There is nothing more fun and productive than up-cycling! Recycling is a good idea. But why stop there when there is so much you can do with jars accumulated in your pantry. From baby food pouches to mason jars, there is so much that can be done to repurpose a glass jar for decor in every home. So, before you decide to dump them in your recycle bin, here are some great ways to recycle glass jar for decor.



1. Craft Jars Storage

Craft Storage recycle glass jar for decor ideas

Have mason jars lying around? Why not make them simple craft storage jars? This is an interesting way to organize crayons, pencils, scissors, and so on. Paint the lid with bright hues and design it with whatever catches your fancy on top.


2. Mini- Aquarium

Mini Aquarium recycle glass jar for decor ideas

Does your little tot’s love for fish get the best of you? Well, worry no more. Find a regular sized mason jar and remove the lid. Choose a fish variety that does not require an air filter. Place pebbles, plants and some decorative elements, too. Don’t forget to feed the fish though.


3. Tea Lights

Tea Lights recycle glass jar for decor ideas

Whether you decide to light them or not, votive candles are often staples in many houses. If you wish to add more, make good use of your baby’s miniscule jars and turn them into candle holders. Simply cover the jar’s exterior with beautiful fabric to instantly convert it into stylish glass candleholders. You can make your own candle, too.


4. Potpourri Jars

Potpourri recycle glass jar for decor ideas

Do you love the smell of vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg? Do you prefer flowery scents like roses? Make your own jar filled with potpourri by filling it with your favorite elements. Here, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, vanilla extract, and cloves are paired with dried flower and leaf petals for that distinctive aroma. Cover with cheese cloth (or any breathable fabric of your choice) and wrap with a rubber band. It makes a great living room aromatic decor and as a gift, too!


5. Decoupage Jars

Decoupage recycle glass jar for decor

A decoupage jar is also an excellent way to repurpose a glass jar for decor. Cut out paper from magazines or make use of a wrapping paper. Cover the jar with a thin layer of glue and paste the paper on. Make sure to get rid of air bubbles and cover again with glue solution. This makes a good decorative element and also makes a nice personalized gift, too. A gift like this is another great way to use recycle glass jar for decor.


6. Christmas Jars

Christmas recycle glass jar for decor ideas

Make your own Christmas decor using available jars and things right in your home. A snowman jar, for instance, can be so much fun to make. All you need is a mason jar, some buttons, white paint, colored markers, and old Christmas socks. Paint the jar with the paint and when dry, cover the top with the Christmas sock. Glue the button and face—add a scarf, too! You may also add tea lights or votive candles inside the jar for effects at night.


7. Halloween Themed Jars

Halloween Themed recycle glass jar for decor ideas

Like Christmas, Halloween is also that time of the year where many homes transform into some place scary. Simply paint the jars and place them conspicuously in high trafficked areas in the home. Feel free to add votive candles or tea lights for more impact. This is a great way to add some light and recycle glass jar for decor.


8. Rainbow Chandelier Jars

Rainbow Chandelier using glass jars

Want to buy a chandelier but are low on money? Why not make your own chandelier using jars. This unique rainbow spiral chandelier above will make a perfect home accent. It can be placed over a kitchen table or in the living room. It may also be placed just right above a foyer or stairwell.


9. Photo Jars

Photo ideas for glass jars

Don’t you just love the ingenuity behind these picture jars? Simply place your favorite photo inside the jar and turn it upside down on a living room table or a credenza. Use different sizes of jars to make it even more fun and unique. You can recycle glass jar for decor to remember all these memories.


10. Aerial Vases

Aerial Vases with purple plants in front of window

Remember those little Gerber or Nestle Baby glass jars? Baby food jars are just the right size to make a hanging vase. They can hold cute-sy little pansies to add excitement to a window or a patio.

Indeed, your imagination is your only limitation when planning to a repurpose glass jar for decor. You do not have to buy something fancy or expensive to attain a great-looking room in your home. Armed with recyclable glass jars and a creative mind, you can easily transform a seemingly boring room into an exciting space with repurposed jars.



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