Are you thinking of adding an end table to sharpen up the look of your living space? Why spend money on a boring end table when you can DIY it! An end table is typically beside a chair or sofa and provides a convenient stand to rest anything you want on it. Most end tables look very unexceptional, but they can be so much more!


diy end table in white room


Feel uninspired and in need of unique DIY ideas? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled 11 sharp and creative DIY end table designs for your home that will make your space stand out! Also, we answer some frequently asked questions about DIY end tables. So let’s dive in!



1. Old Clock End Table

clock end table

Do you have an old clock lying around your house? Perfect, you can turn it into a gorgeous and unique end table! All you have to do is find and paint wooden legs and boards to complement the colors of your old clock, and you’re all set! Make sure it’s a big enough surface to hold whatever you plan to adorn it with before you start your clever DIY project.

This project should be easy for beginners and shouldn’t take more than a weekend, given you have the right materials at your disposal! It will be a timeless addition to your beautiful home, and you’ll have people inquiring which store you bought it from – and you can then gloat that you had it handmade by yours truly!


2. Tree Stump End Table

Tree stump end table

If wood and tree stumps add to your home’s aesthetic, this creative DIY table idea will be the perfect addition to your living room. You can grab a tree trunk from just about anywhere, but hopefully, you have an extra one in your backyard, and you’re all set to get started.

With wood, you can buy exterior paint and make it look exactly the way you want it. Or you can choose to leave the wood unpainted for a rustic end table. The possibilities are limitless once you get those creative juices flowing! Basic but very sharp, this end table idea will inspire your guests!


3. Wooden Cross-Legged End Table

wooden end table

Is your living room minimalistic, and do you want something to enhance the look? This bright idea is just what you’ve been looking for! It will provide not just a surface on top to decorate or hold your belongings, but it’ll also have a drawer to hold precious items and serve as storage space!

Creating this wooden cross-legged table should be easy-peasy for beginner and intermediate DIYers! All you need is your basic tools, some time, and dedication! This cross-legged end table will be simplistic yet rich effortlessly!


4. Stacked Books Table

Stacked books table

Are you and your family book lovers? This unique end table idea adds a screaming personality from the moment you step into your living room! A cute stacked books concept with a glass surface on top is such a creative design that you probably don’t come across regularly.

But hold your horses. As easy as this idea looks, it still requires some DIY magic! You need rustic hardcovers or whatever style of hardcover book suits your aesthetic. Make sure you don’t need these books – they are furniture now, not reading material! Then, you need to stabilize the books by firmly gluing them together. And, you need to secure the glass on top so it doesn’t slip off. This original idea will get guests talking!


5. Minimal Glass End Table

Glass end table

Do you have a modern, minimalistic theme going on in your living room? This glass end table will add a perfect minimal touch to your space while keeping it clean and sleek!

This glass end table uses old pipes and circular or square glass and is relatively easy for beginners and intermediate DIYers alike. Paint and shine what you need to finish the table, looking fresh and glossy. Once you’re all done, you can probably snap a photo and get featured in a model home magazine for how sleek your living room will look! No one will believe that you made this end table with your own two hands.


6. Wooden Plank End Table

wooden plank table

Are you looking for an easy DIY end table? This wooden plank table will hit the spot! All you need is a plank of wood – preferably thick – some paint and a few sturdy legs to prop it up!

An easy project for DIY beginners, this end table design is trendy and artistic! Who says simple pieces of furniture won’t stand out? With this handy wooden plank end table, you can decorate it with just about anything, and guests will think it’s store-bought!


7. Caged Table

caged table in white room

Do you want to create a unique table design? This is it – a caged end table! It’s clever, different, and tasteful, all in one! It doesn’t require too much planning and building on your part so you are so much closer to achieving the living room of your dreams! 

Take a cage – whether you have an unused one or need to buy a new one – and add some stabilizing legs or non-slip risers. You can shave off the top and add a circular glass, or you can flatten the top of the cage to achieve the perfect caged end table for your living space! Then, be prepared to wow your guests!


8. Modern Bookshelf End Table

bookshelf end table with black couch and plant

Looking to make a simple yet effective end table design? Try building this modern bookshelf end table! It’s sleek enough to pass as store-bought and unique enough that you won’t find it easily at other people’s houses.

DIYers who are beginners and intermediate will be able to build this end table fairly quickly. All you need is wood or shelving, legs, and power tools to make this creative table a part of your home!


9. Wooden Crate End Table

wooden crate end table

Do you need storage space in your living room but don’t know how to include it as a regular table? This wooden crate will serve as an end table but also the ultimate storage spot!

All you need are crates that you can paint to whatever color that suits your aesthetic, and you’re good to go! Even though this might be one of the easiest DIY projects on this list, it’s still a classic and beautiful addition to your living space! 


10. 3-Ring End Table

three ring table with white lamp

Looking to build an efficient yet eye-catching end table for your living room? This 3-ring table is the perfect catch!

This one is basic enough to make for beginner, intermediate, and veteran DIYers, you can build this three-ring table in one weekend. It’s sturdy enough to hold items on its top surface and even has storage space on the bottom two rings to hold your magazines, books, or TV remotes! Your guests will be drooling over your DIY mastery!


11. Coconut Shell End Table

coconut table

Have you ever been to a house that had a coconut shell end table? Most likely you haven’t, and that is why it’s such a creative DIY idea to snatch all for yourself! This sharp end table idea will probably take some time while you collect coconut shells – pro tip: ask your friends and family to donate their coconut shells to you! – but it will be oh-so-worth-it!

We recommend this to the pros who have experience sanding, painting, waterproofing, and super gluing. This coconut shell end table will be a real challenge to accomplish, but once it’s done, you’ll feel proud of your hard work, and you’ll earn a myriad of compliments from guests!



FAQs About DIY End Tables

rustic wood table with plants


Q: What is the difference between the side and end table?

A side or accent table is a small table placed along the wall of a room, while an end table is a small table directly next to a chair or at the end of a sofa.


Q: What materials and tools are needed to build a table?

The materials you use to build your table depending on your idea and the scope of the project. The possibilities are endless if you are using material around the house that you don’t need anymore – so stay creative!

The main tools you need to build a table include a table saw and its accessories, a miter saw, doweling jigs, chisels, and a coping saw. Other supplies might include an orbital sander, circular saw, brad nails, spray paint, wood filler, or copper pipe. You can source the wood from different places, too. Repurpose a nightstand or bedside table or make the most out of pallet wood.


Q: How do I make my table higher?

Maybe you bought a new couch that is taller than your old couch or maybe you messed up the measurements. Whatever the case, you can make your end table higher by adding lifts or wooden extensions to the legs. You can also replace your table legs completely to make sure you get the exact height you want!


Final Thoughts

DIY end tables are eye-catching and 100% unique. Rather than buying a boring piece of furniture online for an insane price, why not choose the DIY route to create an interesting and rare piece that will turn heads and feel homey?

Hopefully, this list of 11 sharp & creative DIY end table designs for your home sparked some ingenious ideas! Make it a weekend or week-long DIY project and impress your family and friends with your DIY mastery!

Happy building!



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