In a bind on how to make your diminutive bathroom space look bigger and more functional? Space is a common problem nowadays and with the bathroom being a sanctuary where one can relax after a toilsome day, finding a way to take advantage of its visual square inches, can be challenging. But there are certain ways to deal with this dilemma. A small bathroom can be decorated to look bigger than its actual size and function as well. To give you an idea, here are 10 functional and doable small bathroom decor ideas to jumpstart your plan.


small bathroom decor ideas in white with storage shelves



Tip #1. Keep A Monochromatic Tone

Monochromatic small bathroom decor ideas in black


Color schemes for small bathroom decor ideas should delve into light hues, such as white, beige, pale grey and pastels. Dark colors can easily constrict a space making it visually smaller and tighter. For homeowners who embrace contrast of colors, keep it to a minimum. Think about channeling it to an object or decorative element in a certain space. A vase or painted sink can easily give a new aura to an all white bathroom


Tip #2. Splurge on Mirrors

Large mirror small bathroom decor ideas with blue and gray tile


Without a doubt, mirrors are great addition to a bathroom. Not only does a mirror collect light, it also makes the space bigger and roomy. Add some lighting on top of the expansive mirror or hang a light in front of it—this will amplify the light’s impact as well as make the space seem bigger. Most importantly, put a mirror right across a window to reflect natural light into the room. Do steer clear of double mirrors though as they can chop up the space. You need all your space for your small bathroom decor ideas.


Tip #3. Wall to Ceiling Paint Scheme

Paint color scheme small bathroom decor ideas in white


Extend the walls paint color up to the ceiling. Unifying the color scheme in a bathroom can effectively create a much bigger space. This is even more so when a ceiling is oddly shaped or angled unconventionally. To expand the space, paint your walls and ceiling uniformly as this will help create a cleaner more expansive space. For a flat ceiling though, choose a shade lighter. New paint color schemes are small bathroom decor ideas that can change the look of your room over night.


Tip #4. Beautifully Blended Tile and Wall Color Scheme

Tile and wall color small bathroom decor ideas in brown


Keep the tile color and wall color uniform (and paint the ceiling a lighter hue). This will help eliminate the contrasting vertical and horizontal planes thus, creating a free flowing visual from head to toe that will translate as one larger space.


Tip #5. Trendy Sink

Round and oval sink small bathroom decor ideas with lighting


Square sinks can take up space. Opt instead for a round or oval bowl as this will give more countertop space. Instead of enclosed cabinetry to hold the sink, go for open shelves where you can store bathroom necessities like linens and towels.


Tip #6. Washstand and Towel Bars Combo

Wash stand and towel bar small bathroom decor ideas in gray


Have a flair for wash stands? Go for ones with towel bars. You can freely hang wet towels on the bars included to the whole design and still have extra space below for storage.


Tip#7. Clear Shower Glass

Clear glass shower small bathroom decor ideas


Ditch the shower curtain as well as those dramatic textured glass varieties. Not only will they feel like an extra wall to a diminutive space, but can make it feel enclosed and suffocating. Let go of such a visual barrier and opt instead for a clear glass. This is one of the small bathroom decor ideas most people should be able to do.


Tip #8. Amass the Natural Light

Bathroom with Natural light and wood accents


Collect as much natural light as possible in a small bathroom by not blocking windows. Natural light makes cramped spaces look spacious and airy. Think about a welcoming sunlight to greet your brand new day and the soft hue of the moonlight as you put your feet down after a tiring day. Steer clear of curtains, shutters or some sort of covering. If it’s privacy you want, go for translucent shade or perhaps, tone on tone stained window glass. No windows? No problem! Install a “solatube” to bring natural light in.


Tip #9. Recessed Shelving and Cabinetry

Shelving and cabinet in small bathroom with plant and vase


From medicine cabinets to shampoo and linen storage, make good use of your available walls. Bury shelving and cabinetry right into your walls to save on space.


Tip #10.  Towel Racks on Tub

Towel racks in white bathroom with mirror


Though it is very easy to prop up one on a corner, a virtuous space saver can do better than that. Place towel racks above a bath tub for added convenience and space.



Indeed, there are 1001 ways to make small bathroom decor ideas space savvy. These 10 tips are nothing but just the tip of the iceberg. Do keep in mind though that a bathroom should include the basics in satisfying a household’s basic needs such as, a toilet, sink, faucet, and a shower area. You can add a bath tub or linen storage but if the space simply cannot accommodate them then, improvise. You can check out Amazon for some key pieces that will fit your limited space without spending too much.



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