Are you looking for masculine bedroom ideas to usher in the New Year? Men and women have such varied tastes in terms of decorating bedrooms. While women enjoy certain intricacies that often delve on glamour and charm, men are more practical relying mostly on functionality and subtle elegance. When thinking of revamping your own batcave this time around, there are various masculine bedroom ideas that are not only warm and inviting, but stylish as well. With hundreds, if not thousands, of design pieces to choose from, these bedroom ideas reek of relaxation and masculinity, that totally represents the Alpha male’s side of the coin.


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Simply Functional

Men are clear champions when it comes to designing bedrooms with functionality in mind. Think: simple bed spruced with a bold accent and a single chair, in this Kasia Orwat Polish studio apartment. The color motif exudes subdued elegance, while other design elements, like the night stand, floor lamp and window treatment, screams functionality. Add to that, the melancholic artwork– and you have one masculine crib that’s simple yet functional.

Black and white masculine apartment ideas with furniture



Elegantly Neutral

If it’s a peaceful, neutral vibe you want for a bedroom, this decorative set-up by Tonic Living below, is sure to impress. Fit for a man’s laidback lifestyle, it perfectly creates a balance with a blend of materials, texture, lighting and decor. From the graceful wooden bed and nightstand, to the plush floor rug and braided quilt, complemented with nature-inspired pillows and art pieces; this crib definitely gives an aura of elegance amid its neutral minimalist details. Just perfect for those who want to live life as it is.


Natural masculine bedroom ideas with art work side table and lamp


Astoundingly Bold

Some men want to celebrate their masculinity in every aspect of their lives though. With this, a good play of masculine colors like deep hues of blue, black and gray, complemented with warm furniture, makes an inviting color palette for an Alpha male’s bedroom. Think about creating an accent wall by painting it with a royal blue hue or perhaps, adding this DC Fix Self-Adhesive Film in the same shade. This makes the room feel uncluttered and helps draw the eye, giving a small space a nudge in the right direction. Don’t like blue? There’s also matte yellow, black and red to suit your choice of color. Color is an important factor in masculine bedroom ideas.

d-c-fix Self-Adhesive Film Matte Royal Blue


Texture At Play

A natural being for the outdoors, men rarely spend a lot of time in the bedroom. If they do, they make sure that everything in it is his favorite. It is important then, to consider texture of design elements within. You have a large choice of colors, to artificial and natural light sources, wall design, floor materials, lighting, and maybe even a sofa or seat. This wooden floor versus concrete wall design, for instance, is made even more attractive, without being too blatant with the abundance of natural light coming in from the large windows.

Masculine grey bedroom ideas with lights wooden floor and wall art



Basic Instinct

Design a room by anchoring elements within, with a sense of freedom. Imagine lounging on top of a mountain with nothing but fresh air, and nature’s aesthetics encapsulated in utmost privacy. To make a room feel like a natural habitat where men can unleash their strength and prowess, add floor to ceiling glass windows, overlooking a dense forest or woody background. Or you can go around adding a nature-inspired full-wall mural like the one below. You can then complement this with equally naturalistic furniture and decorative elements, to truly imbibe a basic instinct feel– though not devoid of sophistication. These are masculine bedroom ideas that can make you feel like nature is even closer.


Masculine bedroom ideas with bed on pallet and forest mural on wall with plant and side table


Shades of Gray

Create a luxe bedroom by combining various shades of gray. Masculine and welcoming, a bedroom that’s designed with this color mix can be a magnet for Alpha males. Timeless and practical, it can embrace any accents from the bold to the downright mundane, to deliver a relaxing space. You can add this SimpleShapes Mountain Mural Wall Art to add subtle elegance to the whole space. With a gray motif, masculinity is deeply imbibed with mystery and curiosity, making it a perfect idea for a bachelor’s pad.

Mountain Mural Wall Art Wallpaper Black & White Peel and Stick with bench and decor



Don’t like melancholic gray? Then, how about the killer combination of black and white. Modern and bold, combining these two precious hues by creating a perfect balance within. You can use the colors on custom-built cabinets, abstract artwork, section rugs, bed linens and the like. Add a whip of nature with plants in cool shades of white to complete the vibe. Definitely, this idea is best for dark and dingy bedrooms, where natural light can be scarce.

White and black masculine bedroom ideas



The bedroom is no ordinary room. That’s a known fact. These masculine bedroom ideas are meant to create a space that will provide utmost relaxation to the body and mind, while improving one’s physical and mental health in the process. With the perfect play of color, texture and materials, one can perfectly reflect his own personality while showcasing style and warmth.



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