The living room has been the center of the home for a long time. A living room serves a multitude of functions to deliver a comfortable and happening life. The family also meets here every day to exchange pleasantries and discuss pressing problems. Being the ceremony room for guests, it is also the most public place in the entire home and is full of frequent activities. If you are tired of your current living room storage, these living room wardrobe ideas can help you to tide over the problem.


Tackling living space storage needs

The first thing one needs to do for this is to find out the things that are generating the storage issue. Whether it is due to scattered piles of books, antiques, holiday souvenirs, or trophies; one must make a list of everything that is creating the storage problem. It helps to find out the best possible solution. Next, check where you can fit a storage solution in the living room. Maybe there is an alcove or a convenient space that can be used. Customize your storage solution according to the space available. It could range anything from open shelves, and glass-front cabinets, to a wardrobe. Do enough brainstorming to arrive at a useful solution. Remember, you cannot change it every month.


Why have wardrobes in the living room?

Living room wardrobe ideas with wood accents and decor

It might sound odd to have a wardrobe in the living room.  These hefty pieces of furniture are traditionally for bedrooms and have been used to keep your clothes in. But wardrobes do not have to be limited to this use only. You can use them to store any thing you like. It is why the living room wardrobe ideas are being used more often these days. One can customize wardrobes to store books or any other items in the living room. Living room wardrobes can hide things that you do not want others to see.  They can also display your collection of antiques, books, souvenirs, trophies, etc. You may also dedicate a section of your living room wardrobe to coats and shoes. They come in handy when you do not have much space in the living area. Living room wardrobes could be anything from Shaker to Minimalist.  Sliding door wardrobes also have many uses. No matter what type of wardrobes you use in your living room, they infuse style and lift the ambiance.


Designing a wardrobe

Designing a wardrobe is a challenging job. It is because no one can remodel the living room frequently. So, you need to plan it thoroughly. Assessing the space is the first and most important step of successful living room wardrobe ideas. It helps one decide the size of the wardrobe. Wardrobes with sliding doors are perfect for a living space as they do not need extra space to open doors. Solid wood is the ideal option to build wardrobes. Wood is durable, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. Plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and metal are also used in making wardrobes.


Options for living room wardrobe ideas

Your living room reflects your taste and lifestyle. For this, one has to be serious about living room decoration. It must be comfortable, cozy, and practical for your family. A well-chosen living room wardrobe can achieve these goals. The living room also has maximum foot traffic. People settle there to read books, watch TV, hold parties, and to do many more things. One must install functional furniture when the space is small. It is why the choice for a living room wardrobe has to be taken in all seriousness. Living room wardrobes have many advantages. They keep things safe and protect from dust, dirt, humidity, etc.


Stand-alone wardrobe

Living room wardrobe ideas stand alone wardrobe

Stand-alone wardrobes are one of the most popular living room wardrobe ideas. One can get modular wardrobes for that. They deliver the most punch and can give the illusion of more space. These are also the best for contemporary homes. You can get free-standing modular wardrobes in various styles and sizes. However, you must get one that fits the available space and caters to your individual needs.


Built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes are the best option for living spaces with non-standard shapes and angles. You can customize them to integrate with your living room space. As such, they follow the dimension of the living room, entail maximum space utilization, and also blend in with the interior décor.


Living room wardrobe ideas style decision

Living room wardrobe ideas with storage and table

You can style your living room with a wardrobe in many ways.

  • Glass-front wardrobe: Glass-front wardrobes let you appreciate your collection without opening the door. These are best for living rooms that are blessed with a lot of natural light and for those who have a passion for organizing things. It may hold anything from books, antiques, sea shells, family photos, etc. You can place contrasting items together or show pieces between stacks of books to liven up the living room.
  • Minimalist approach: It involves minimal furniture and decorative elements on the living room walls. You can combine the wardrobe with a soft sofa, a coffee table, and a carpet.
  • Classical look: Solid wood wardrobes are the best to impart a classic timeless look in the living room. You can have a wardrobe that spans from floor to ceiling. Build it with sliding doors, and use a color that blends with the color of the wall.
  • Hi-tech modern style: Wardrobes with metal surfaces are perfect to deliver this look. The furniture should be as concise as possible.
  • Rustic look: Wooden wardrobes without gloss and finish are ideal to infuse a rustic look. However, it should complement other furniture and the overall décor of the living room.
  • Flashy pop art: Wardrobes painted in unnatural colors hold the key to this style. It creates a focal point with the wardrobe and improves the living room interior.


In passing

It is challenging to nail down living room storage issues. It is possible to solve awkward storage problems by installing a wardrobe in the living room. Now that you know living room wardrobe ideas, implement those which complement the décor without overcrowding the space.



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