The modular kitchen has revolutionized the concept of the kitchen. Although kitchens were closed rooms earlier, they have now transformed into open space layouts. Modular kitchens combine wall and base units. They save a lot of space and are ideal for living in city apartments. Read on to know some modular kitchen ideas, which make the kitchen a clutter-free space for culinary exploration.



Consider Kitchen Layout

Modular kitchen ideas layout

The kitchen layout is a vital element to have a modular kitchen. You can opt for an L-shaped, U-shaped, or parallel modular kitchen, etc. depending on the space available. For this, one must identify the work triangle that joins the refrigerator, sink, and hob. Besides this, you should also take kitchen zoning into account to ensure easy interaction between different essential items. It will improve the workflow and usability of the kitchen space.


L-shaped Modular Kitchen

L shaped Modular kitchen ideas

This is the most common modular kitchen design. It uses two adjacent walls to make an L-shape. It suits almost all kitchen types and is the best for small kitchens. It ensures the most efficient use of the working triangle for easy flow of work in the kitchen. It also generates more foot space in the kitchen for multiple cooks to move freely.  It is ideal for large families who prefer to cook together.


U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

U shaped kitchen in green

A U-shaped kitchen is one of the smarter modular kitchen ideas. This type of kitchen combines three adjacent walls of the kitchen to make a U-shape. It is ideal for homes that have large dedicated areas for kitchens. As it uses three walls, it offers excellent cooking activities. U-shaped kitchens also let one use one wall for cabinets and others for accommodating cooking appliances and the sink. This is perfect for multiple cooking.


Straight Modular Kitchen

straight Modular kitchen ideas

This type of modular kitchen is common for studio-type apartments with open floor plans. It features a simple, compact design. All cabinets and shelves have a linear alignment in this modular kitchen type. It allows using one part of the apartment for living and the other part for cooking. It does not involve any work triangle but delivers an easy workflow.


Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel kitchen

It involves parallel workstations on opposite walls and is also called galley modular kitchens. The two workstations face each other while leaving workspace in between. You can allot each work area for dry or wet works. It is ideal for homes that have a long narrow kitchen.


Island Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen ideas with island

It features an additional island in the middle and is compatible with all modular kitchen ideas. The island offers extra counter space that can be utilized for an array of prep activities. When combined with sitting arrangements, the island can serve as a casual dining or reading space for kids. It imparts an elegant and modern look to the kitchen.


G-shaped Modular Kitchen

G shaped kitchen

It is also called a peninsula modular kitchen and happens to be a combination of U-shaped and island kitchens. It offers plenty of space for varying activities including cooking and preparation. This type of modular kitchen is ideal for large-size modular kitchens.


Consider kitchen cabinets

Modular kitchen ideas with cabinets

Cabinets play an important role to keep a modular kitchen clutter-free. They deliver more storage space to the kitchen and also ensure easy access to everything you need. These cabinets are made using pre-made parts that fit to form a functional kitchen. Modular kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of options. One can use a design that complements the kitchen layout.


Use the right color

color ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It provides food and nourishment and acts as a place for family gatherings. Choose the right color to enhance the mood. You can opt for an all-white, or blue & white combination, or you can mix grey, green & red to energize the place. There is no hard and fast rule about using any single or combined color in the modular kitchen. However, the color you use must complement the overall décor of the home.


Lighting is important

Modular kitchen ideas with lighting

While lighting is vital for your home, the right illumination is most important for all Modular kitchen ideas. The right lighting helps to improve both aesthetics and functionalities of a modular kitchen. For the best modular kitchen decoration, it should have cabinet lighting, island overhang lighting, above-cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and in-drawer lighting. You must have provisions for ambient, accent, and task lighting in the kitchen. Including pendants, chandeliers, sconces, etc. for this, is a great idea.


Include energy-efficient appliances

energy efficient appliances

Investing in energy-efficient appliances is a great way to make your modular kitchen green. These consume less energy, emit less greenhouse gas, and help to reduce the carbon footprint. You should look for appliances that conform to the energy-efficiency requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Adorn with greeneries

Modular kitchen ideas with greeneries

Including green elements is one of the best Modular kitchen ideas for decorating the interior. People think of live plants for this. But they are not suitable for a kitchen environment. Artificial plants provide a great alternative for decorating modular kitchens. They never wilt or decay or die and can deliver a year-round green environment in the kitchen. They also create a soothing feeling in the kitchen.


Sparkle with a backsplash

kitchen with backsplash

A backsplash can add drama and personality to the modular kitchen. It also offers extra protection to the kitchen. You can use ceramic tiles, glass, stone, metal, etc for it. They will make your dream live. Backsplash also adds a certain style to the kitchen that many people love.


Energize with a rug

kitchen rug

Including a rug is one of the smarter modular kitchen ideas. It also helps to energize the kitchen. Whether you are renovating an existing kitchen or constructing a new one, it delivers excellent décor outcomes. I can also add some color like in the picture above.


Wrapping up

Modular kitchens are space efficient. They come with removable components and can also be customized to meet specific requirements. Now that you know modular kitchen ideas, employ them to take your modular kitchen to the next level.



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