If you are anything like us, you probably love decorating your home for the holidays, and one of the first things we start to spruce up is our porch. Luckily, there are massive amounts of ideas out there that can help you prepare the perfect look for your porch during the winter months. Winter porch decor doesn’t have to be a chore.


In this article, we go over five fantastic winter front porch ideas to create a cozy space that everyone will love.

Porch for the Winter Months and Holiday Season

It can be a little overwhelming to figure out the best way to pull an entire winter porch or Christmas porch look together in a short amount of time and without breaking the bank. That is why we put together five great options for you to try, that do just that.



1. Nature’s Best: Birch Branches, Evergreens, and Pine Cones

Nothing says winter like evergreen garland, birch logs, and pine cone decor. Many DIY planter ideas are easy to create and showcase beautiful evergreen branches to bring a festive look to any porch.

You can spray-paint two terracotta planters white and wrap a ribbon around the tops, placing a bow right in the center.

Consider standing some tall birch branches in a bundle next to the doorway and adding a few birdhouses to the white woodpile, holding the sticks together with jute rope.

Top off the look with an evergreen wreath decked out with fresh pine cones, small birch twigs, and plastic holiday berries.

Keep the welcome mat simple, made from a natural coir material, with a personalized monogram letter with your family initial.

Sometimes, winter porch decor can be more simple.


2. Country Classic: Vintage Decor

Pull out that old-fashioned wooden sled and decorate it with a pair of ice skates hanging from the top. Place this sled next to the doorway where a black and red checkered welcome mat lays directly in front of the entrance.

Add the same checkered pattern to some pillowcases and place two decorative pillows on a bench or two wooden rocking chairs. Place an old wooden barrel between the chairs or to the side of the bench for an outdoor table with a red toy truck on top.

Pull it all together with a couple of lanterns or mason jar candles that will light up your look at night.


3. Holiday Cheer: Christmas Lights and Wreaths

For many, Christmas starts the first day of winter and lasts all season long. These are the perfect homes for Christmas lights, wreaths, and Christmas trees covering their porches throughout the colder months. Winter porch decor is very common at this time of the year.

Start with two, tall thin pine trees in planters, placing one on each side of the door. Decorate each tree with Christmas ornaments, lights, and garland.

Design multiple festive wreaths in all different sizes, decorating them with ribbons, bows, candy canes, or other Christmas theme items, and arrange them on the outdoor walls with the largest one attached to the front door.

Use garland to wrap around the posts of your porch, using white strands of lights to illuminate your beautiful design.


4. Santa Special: Present Planters and Wooden Signs

Santa makes an obvious option for a Christmas-themed porch, and thankfully there are tons of great ways to pull this kind of look together quickly and with ease.

Use a planter box to hold small evergreens. Wrap your planter up like a present and decorate the tree with ornaments and garland. You can then wrap fake gifts to put near the planter.

Next, purchase or make a wooden sign that sits next to the doorway that says HO HO HO, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or another festive greeting.

Wrap fluffy, fancy garland around the porch’s posts with mistletoe mixed in, and hang some large red and white bulbs from the top of the porch, around the walkway.


5. A Splash of Color: Solid Red Accent Decor

Creating a cozy winter look with natural colors and natural decor gives your porch a subtle yet festive look during the colder seasons. Throwing in a bright pop of color will add more curb appeal and provide more fun and festive design.

When decking out your porch for the winter, grab a large plant pot and fill it with evergreen, birch branches, and pinecones. Place this planter next to a wooden rocking chair or next to the doorway.

Take a pair of old skis and slightly criss-cross them in the middle, hanging a pair of old skates from the top, and lean it against the wall.

Then, hang a freshly cut wreath from the doorway or a window. (Two or three if you like).

Now it’s time to add in the red. (You can use any bright, bold color you want. We find red to be the most festive.)

Add a bright red bow to the bottom of your wreaths and bright red mittens to the skis and skates.

Drape a bright red blanket over the back of the rocking chair, bench, or whatever type of seating you have outside.

Consider placing some old fashion rustic lanterns on a table and adding a red ribbon on the bow to the top.

Finally, place a bright red doormat at the entrance of your home with a white “welcome,” snowflakes, or some other design.

Winter porch decor always looks great in red.



Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Porch

You don’t have to go overboard to create a festive and impressive porch creation for the winter months or holiday season; you simply have to know what you like and what to look for.


Take Advantage of Nature’s Free Decor

Nature’s Free Decor

There is no arguing that nature is absolutely beautiful, even in the winter months. There are festive shrubs, evergreen branches, rocks, and other easy-to-find natural decor items. Take advantage of the free decorations and utilize what Mother Nature has to offer.

Spray paint pine cones– Spray paint pine cones white and sprinkle them with glitter. Paint them red, green, and white for more of a holiday feel. Or paint them red and black, and put them into a dish on a table with a buffalo plaid rug underneath.

Spruce up branches– Birch logs and branches are a fabulous way to add natural decor to your porch or home any time of the year, but all different types of branches and sticks can come together to create a masterpiece.

Try this: Take a bunch of sticks and cut them all to the same size. Then tie them together into four separate bunches. With the four sections, glue them at each end to create a square, and tie a ribbon around one corner to hang from the wall. In the bottom corner of this now diamond stick bundle, glue a red ribbon for a pop of color.

You can also decorate with evergreen pine trees, decorate or paint rocks, and so much more.


Hit Up Yards Sales, Thrift Stores, or Your Parents’ Attic

One of the most popular ways to decorate porches, yards, and even inside the home is using rustic, upcycled, and old-fashioned items.

Take a quick trip to a thrift store and keep an eye out for old furniture, decorations, and household items.

You will be amazed at what you can do with some old items and a little bit of elbow grease.


Things to look for:

  • Old wooden furniture like rocking chairs, benches, end tables, etc.
  • Rustic lanterns, vases, candleholders, etc.
  • Wooden boxes, milk crates, old jugs, anything you can use as a planter or decor
  • Old fashioned Christmas or holiday ornaments and decorations
  • Old winter sports gear such as skis, skates, and sleds


Get Crafty

Have some fun with your outdoor decorations. Adding in a little bit of DIY can make this project exciting and give it a special touch of your personality. There are tons of quick and simple crafts you can pull together yourself or turn into a fun family project.

  • Paint wooden signs using leftover wood from a project or a piece of plywood
  • Make a wreath from wire coat hangers, garland, and fake poinsettia leaves
  • Sew some unused clothing together to make festive throw pillowcases
  • Grab some fabric and use the “tie” method to make a fun throw blanket
  • Purchase large, cheap bulb ornaments and paint them, then hang them from the ceiling of the porch or put them in a large glass bowl on a table
  • Make some oversized bows and place one on each post of your porch

The options are endless as long as you tap into your creative side and keep an open mind when it comes to your winter porch decor.


Summing Things Up

Whether you are going for country chic, holiday cheer, or elegant and white, setting up a cozy and creative porch for the winter is much easier than you think. You just have to let those creative juices flow!

If you’re not the creative type, or you simply don’t have the time to brainstorm your own ideas, give one of the options we’ve listed a try. You won’t be disappointed.



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