For some the bedroom is the room where they retire at the end of a tiring day to recharge through sleep. But for most people it is a room that signifies a lot more. And for any couple in love – the bedroom usually tends to inspire love and romance. But for that to happen, the bedroom needs to have that zing! If you have a lackluster bedroom that doesn’t have any romantic bedroom decor ideas at play, chances are that it will actually make your romance fizzle out rather than rekindle it.

So let’s remedy the situation with a few easy and amazing inspirations that you too can try in your bedroom!



Four post romantic bedroom decor ideas in red room

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# 1. A warm palette is possibly one of the best ways to create the mood. After all, red – and warm shades – do denote love! While for the young and adventurous, this red can do wonders, for some this may seem a little too bright. For them, dark oranges, mahoganies and other red tinted shades can also work.


Tuscany romantic bedroom decor ideas in red and warm overtones

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# 2. Just as we have been saying – red and warm overtones don’t always need to mean red – bright and blood colored. There can be more muted colors for those wanting something in the same character, but not quite so exuberant. Here the orange of the walls and the linen works wonderfully with the wooden flooring and the warm tinted lighting. Sometimes romantic bedroom decor ideas whisper and don’t always speak loudly.


Canopy bedroom decorating ideas for romance in white room

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# 3. Another thing that can really spell out romance in any bedroom is a soft and almost fantastical canopy. Not only does it add a soft and beautiful touch to your entire bedroom, the canopy also creates a sense of seclusion and coziness. And as you know – that can be the perfect precursor to some romance. Here you find everything in pristine white – but the canopy can easily be synced with the rest of your room, whatever color it is.


Pendant lighting ideas for romantic bedroom in white room

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# 4. Where romantic overtones in bedrooms are concerned, nothing can put a roadblock in that quite like harsh fluorescent lighting. The perfect setting for some evergreen romance is candlelight. And if you cannot recreate just that, low and muted lighting can be the perfect foil. As seen here – the soft reddish glow of the pendant lights are enough to create a romantic feel – even as the rest of the decor is low key and subdued. Lighting is very important when it comes to romantic bedroom decor ideas.


Romantic modern canopy bedroom decor ideas in white room

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# 5. Instead of keeping an ordinary style canopy, you can even try something modernistic and cutting edge. Here for instance you see a canopy that can still create a feeling of being alone by yourselves, even as your bed seems to have a modernistic edge.


Urban romantic bedroom decorating ideas in blue and white room

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# 6. Even as many go for seclusion, for those in love with the outdoors, but resigned to a life in the urban jungle, these large picture windows that let in enough light and breeze can also take the two people in their very own paradise of freedom. For those inclined as such – even this can spell out romance.


Nature inspired white bedroom

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# 7. Those with the option of getting away to more natural scapes can make their bedroom romantic by allowing nature to peek into their comfortable and cozy personal paradise. This image gives you a pretty good idea. Imagine waking up and being able to walk out into your own garden!


Small apartment red bedroom

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# 8. Now for those without any such options – say you live in a small apartment and even windows are scant. Here is one idea that can turn your small, under the attic alcove into a romantic bedroom! Romantic bedroom decor ideas aren’t limited by room space.


Lighting ideas in a romantic white bedroom

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# 9. You may also be simplistic in your tastes and do not want to go all out with redecorating your bedroom right now. But the fact is that even a few simple alterations and additions can be enough to transform your bedroom, as evidenced here. All in all the decor is pretty simple – and there are not too many expensive or complex pieces adorning the room. But nevertheless, it creates an atmosphere. Atmosphere can’t be understated when it comes to romantic bedroom decor ideas.


Middle earth inspired rustic bedroom

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# 10. If you and your partner love the rustic – and maybe even all the Middle Earth inspired decor, then this of all romantic bedroom decor ideas will surely appeal. It creates a very beautiful tapestry of relaxation, romance, rustic and fantastical – a perfect recipe for some quiet quality time and special moments of shared togetherness.


No – romance cannot be forced… But sometimes all your relationship needs is the perfect atmosphere to come back to. And who knows, maybe one of these 10 romantic bedroom decor ideas is just what you need to rekindle the spark and discover each other anew!



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