You know what a real blessing looks like if you have an outdoor fireplace in your home. For many people, the fireplace is the spot where they end up creating lots of different memories. It can be either a chat with friends, enjoying a campfire dance with family, or simply sitting and roasting some hot dogs. If you don’t have a fireplace in your outdoor space, then you can create one, as it’s not a difficult task. Depending on your budget, style, and type of fireplace, you can design a fireplace. So, in this article, we will give you some hot outdoor fireplace ideas for your outdoor space.


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Is planning an outdoor fireplace a good idea?

If you are constructing a house or planning on recreating your garden, then having a fireplace is one of the best ideas for your outdoor space. A fireplace has the ability to turn your simple patio into your favorite gathering spot.

Having a fireplace in your home means you don’t need a separate spot to spend some “me” time or to chit-chat with friends. If you can’t opt for a permanent fireplace, then try using a portable fireplace that can be moved to multiple locations, depending on the warmth and the need.

On the other side, if you have a permanent fireplace then you can make an extra living room or dining room in your outdoors. An outdoor fireplace carries plenty of options and you can use different types of materials to build the fireplace design.

So if you choose to build an outdoor fireplace, there are a few things you should consider before looking into any outdoor fireplace ideas.



Things to consider for outdoor fireplace ideas:



If you already have an outdoor space or garden, and the fireplace is an extra addition to your outdoors, then you need to choose the design of the fireplace carefully. As there are few designs that won’t match with the outdoor space and instead of making the outdoors a pleasant space, it will create an eyesore for everyone.



The budget is one of the most important things to consider, as not everyone can afford to build a fireplace in the backyard or garden. If you can’t afford more, then try a portable option as it is affordable and at the same time, also looks stylish.



Before you start working, you need to know the purpose and function of the fireplace. You are could be using it to warm yourself during cold weather or may want to roast some marshmallows with your kids. Plan the function first and depending on that, you can decide the design.



Deciding the place for the fireplace is important, as not all designs will fit in your space. You need to choose the right place and at the same time, choose a design that doesn’t consume much of your outdoor space.



5 outdoor fireplace ideas:


Fireplace fire pit combination

outdoor fireplace ideas with patio and furniture

When it comes to the outdoor fireplace, fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor fireplace ideas to be utilized. Here, we will be combining both the fireplace and fire pit together and it will create a unique atmosphere.

But remember, this type of fireplace requires frequent maintenance. Also, you’ll need to keep searching for wood to keep the fire going and when you are done it will need to be cleaned up. This will make the ambiance look better, but it comes with a few difficulties. Still this option is worth considering in the long term.


Built-in fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas with white furniture and wood storage

If you want to invest your money in designing a permanent fireplace, then this built-in fireplace is the best option to consider. Here, the sunset won’t send you indoors, as you turn up the heat in the wall fire and enjoy the heat, at the optimum temperature.

You can even add some furniture to make the space cozier. This type of idea will suit those who will be using the garden for a very long time. In summer, you can use a pergola to provide shade and a plantation shutter for winter.


Mimic the living room setup

outdoor fireplace ideas with table and furniture

If you want to bring the indoor setup outdoors, then a fireplace that will be a mimic of the living room, is one of the more perfect outdoor fireplace ideas. You can decorate your simple patio by adding some décor, ample seating, textured details and finally an eye-catching fireplace.

This place will be cozier like your living room, and you can spend more time here without worrying about the weather outside. This is one of the best options to consider if you have a large garden. You can even change the living room into a dining room, as per your convenience.


Traditional outdoor fireplace

traditional outdoor fireplace ideas

If you can’t find proper designs or materials to build a fireplace outdoors, then a traditional outdoor fireplace will help you. Here, you can make a fireplace using a brick type structure. This is a timeless design that will be liked by everyone.

You can add mesh spark screen doors, a fire poker and a removable gate, to make it safer. The traditional fireplace installation is not a simple task, as you need to keep it in the center of the garden, so that the heat will get dispersed properly.


Chiminea outdoor fireplace

Chiminea in backyard with greenery

This is for those who are looking for a portable option and it won’t even cost a lot of money to install such an outdoor fireplace. There are many portable fireplaces available in the market and a chiminea outdoor fireplace is one of the most used choices by people. It is easy to move and is also safe, as the flames will be within a controlled atmosphere.


Bottom Line:

Try any of these outdoor fireplace ideas in your garden or backyard.  It’s always a good plan to have a fireplace, as nothing will bring people together like a fireplace. Depending on your situation, you can either make a portable or permanent fireplace. It will not only add luxury to your home, but will also increase its value.



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