Kitchens can be somewhat tricky to do up – it is the area of the house where you will be cooking. And yet, it is also the spot where you may decide to entertain the occasional guest with a meal! So it all boils down to the room having a utilitarian as well as an ornamental purpose. And as you would know, where cooking is concerned, the room needs to be just right so that it is ready to entertain guests as well. And the problems are actually compounded in case you have a smallish kitchen. So to put an end to your dilemma, we have brought you these 5 small kitchen mistakes you should avoid.



#1: Not having adequate space for storage

Small kitchen mistakes you should avoid like not enough storage

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In small kitchens, you need to exercise some imagination and ingenuity to create the perfect balance between storage space and clear space. In case there isn’t enough storage space, chances are that you will have all lot of stuff left out, and this creates clutter. A cluttered kitchen isn’t easy to clear up and that rules out entertaining guests here. Also, if storage space is short, you stand the risk of creating serious problems for yourself when you are cooking, because you may knock things over. There are small kitchen mistakes you should avoid at all times and this is an easy one to remedy.


#2: Counter space running short

Not enough counter space in kitchen

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The storage space is for keeping things out of the way or out of sight. But what about using the kitchen and cooking here? You will need counter space for the same. Ask any one with inadequate counter space, and they’ll tell you just how difficult it becomes to negotiate inside a small kitchen. Also, in case you want to be calling your guests into the kitchen to dine, then counter space is essential so as to give the kitchen an uncluttered and clean look. This is one of the small kitchen mistakes you should avoid, unless you want to end up with inadequate counter space.


#3: A dimly lit kitchen

Need better lighting in this kitchen as a small kitchen mistakes you should avoid

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Many people do not pay enough attention to lighting in the kitchen. This leads to a dimly lit kitchen. As you will know, for all the knife work and presentation of food, light is essential! Ever seen a professional kitchen? They are usually full of bright lights – because this allows you to check on your food properly and ensure that it is coming along fine. You may want to dim the lights for when the guests arrive – but consider when you don’t? The best idea is to get bright lights, and install dimmers, for when needed.


#4: Messing up the ventilation in the kitchen

Kitchen ventilation needs to be adequate

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Often when you are trying to carry out a self designed renovation in the kitchen, ventilation can suffer. The professionals are much more aware of the necessary elements. However, being inexperienced, you may never have considered this factor. However, the question of ventilation is never as vital as in a small kitchen, especially one where you may want to entertain guests as well. After all – you cook a lot of food in here, but you certainly do not want the smells to linger around, do you? And proper ventilation, along with a kitchen hood takes care of this. This is one of the small kitchen mistakes you should avoid and be aware of. You can cut out many problems by having cleaner air in your space.


#5: Designing your kitchen identical to a design you saw

Kitchen renovation trend used instead of matching design

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Kitchens, as we mentioned right at the start, are somewhat difficult to renovate. You may follow any design you want – but a few factors are very important to keep in mind. And these are shape, location and layout. Never borrow directly from a design that doesn’t match your kitchen in these factors. Because not all kitchens are built alike. And just because something is in trend doesn’t mean that it is going to work out in your kitchen. What you ultimately want is storage space, ample light, proper ventilation, and proper space and leg room. So make your own changes to the design to include all these factors.

So, we hope you’ve got a hang of the 5 small kitchen mistakes you should avoid that are most commonly made nowadays. As we move ahead and houses become smaller, so do kitchens. But to keep your kitchen functional, yet aesthetically pleasing keep these things in mind.



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