Urbanite living is becoming even more prevalent these days. People in suburban and the rural countryside, are getting into the groove of high rise living and multi-storied apartment complexes. They are looking into condominium units to save not just on taxes, but to go the “simple living” route. With more compact living units however, comes the usual dilemma—how to make good use of every square inch and add a stylish punch? With hundreds, if not thousands, of tips and guidelines from topnotch interior experts, the mistakes to avoid for decorating a small space can be a tough act to follow. Here, we have collected at least 10 small space decorating mistakes to avoid in ensuring a lovely yet space-savvy home.


Small space decorating mistakes to avoid

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1. Always Going “Small”

Blue grand sofa with dining room table

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One of the toughest mistakes to avoid for decorating small space homes is the idea of choosing “small”. People are so afraid to think big with the creeping notion that such interior decorating idea will constrict the whole space in a chokehold. Not really! Don’t ever believe in such a misconception. Modern design elements do not limit small spaces with small-scale furniture and decor. There are big ways so as not to overpower a small room. When a space is tight then, look for a big statement piece that allows extra storage. Take this grand sofa, for instance. It can be used as both a living room and dining room element without being too cheesy. All it takes is to dramatize your space. With space underneath those high legs, you can also add a movable storage element.


2. Zero Furniture Plan

Many small-space dwellers think that all they need is small furniture pieces to keep things in order. This old-school furniture plan is one of the biggest mistakes continually being perpetuated by many. While every inch matters, there are cool furniture arrangement options for you to consider. Simply create arrangements that allow you to maneuver between daily needs and for hosting social gatherings. Go for simple furniture pieces with pull-up chairs or hidden areas for ottomans.


3. Post-It Rugs

zebra print rug in small light colored living room as Small Space Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

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Many homeowners pick rugs the side of postage stamps due to the constricted space. Designers advise however to go big on rugs. Not only does small post-it rugs make a room lend an ambiance of a smaller space, it also limits the degree of stylishness and texture added to the space. Don’t shrink the room any further. Go big or perhaps, lose the rug entirely for a more fluid interior design.


4. Color Me Blind

Dark living room with wicker furniture

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Don’t let go of your love for dark colors. Homeowners think that dark monochrome colors always make a small room feel tapered or restricted. Well, you can actually put dark and bright colors side by side. Here, cerulean blue walls topped with crisp white and natural wicker accents allow harmony and balance, without going into overdrive.


5. Bedroom Drama

blue bedroom sheets with plants and light colors as Small Space Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

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Don’t limit dramatic flair to your small bedroom. Eliminate the claustrophobic feel of low-ceiling bedrooms by using light crisp color schemes. Think about bright white walls accessorized with colorful navy striped beddings to recreate a relaxing beach home. Invite natural light in to surround the place or add a crystal-bauble light or chandelier to add some punch.


6. Bored Bathroom

corner etagere bathroom with metal shelves

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A bathroom also doesn’t have to be stiff when decorating a small space abode. Think about using fun and color with patterns and paints. To add more storage, simply install open wall shelves and slim étagère to hold those must-haves. You may also make use of recessed walls.


7. Storage Limits

small kitchen design ideas with open storage

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One of the most common mistakes to avoid for decorating small space homes is focused on storage limitations. Homeowners tend to focus all their efforts to utilize every square inch footage—don’t! Don’t stash everything on awkward corners and spaces. Instead, go high. Use ceiling space for floating storage. Go for tables and chairs with concealed storage while leaving ample free space underneath their legs. Taking advantage of a rolling island cart instead of fixed islands, as well as open shelves on kitchens also makes sense.


Bonus: Free Entry or None At All

Stylish entryway with table and partition screen

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Just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you deprive your home of the usual flair of an entryway. Well, you can’t recreate the whole luxurious foyer thing, but you can certainly organize a stylish entryway. Make use of a partition screen and then, place a slim table to hold a few decorative pieces. This allows having a makeshift wall divide from the main living area to your doorway.


Charm It All Up

There is no limit to your imagination on what can be done in a small abode. Take to heart these mistakes, to avoid for decorating small space homes and add your own artistic flair. Go for a cohesive theme and work-up your design style with charming trinkets and accessories. All in all, a discerning eye is all it takes to avoid the usual small space decorating mistakes to ultimately create great impact and add character to it.



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