The Master bedroom is a very important room in your house. Not only do you sleep in here, much of your personal life may be centered here. And that means that you need to have a very well organized and planned bedroom. And to help you achieve that, here are 15 Master bedroom decor ideas.


15 Master Bedroom Decor Ideas


#1: Seating in your bedroom

White master bedroom decor ideas with floral print sofa and artwork

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As it is the center of your life, you and your partner or another family member may want to sit and spend some time in here. And you don’t want that to be on the bed. So get a classy sofa – one that matches with the rest of the decor, and place it in a spot that is away from any closet or dresser – so that you are not tempted to dump your clothes on it.


#2: Artwork for walls

Artwork in white master bedroom with other decor ideas

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Blank walls tend to make your bedroom look quite drab, especially if the theme otherwise is minimalistic. Instead, try and incorporate some large artwork, black and white photos work well, into your master bedroom – for that elegant appeal! Also, you can try decals if they go better with your sensibility than artworks.


#3: Frame it if you can’t afford a large artwork

Artwork above bed with other master bedroom decor ideas

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If you have a large wall and want to put up some artwork, but large pieces are outside your budget, try investing in a set of identical photo frames. Put in your best memories into these and put those up as a photo wall.


#4: Pick different nightstands

White master bedroom with different nightstands ideas

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If you and your partner have different tastes, the bed cannot be divided in half, but you can always do up the two nightstands differently!


#5: Bed position

Bed position with yellow master bedroom decor ideas

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If there are large windows in your master bedroom, make the most of these. Place the bed in a position where you have a clear and unobstructed view outside the window… that way on off days, you can always enjoy some time lying in bed and staring out as the world goes on. This is one of master bedroom decor ideas considered first by most people.


#6: Mosquito net or canopy: to have or not to have?

Mosquito canopy floral patterned with master bedroom decor ideas

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They can lend quite a bit of drama to your bedroom with these – and they can always be a conversation starter! Also, you can’t deny, a mosquito net means you can sleep with the windows open, in the presence of the natural breeze.


#7: Let in more natural light

White Master bedroom decor ideas with sheer curtains and artwork

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Light is essential to stay happy. In fact, the presence of natural light is even said to affect the way the brain works and your moods. So don’t shut out the light with heavy curtains. Go for sheer curtains that allow the light in and yet look beautiful!


#8: Color coordinated bedroom

Color coordinated master bedroom with decor ideas featuring white orange and yellow

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If you are looking at futuristic furniture, get stuff that is mirrored. Also, coordinate color wherever possible. For instance, here you can see how the yellow and orange theme has been carried on. And the nightstands have a mirror finish that have no color of their own – but reflect the rest of the shades. Make sure you are taking into account color choice in your master bedroom decor ideas.


#9: Wall beams for that different rustic feel

Wall beams with modern master bedroom decor ideas

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Wall beams hark back to an earlier period, and they give your house a cozy and lived in feel. So consider getting some dark wooden beams. But remember to keep the rest of the wall decor subdued with that – otherwise the place will look too busy and chaotic.


#10: The easiest facelift for your bedroom

Brown bedding options with master bedroom decor ideas

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If you like to give your rooms a new look often, but are concerned about the amount of money spent on making the changes, this is a great idea. Get a neutral and subdued shade for the rest of the stuff. And whenever you need a facelift, just get a new bedding set in pop shades and prints. It can liven up your master bedroom in a jiffy and completely change the look effortlessly!


#11: A mirror for the appearance of space

Master bedroom mirror decor ideas in light bedroom

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If you have a modest sized master bedroom, that is roomy enough for you – but doesn’t really look it, get a strategically placed floor length mirror. This is going to reflect the room back on itself, giving it the appearance of space. Also, you can always use it to give your look a once over before stepping out for any event!


#12: Flowers for your bedroom

Floral print bedroom decoration with flowers and bed stand

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Flowers – be it a bouquet of fresh flowers once a week, or imitation ones for decor, add life to your bedroom. They help you to stay upbeat and also look lovely and vibrant. Mix and match floral prints with it to heighten the feel!


#13: A wooden floor with the right accompaniment

White bedroom with wooden floor and shelving decoration

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A hardwood floor looks really elegant. And you may want to put in a lot of antique furniture with it. But stop for a minute and try the minimalistic approach. Go with simple wood furniture that is functional and elegant to look at – and white walls. This really works and is one of the better master bedroom decor ideas.


#14: Light fixtures

Light fixtures in brown and white bedroom decoration

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There are so many different light fixtures to choose from and they can all add to the decor in addition to adding light. A chandelier, while quite extravagant, can actually work with the right decor. You can play around with nightstand lights, there are table lamps you can keep, but you can also consider drum pendant lights with ornate shades. Also keep a light with a soft glow in your room – just in case you need a night light that doesn’t disturb your partner’s sleep.


#15: Experiment with the bed

Edgy pink and black bedroom decoration

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The bed is possibly the single most important furniture in the master bedroom. And needless to say – the rest of your decor is usually built up around that one piece, thematically at least. So when you are looking for master bedroom decor ideas, the first thing to do is to get an edgy or different looking bed, and then work the bed around that.

As we have been mentioning all along – the bedroom is a very personal space. And even as you have some extra space in a master bedroom, it also has to have a presence of its own. And with these 15 master bedroom decor ideas and a few simple additions to your room – even you can make it enviable yet cozy!


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