Remember those days when TVs weighed a ton and looked like another piece of furniture dumped in the living room? Luckily, today’s generation no longer has to contend with such a bulky piece of entertainment machine. With flatscreens in varying sizes, design and features continually bombarding the market, it’s no wonder that the era of the entertainment area in the living room has also made a comeback. When thinking of revamping your own digs, these small living room ideas with TV can come handy.


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Small Living Room Ideas With TV


1. Get creative by placing your TV set on an easel

Elegant and unique, an easel can give your TV a bump into the right stylish direction without hogging up too much space in your small living room. You can buy one straight from retail sites online and go for either wood or reinforced lightweight alloy. It’s not a bad idea to get one with moveable casters for convenience. Do you also know that a DIY easel can only cost you around $35? Check this out.

small living room with easel tv stand in white bedroom with beams



2. Hide it

Small spaces require consistent decluttering to prevent it from looking cramped. To maximize vertical space, concealing a TV set inside a piece of furniture or perhaps, behind a sliding panel off the wall is a brilliant idea. There are specially designed wall cabinets that hide a TV while posing as a piece of artwork. It makes a great focal point when nobody’s watching, and as a center for entertainment when someone’s itching for a good show. This is one of the small living room ideas with tv that is great for anyone who appreciates tv and wants their tv out of the way.

EZY-B Artistically Concealed TV Cabinet with doors


3. Converge it with wall-mounted shelves

To create an illusion of a spacious living room, it is wise to maximize as much vertical space as possible. Bare walls are complete no-no’s in this case. This is why it’s good to add wall mounted shelves to add storage, which also adds a sense of functionality to the whole living space. Add a flat-screen TV to spice things up and achieve a minimal yet functional look.

Small living room ideas with tv and wall shelf on white wall



4. Just put it up on the wall

Straight as a rod. No fuss. No drama. That’s it! Put your TV right on a wallpapered area. When there’s no room for another piece of furniture and shelves can make things look ghastly. Simply add an articulating wall mount like the Kanto FMX2 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount and voila! Boosting the style of your living room and being able to adjust a TVs angle for multiple viewing positions when needed, can be achieved. This popular method of small living room ideas with tv remains one of the most popular to this day.

Kanto FMX2 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount


5. Build a library around it

Book lovers who love to showcase their love for reading usually create a haven for their prized pieces for everyone to see. Recessed walls with bookshelves and a TV at the center is an exciting idea. Or if you want something minimalist, buying a TV stand that also doubles as a bookshelf will be cool! This DEVAISE Bookshelf-TV Stand, for instance, can be combined to create the design you want. Awesome, right?

DEVAISE Bookshelf-TV Stand


6. Nobody puts “baby” in a corner– not!

For a living room that’s deprived of enough breathing space, making use of corners can help elongate the area and lend a sense of spaciousness. You can prop the TV set at a certain 45-degree angle or you can take your pick from this vast selection of corner TV stands HERE and maximize every square footage of your small living area.

Basement corner living room ideas with tv



7. Get something mobile

Another excellent way of optimizing maximum square footage of your diminutive living area, is to make use of movable stuff. This makes a Kanto MTMA55PL Mobile TV Stand a wise investment when adding an entertainment showcase to your living room. A TV can be propped up when on Netflix binge then, stashed somewhere when inviting some people over cocktails. This is another small living room ideas with tv that is super convenient. Just roll the tv into the closet when not in use.

Kanto MTMA55PL Mobile TV Stand

There are so many small living room ideas with TV for you to choose from. But before you jump into anything, make sure to get a good grasp of your current space. See what of the above ideas will work in your current set-up and make it rock, so it can transform a TV set into a flawless decorative item without hogging up too much space.


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