New couples tend to spend a great deal of romantic time together in the comfort of their bedroom. From saying sweet nothings to each other and sharing their thoughts as they build their dream castles in the sky, this is the place where they can uninhibitedly and unabashedly share their sensuality with each other. As newlyweds, the need to adjust to each other’s quirkiness is imminent. With this in mind, choosing the right romantic bedroom decorating ideas for new couples must be carefully thought of.

To begin your journey to forever, here are 10 relaxing yet romance-filled bedroom decor ideas.


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10 romantic bedroom decorating ideas

1. Paint It Love

Warm up your walls with colors that bring in warmth to the senses. Red, by the way, is off the list as it is known to be a libido killer. Go for caramel hues or topaz. White or mint green also lends a sense of serenity.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas in darker room


2. Canopy

The bed will be the focal point of your bedroom. While many prefer simplistic bed frames complemented with an elaborate headboard, a canopy adds so much charm to the whole room. Canopies usually add an extra layer of protection from the harshness of light in a room. It can wrap both of you in a magical and plush embrace lending an impression of safety, privacy and utmost intimacy. This is another one of the romantic bedroom decorating ideas that can add intimacy to any bedroom.

Canopy bed in white romantic bedroom


3. Candle Lit Desire

One of the most relaxing yet romantic bedroom decor ideas for new couples which you can do on your own, is by adding a candle shelf. This idea also infuses a certain form of elegance especially during a night of romance. You can turn off the lights as well as the lamps and let the soft glow of candles keep your warm and bathed in an amorous ambiance.

Romantic candles on shelf in bedroom with pictures


4. Mood Lighting

While candles may bring the ultimate romance, mood lighting also delivers a sense of passion into a bedroom. The idea is to generate a soft glow all throughout the room instead of the usual chandelier or twin bedside lamps. Recessed lights with a controllable dimmer will definitely create a stunning view. If you prefer lamps, however, try to paint the inside of those lighting instruments a pale pink to give both of you a rosy glow.

Mood lighting in romantic bedroom


5. Add Scent

Don’t miss out on aromatherapy. Infuse the common scents you and your partner love by installing a diffuser. Choose sensual scents like sandalwood or vanilla, jasmine and ylang-ylang. Take this romantic diffuser from Lagute. All you need to do is place a few drops of essential oil for fresh air to come floating out, lulling your olfactories. Say goodbye to discomfort and say hello to calm bonding moments. Romantic bedroom decorating ideas like this, always make a room smell great and lead to many memories.

LAGUTE Romance 500ML Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Air Humidifier


6.Sheer Curtains

While your focus may be on the bed itself, don’t forget to complement it more with romantic curtains. Sheer double-shirred fabrics are the in thing in curtains these days. Grecian valance also lend a soft elegance and luxurious look to make the room truly a lover’s den.

Romantic sheer curtains for bedroom


7. Pillow Talks

Apart from the 400 thread-count fitted sheets and plus comforters, investing in plush pillows that relax the head and neck, will also make a lot of difference. Be reminded that aside from the mattress, pillows lend that certain feeling of not being able to wait to relax and talk things over.

Romantic pillows in white for newly married couples


8. Artwork

Add a splash of artistry into your romantic haven. Go for art pieces that mimic both you and your partner’s stylish gist. If you may, see to it that the colors in a painting or the elements in sculptures complement that of the overall bedroom design scheme.

Romantic artwork above bed in green bedroom


9. Surround Sound

Want to simply enjoy each other’s presence without uttering a single word? Try to infuse surround sound of a guzzling brook or the dazzling drop of a waterfall. Or perhaps, go for the relaxing waves of the shoreline or the soft chirping of a bird. White noise and meditative sound are also great ways to simply relax and enjoy each other’s presence. Truly, music is the language of the soul and what better way to enjoy that than by adding a sound machine with adaptive sound technology. Romantic bedroom decorating ideas can always start with some soothing audio.

Adaptive Sound Technologies surround sound audio

10. Touch of Zen

Wrap up the whole relaxed yet romantic feel with a Zen corner. Use aromatherapy candles, gem stones, and other elements that lend a sense of peace. Whisk plants on corners to make the room breathe in utter freshness.

Zen corner ideas in romantic bedroom


Create a blissful sanctuary as you journey to forever. Let both of your personalities mesh together in rapturous joy as you perfectly blend design, style and functionality into your new bedroom. With these romantic bedroom decorating ideas for new couples, you are certainly off to the land where happily-ever-after never ends.


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