Priests and religious preachers always recommend the use of a prayer closet while praying to God. You may be seeking answers to the following questions – What is a prayers closet? and what can be accomplished by using it? Prayers should be made in absolute privacy. It is meant to be an exclusive communication with the almighty. It is never performed for showing others how devoted you are.


prayers closet with comfy chair and candles


When you face a crisis, the best way is to seek the support and blessings of God.

  • Seeking the blessings of God requires a place to pray free from earthly hassles.
  • You need to experience the power of prayer to help increase your faith.
  • A personal prayer closet is ideal for this purpose.



Transforming Other Spaces into Prayers Closet

You may not have a personal prayer closet. However, it is possible to transform an existing space to be used as prayer closet. Once the closet is erected, you can regularly use the closet for prayer.



Prayer Closet Basics

prayers closet with light, chair and other items


Before setting up a prayer closet, you have to understand the basics. It is the venue where you meet with God. In recent times the name of the space has changed from “closets” to “room”. In terms of shape and structure, a closet clones the safety of deposit vaults of banks at times. God also recommends setting up an exclusive place for daily prayers at your home. It is because the most valuable relationship you have, is with God.


Controlling Your Vulnerability

Anyone can become vulnerable at some point or other in his or her life. Prayer gives you the power to control such vulnerabilities. A prayer closet is the place to approach where don’t have to be on your guard before God. You need not hide your emotions due to shame, as you can confess everything you want to away from the view of others.


The Need for a Prayers Closet

You need a prayer closet to show your faith and commitment. It means that you need a closet irrespective of its shape and size. A prayer closet is a place to pray peacefully without being interrupted by anyone, including family members. It is also the right place to go where you can close the door, without offending others.  Moreover, the closet saves you from interference of those who may not believe in God.



Creating a Prayers Closet

While creating a closet for prayer you will have to consider the following things.

  • It is a place where you will be going alone.
  • The closet should be designed to allow you to indulge in qualitative and focused prayer.
  • It is a treasured private part of your life.



Benefits of Creating a Prayer Closet

The following are the benefits of creating a prayer closet in your home.

  • Prayer is the best way to reach out to God and a closet is the ideal location for praying.
  • A closet enables you to focus on God and to pacify your pounding heart.
  • A dedicated prayer time can be eye-opener in many cases and a closet is the best place for getting insight.
  • It helps to devote you to prayer.
  • You can get insights on your future.
  • You do not have to move out of your home to pray.
  • It fulfills the advice of Jesus to have a solitary place for prayer.



Steps for Creating a Prayer Closet

If you want to set up an exclusive closet for prayer then you have to take the following steps.

  • Identify the space in your home that can be used for the purpose.
  • Make the place comfortable for devoted prayer.
  • The closet should be free of any electronic devices.
  • Equip the closet with essential items like a lamp and a throw pillow.
  • Keep photographs of the people in your life for whom you would like to pray.
  • Pray using the “ACTS” acronym. Spend time on each “letter”.



How to Use a Prayer Closet

A proper breakup of the time you spend in the closet is necessary. Start with worshipping God. Thereafter, embark on a confessional of your sins and begging to be forgiven. Take some time to thank the almighty for every good experience. Finally, place all your requests you wish to be fulfilled before God. Do not forget to have the holy Bible at your side. Stay focused on having an uninterrupted prayer session. This will help bring clarity.


Escaping Hypocrisy in Prayer

There are many people that pray in a way to be noticed by others. It is wrong to pray with the point of getting attention of others. They do not have devotion to God that is the core value of any prayer. When you use the prayer closet, you perform prayers secretly away from others. Your aim here is to get closer to God and not publicity.


Prayers Closet Check List

For setting up the closet for prayer, you will need some elements to make it functional. It will be a good move to prepare a check-list so that you do not miss out on anything. Ingredients of effective check-lists are the components you will need and want, in the prayer closet. Also, it would be a good idea having more than one of each item, so that your prayer is not interrupted due to some of them not working properly. You will always have a replacement handy.


You can use Prayer Closet for many Purposes

You can use the closet for different purposes. It can work as a secret place, shelter, as well as a personal sanctuary for you.

A prayer closet is associated with the spiritual side of your life. It works to fill out the gaps between you and the God. The closet will have a pacifying impact when you are distressed. You need to find the right place to set up a functional closet for prayer in secrecy. This will fulfill your life and enlighten you in many ways.



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