The master bedroom is a couple’s personal retreat. This is where love and intimacy blooms. While most of today’s homes have limited space and inflation seems to make prices of decorative items balloon, this should not stop you from finding small master bedroom decor ideas to make your resting place more comfortable, inviting, and relaxing. To get you started, here are some useful tips and tricks gathered from various interior designers.



Stunning Small Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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1. Add a splash of color

One of the most effective, yet least costly decorating tools, is repainting your bedroom’s wall. To give it an illusion of a much bigger and brighter place, using light neutral colors will do the trick. Cool shades of blue, green, and lilac can add a sense of warmth and serenity. Neutral shades of tan and beige, also helps open up the whole space. With these, you can make a bedroom less confined with clearer lines.


2. Keep furniture minimal in a small master bedroom

Ditch the four-poster or medieval-sized beds that seem to engulf the whole room with their sheer size. Go for a comfy queen or double bed. If you and your partner are not fond of reading before bedtime, steer clear of side tables then. Instead prop a floor lamp or a potted plant in place. Of course, don’t forget to include a stool or an ottoman (that also holds extra storage) at the foot of the bed. This makes a great companion when preparing to go out. Small master bedroom decor ideas that included taking into account the size of furniture, are always good ideas.


3. Keep everything pulled together with matching window treatments and bedding vis-a-vis your wall

There is nothing more vivid and organized than matching your light-colored bedroom with complementary bed linens, pillow covers and curtains. Go for satin or velvety bed linens. Lace-y and flowing curtains in monochromatic colors will also add more warmth to the whole space.


4. Recreate a five-star hotel ambiance with a perfect play between natural and artificial light

Start by installing window treatments which fully welcome natural light during the day time. Add lamps in shadowy corners. Shade lamps can add not just glamour, but also stimulate a sensual edge, perfect for enhancing intimacy.


lighting ideas for your master bedroom in white

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5. Accessorize with minimalism and style in mind

Don’t cramp up a small master’s bedroom with unnecessary details. Rather go for carefully arranged decorative materials like a vintage alarm clock, a slim side table, a crystal vase, a diffuser for essential oils, and so on. Hang a piece of artwork or a framed photo of the whole family having a good time, as a focal point. Free clutter on your dresser by simply propping a mirror to open the whole space and reflect light from the outside.

Gray headboard with end table and wood flooring

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6. Storage

Make good use of every square-inch space in your master bedroom by setting up off-the-shelf storage units. Instead of installing a headboard and flanking the bed with side tables, placing two tall units which can be built into the wall or as a stand-alone shelf to hold the usual knick-knacks, will make a lot of difference. Space underneath the bed can also hold storage for blankets, linens, pillows, and even socks and undies. Small master bedroom decor ideas which include storage, are also a smart ideas.

Master bedroom storage ideas in blue

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7. Bathroom Essentials

You don’t have to create an ultra glamorous bathroom to make a master bedroom complete. With most homes being space-challenged these days, couples have to contend with small bathrooms in their bedrooms, too. All you need is to keep things organized by hanging floating shelves and built-in storage, to create a relaxing space. Add a mirror to invite natural lighting and to give an illusion of a bigger bath space.

Floating shelves in white in master bedroom


8. Add Plant Life

Breathe life into your bedroom with low-maintenance succulents. You can simply prop them up on top of a dresser or hang them by the window via the curtain rod. This improves air circulation and gives a relaxing mantra to the whole space.

Plants in bedroom on hanging platform

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Bottom line

These small master bedroom decor ideas for less simply show that there’s no reason for you to not make the best out of a seemingly dull space. Bring your decorating chops to the forefront and let your personal taste take center-stage. With your dedication, this decorative haul will definitely be bound for success.



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