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Are you sick of looking at that large AC unit sitting on your lawn, taking up space, and causing chaos with your landscape decor? Not to worry, we have the perfect solution for you, and it comes in the form of fifteen clever ways to cover up your air conditioner unit. Our outdoor air conditioner enclosure guide is here to help you choose the best way to create a barrier between your central air conditioner and the rest of the world.


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AC units are often big and bulky and can create an eyesore in your lawn, especially once it gets older and a bit worn. Here are 15 clever outdoor air conditioner enclosure ideas to help keep your backyard looking fantastic.


1. Cover it with bushes and shrubs

bushes and shrubs

Image credit: Kglandscape.com

There are many different types and sizes of bushes and shrubs that can help improve the look of your lawn as well as keep your large outside unit hidden from the world.

If you have a window unit, using tall evergreens is ideal because they can reach higher and last all year long.


2. Give it a purpose

Give it a purpose

Photo Credit: Missionac.com

Consider making your AC unit look like something entirely different. A fun way to transform your air conditioner condenser unit is by building a faux well around it.

This is a fun idea and would be perfect for someone who embraces rustic, old-time country decor.


3. Place a vertical garden in front of it

vertical garden

Photo credit: maxair.com

What better way to cover an air conditioner unit than with a tall vertical garden full of all your favorite plants, herbs, and vegetation?

You can also try placing a variety of potted succulents in this space. These plants are durable, hardy, and easy to maintain.


4. Grow some vines around it


Image Credit: airstair.com

A fun and unique way to keep your AC unit camouflaged is by growing a vine wall around it. You can do this by placing a wooden pallet or some lattice in front of the air conditioner, then planting climbing vines nearby.

A few types of vines to consider using include:

  • English Ivy
  • Boston Ivy
  • Climbing Rose
  • Climbing Hydrangea
  • Moon Flower
  • Sweet Pea


5. Buy an Air Conditioner Cover

Air Conditioner Cover

While this one may seem a little basic, it still should be mentioned as it is an effective option. You can buy a cover from many retailers and keep it sleek and simple or decorate them yourself for a unique way to hide your air conditioner when it is not in use. This is one of the more simple outdoor air conditioner enclosure solutions.


6. Use some white lattice to hide it

white lattice to hide

Photo Credit Pinterest

You can buy white lattice from any local hardware or home goods store and use it to create a beautiful white wall to keep your air conditioner from interfering with the look of your lawn.

Plastic lattice is a good option because it is durable, flexible, and versatile, making it the perfect material for all occasions.


7. Place it inside a storage shed

storage shed

Image Credit: Cielowigle.com

If you are good with your hands or know someone who is, you can build a storage shed around your air conditioning unit, creating a great hide-a-way for this large appliance that also increases your storage capacity.

This is one of the more challenging options and can be pretty expensive. It might require the help of a professional or it may not turn out as you hope.


8. Give it a picket fence

picket fence

Image credit: Homeandgardeningideas.com

Many people dream about growing up and owning a home with a white picket fence. Well, this dream can come true, at least around your outdoor AC unit.

The fun part about this option is it doesn’t have to be white. You can do whatever you want with a wooden picket fence to make it look unique and take the attention off the central air unit.


9. Hide it with a birdbath and other lawn decor

lawn decor

Image Credit: Christcenterdironworks.com

No matter your style, there is outdoor lawn decor that fits your theme. Use your theme and find ways to put objects in front of your AC to keep your eyes focused elsewhere.

Consider purchasing a large birdbath that can hide a large portion of the appliance. It will provide a place for birds to relax and wash up while hiding your air conditioning system at the same time.


10. Cover it with a privacy screen

privacy screen

Image Credit: Pinterest

Privacy screens come in many different shapes and forms, making them versatile and ideal for hiding your outdoor AC unit, whether it is sticking out of a window or sitting on the ground.

You can do a lot with a privacy screen, too, if you don’t want to leave it as is. Try planting some vibrant colored flowers or hanging flower baskets in front of the wall to provide a pop of color and a little natural beauty. This outdoor air conditioner enclosure idea is one of the more versatile choices you can use.


11. Line up lots of bamboo

lots of bamboo

Image credit: greengrowlawns.com

Bamboo is a natural wood that is flexible, lightweight, and durable, with beautiful, earthy colors and designs.

Line bamboo horizontally or vertically to create a long panel, then tie them off with weather-proof string. This creates a bamboo curtain that you can place around your air conditioner to give a little privacy to your AC unit.


12. Conceal it with an outdoor enclosure

outdoor enclosure

Image Credit: audew.com

You can use vinyl panels for a whole slew of things, especially outdoors. People like to use this type of material because it is weather-resistant, holds up in all conditions, and looks fantastic all year round.

Creating an enclosure with vinyl paneling gives you options on color, style, and design, and you know it will last for a very long time.


13. Cover it with beautiful plants

beautiful plants

Image credit: expatwoman.com

Take advantage of nature and let plants and flowers grow high and wide to provide a natural and colorful shield to conceal your air conditioner.

You can use just about any type of plant you desire; however, we do suggest flowers that get bushy and wide, providing more coverage and hiding more of the appliance.


14. Make cement block planters

cement block planters

Image credit: Pinterest

If you are not comfortable planting your flowers in the ground, you can always turn cement blocks into practical and creative planters.

You can get very creative with this option, decorating the cement however you like and planting anything from flowers to strawberries to succulents to herbs. Pick your poison and start growing.


15. Paint a pallet

Paint a pallet

Image Credit: airstair.com

Pallets have become a popular and affordable way to create different DIY projects, so we had to add them to our list of clever ways to hide an AC unit.

Use your pallet as a canvas and let your creative juices start to flow. Design a masterpiece you can use to entrap your air conditioner behind a wall of art and painting.



Things to Consider

While we all understand the reasoning behind wanting to hide an AC unit, there are a few things to consider to make sure you do it safely and functionally and still spruce it up, making it a part of your backyard decor.


Provide Plenty of Ventilation

Your AC unit needs room to breathe to work properly and not break down. When you begin construction on your air conditioner enclosure, measure at least 6 inches away from the unit on all sides, giving it plenty of room and air.


Leave Access Space

Remember to create some space for easy access if you ever need to get to the unit, whether for service, repairs, or any other issue that comes up.

A good way to make sure there is enough room to access the unit for air conditioning repair is to use one of the ideas that doesn’t cover all sides of the air conditioner. Keeping the back open is an easy solution, allows for good air flow, and doesn’t prevent you from hiding the big metal box.


Make it Match the Rest of Your Decor

If your lawn already has a specific theme going, don’t ruin it with an awkward creation; keep the material unified if possible. If you have a wooden fence enclosing your lawn, create a similar style wooden fence to enclose your AC unit.

If you have vinyl siding or vinyl decking throughout the yard, stick with that material for your air conditioner fence enclosure.

If you have tons of flowers, pots, and garden beds taking up your lawn space, stick with plants or shrubs when covering it up.


Summing Things Up

AC units are massive items that stick out like a sore thumb, but life would be very uncomfortable without them. Instead of despising your air conditioner unit, find a way to make it work for you. Dress your AC unit up and stop worrying about your landscaping for good.



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