The living room is generally the room in the house which is most often in the eyes of the visitor. After all, most of us use this room specifically to entertain. And that means, no matter how the rest of your house is done up, you need some really great living room wall decor ideas to help you make your living room stellar! And we have brought you some great examples!


Living room wall decor ideas with decorative racks in yellow and gray

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#1: First up, you can use the wall behind the sofa to put up little decorative racks. Make these racks interesting in themselves. You can then keep curios and keepsakes in them.


Wall shelves above gray sofa as living room decor

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#2: You can also take the shelf idea to the next level, especially if you have modernistic tastes and believe that that should be reflected in your living room. Here is an example that is sure to spark some conversation. And as you can see – the things you keep on these shelves are also different from the curios you can keep on the regular shelves. This maintains some much needed homogeneity. Living room wall decor ideas that are modern, are ones that are always a good idea.


Shelves in living room for wall decor in black and white room

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#3: Another idea that you can incorporate shelves into, is if you have your TV in the living room. In that case, merely placing the TV along one wall looks too severe. Instead, work on doing up the way in harmonious pieces, like this example here.


Black and white living room bird decals for living room

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#4: After shelves we move on to decals and creativity. Here you can see a beautiful white and black living room that is actually partitioned off from the kitchen. The partition acts as a wall that does not seem like a final end to the room. And across this wall you have the pretty black on white decal. It frames the sofa – and adds much needed variety to your room. This is one of the living room wall decor ideas that really can add contrast to the room.


Small orange room floral decal on living room wall

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#5: Another idea for decals is to go for something that is not quite extensive as the first one. As you can see here, the idea is to pick a piece that goes with the decor of the rest of the room, and use it to highlight just one wall. Also, the thing to note is that the decal is actually placed along one arm of the sofa – as opposed to keeping it in the center behind the backrest of the sofa.


Large floral and pink butterfly decal for living room

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#6: Here you can see the decal has been placed along a different wall, and part of it is actually obscured by the TV. The design is also what adds a pop of color to the room that really makes the otherwise monotonous room look so attractive!


quote decals as living room wall idea

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#7: Finally, we have another decal idea – this one is actually more contemporary and doesn’t go the usual flowers, trees and floral route. This one here is a quote, written in a very quirky manner. You can go for similar quote based decals – and make sure the whole thing is visible. Or some people also go for simple relief pictures of cartoon characters in black. They hark back to your childhood, but without looking entirely childish!


#8: Next thing we’re suggesting to you are photo wall ideas. These are all the rage these days – and they tend to work in most cases. Photo walls can be of two types – personal or curated. This is the first type, and interestingly, the photos aren’t actually put up against the wall, but rather on shelves. The color combination also works wonders! This is one of the more popular living room wall decor ideas.


Curated photo wall ideas for living room

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#9: The other type of photo walls that you can consider is the curated ones. Here you use the wall as a canvas to put up photos or pictures by others. You can either pick all similar types of images to put together. Or you can pick different types and ensure that there is a theme to the variation.


Mirror frame wall decor living room ideas

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#10: Many people also go for a series of mirrors with different frames. They make for a nice collage. But as you can see here, alternately placing one mirror centerpiece can also work wonders. Mirror frames are living room wall decor ideas that can amplify your design in many great ways.


Square frames in modern brown and orange livingroom

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#11: And finally – more abstract designs, like square frames, or round ones, juxtaposed together in modern designs can also lend a stark yet beautiful touch to your room. You could get these pre-assembled, or even conceptualize and customize your own!


So there you have our 11 living room wall decor ideas. As you have seen, we included different versions of the same themes – each suited to a different kind of decor. Now you know that you have a number of different inspirations – you just need to figure out what works for you!



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