Are you one of those homeowners who feel like tearing up a whole wall or two for a complete bathroom remodel but you can’t? Without a doubt, the idea of remodeling a bathroom is one of the most expensive projects. Apart from paying a hefty sum to a home improvement contractor, this idea will also pose a huge problem if there is just no available space to expand with. Do you know that it only takes a sound organizational strategy to make your current small bathroom space stylish and user-friendly—without breaking the bank at that! Here are 10 budget friendly small bathroom organization ideas to jumpstart your goal to a comfortable space.


Small Bathroom Organization Ideas in gray with candles



1. Bare Countertop

Bare countertop small bathroom organization ideas

Clutter makes a space look cramped. Freeing your countertop space will help make it more orderly and harmonious. Make good use of the empty area below your countertop and convert it into a storage cabinet. Simply measure how big you want the drawers to be and purchase DIY wooden or metal organizers. Plastic boxes which can be rolled in and out also make good options.


2. Magnetic Makeup Storage

Magnetic Makeup Storage small bathroom organization ideas

Tired of rummaging through drawers for that eye shadow? Why not create a magnetic makeup board? You can refurbish an old picture frame with simple items like an old metal sheet, some small magnets, glue, and other needed supplies. This will help save storage space as well as time saved from searching.


3. Recessed Walls

Recessed walls small bathroom organization ideas with tub and storage

Need a cabinet but are short on space? Open up your walls and organize a cabinet. Recessed walls can help add storage space to a small bathroom to hold more items. You can add wooden dividers or simply stack plastic containers or wicker baskets. Sort items accordingly or label them by category. If it is a shared bathroom, add names of family members on the label. If you want to talk about being organized, this is one of the small bathroom organization ideas for you.


4. Wall Towel Storage

Wall towel storage small bathroom organization ideas

You just can’t get enough towels and storage can be such a hassle. If your bathroom has a wall as division, make good use of the space in between to store towels. You may also store extra bathing supplies on top like shampoo jars, bar soaps and shower gels, toothpaste, toilet paper and so on.


5. Door Towel Bars

Door towel bars small bathroom organization ideas

Towel racks can easily consume space, something that your tiny bathroom cannot accommodate. Why not make good use of the space behind your door? Install towel bars behind it. The picture above does not only organize them but also add more stylishness to the overall bathroom design.


6. Vertical Shower Caddy

Vertical shower caddy small bathroom organization ideas

One of the most easy-to-do small bathroom organization ideas is by adding a vertical shower caddy. Functional and stylish, this helps free ample space in your cramped shower stalls. It can hold shampoo, conditioner, bath gels, bar soaps, razors, shaving creams, washcloths, loofahs, rubber ducks, and other bathroom knick-knacks.


7. Spice Racks As Storage

Spice racks storage small bathroom organization ideas

Got extra wood frames in your garage or an old spice rack in your kitchen? Paint it white or any color that compliments your bathroom design and hang them on the side of your countertop just right within arm’s reach. Organize your hair products, body lotions, hand sanitizers, and so on.


8. In-suite Storage

Cabinet being used to store extra items

For single-cabinet bathrooms, one way of maximizing space is by creating “in-suite” storage. Take this StickOnPods storage, for instance. These durable clear plastic containers can be easily attached to a cabinet or to any flat surface. This can hold small stuffs like nail polish, make-up, lipsticks, toothbrushes, eyeliners and so on.


9. Above-Door Storage

Above door bathroom storage

One of the most taken for granted space is the area above a bathroom door. Maximize every square-inch footage of your diminutive bathroom. Add a slab of wood on top of the door area to serve as supply storage. Simply secure the wooden slab with screw-on brackets. You can store towels, shampoo and conditioners, bar soaps in an airtight container, bath gels, and much more.


10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror wall in bathroom with wood accents

One of the oldest tricks in creating an illusion of space is to add a mirror. Make your bathroom look bigger and airier by installing mirrors on the wall. Choose a focal point where it can collect natural light or simply use up one whole side of the wall.

Small bathrooms may seem like a hard challenge. But with a little ingenuity and love of putting things in order, it can actually be a comfortable space. Try out these 10 small bathroom organization ideas and fall in love with it all over again.



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