniture

Photo Credit : hellomermaid.com

Black and white is a timeless combination that will never go out of style, as long as it is done tastefully. As in this photograph, you can try white walls with a large black decal on one wall. Or you can actually do white for 3 walls, and black for one. There again you can put up a white decal on the black wall. Remember also, that light wood floors work great with the monotone color scheme. This color combo is great when looking for living room paint ideas that have contrasting colors.


#8:  Blue and green

Blue and green livingroom with matching decor and wood flooring

Photo Credit : rumahinteriorminimalis.com

Blue and green are both colors that fall outside the warm gamut. And possibly for that reason, if the shades are well matched, they work very well together. If you are painting your room in a combination of green and blue, you can actually take some inspiration from this picture, and accentuate the green with some plants as decoration.


#9:  Ebony

Ebony living room and decor

Photo Credit : housebeautiful.com

Ebony may be a drab color for some – but it can actually spell elegance and variety! No matter what the look and mood you are aiming for, ebony can do the trick. When teamed with warm wood shades, creams and beige, it can give a cozy old world charm like in this photo. This manages to appeal and look lived in, without the use of too many colors. But on the other hand, teamed with pristine white and severe black, ebony can also look modernistic and futuristic. You just need some imagination and planning.


#10:  A sunny yellow

Yellow living room with matching decor

Photo Credit : egihomeinterior.com

The color yellow is symbolic of the sun. But having said that, the color also brings to mind summer, daisies and sunflowers, and everything cheerful. In fact, in light therapy terms, the color yellow is highly beneficial for the mind and body. And when you have yellow walls in a sunny living room, the light reflecting off the walls is yellow in color – and may give you some of the benefits. But remember, yellow is in itself a very bright color, so go easy on the other colors. If you choose one color – like a bright green or red, use that as an accent for a few pieces. But do not overdo, or it will start to resemble a children’s room. This is important to remember when considering yellow as one of your living room paint ideas.

Now, while we have given you a handful of living room paint ideas, these are all tried and tested themes. But that doesn’t mean that nothing else can work. When it comes to your house and your living room, personalization can be very endearing. So experiment, get help from your paint contractor, and ask them to show you impressions with your chosen colors to see if they work together. And find what works best for you and your home!


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