Shopping for sofa set designs for small living room? Your current living room may come with a limited square inch footage, but that should not hamper the stylish sense and overall functionality of a room. The idea is to trick the eye into making it appear larger and create an illusion of spaciousness. With sofa seats being the core element of a living room, these ideas on picking what will work for your current space, can come in handy.


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Sofa Set Designs For Small Living Room


Small cozy living room with sofa set


Visually Lightweight

Choose sofa seats that are not just lightweight in actual size, but also to the eye. This means picking a set in s light color like white, beige, pastel, green, and nudes. Pair it up with leggy chairs to prevent obstructing the view of the floor area. Spruce it up with a glass or metal coffee table and you have an open yet visually lightweight feel.

Blue small living room sofa set




Choose armless sofa seats to create a sense of openness in a living room space. Sleek and stylish, this Dumont Mid Century Modern Fabric Loveseat Sofa Settee for example, prevents overcrowding a room. Adding a tulip chair and clear crystal coffee table will help create a more open space.

Dumont Mid Century Modern Fabric Loveseat Sofa Settee in green


Sectional Sofas

A sectional sofa for a living room may sound downright crazy, but it does work! It does its magic by hugging the contour of a space while maximizing seating potential. This chic and stylish sectional from Divano Roma Furniture comes in various colors– beige, light blue, green, orange, light gray, red and sky blue– to suit your current interior design. Sofa set designs for small living room, like this sectional, are a popular decision for a large audience.

Divano Roma Furniture Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise in blue


Window Setup

Maximize your current space by taking advantage of natural light coming in from a bay window or a window seat with a view. You may vie for a DIY seating area or pre-assembled sofa seats that will fit best into your current window design, like this one below. Choosing a padded bench or furniture with a slender and leggy design, may also help make less umbrage on a rather limited space.

Corner couch sofa set design in blue for small living room




There’s nothing more dainty than an all-white living room ensemble. Do this from walls to floors, coffee table and sofa seats. Simply add colorful decorative pieces as accents to create a truly cohesive and hygienic feel to the overall space.

Sofa set designs for small white living room with plants




Depending on your current living room layout, oversizing your other furniture as a sofa set may also help. Instead of adding another chair, a large ottoman may work as a coffee table and a seat for guests. Some may even want to use a padded bench near a window, as they can be refurnished with integrated storage, too. For an oversized ottoman, this one from Madison Park comes in brown or taupe.

Madison Park Lindsey Tufted Square Cocktail Ottoman in brown for living room


Added Functionality & Storage

There are various sofa designs that offer built-in storage and added functionality. Sectional loungers with integrated hidden storage, can safekeep off-season decor and other items. Sofa sleepers can also fold down into a double bed for guests. This FANTASY Best Vizon Sofa Sleeper below, for instance, can be converted into a double bed. It also comes in various colors such as chocolate and aristo, burgundy, light or soft brown, purple, and red to suit your current interior design. There are a lot of sofa set designs for small living room that have storage and this option is a good example.

FANTASY Best Vizon Sofa Sleeper in brown for living room



Harmony in Motion

The above ideas for sofa set designs for small living room are excellent in opening up your space. They not only create an illusion of a bigger space, have a perfect play of color, add design and functionality, but will also add a more invigorating ambiance that’s both welcoming and homey. Do remember that a sofa is considered the core of a living room’s seating space. See to it that foot traffic coming in will not directly go through its frontal area, but rather on its side.


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